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Golden Hawk is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is one of two local bars reserved for the Crimson Legion and can be found just inside Annatto Gate. This particular bar is meant for officers only, but entrance can be granted with a GMNPC. Food and drink are available free of charge. It also features private tables.

[Golden Hawk, Lounge]
The walls of the large, open lounge area are hung with several tapestries woven with scenes of battle. Before each tapestry, a few chairs or a pair of sofas are arranged, dividing the room into several smaller seating areas, where a quiet discussion might be had with a modicum of privacy. A small modwir bar stands near the entry, stocked with a selection of premium liquors and a small assortment of simple, yet hearty, snacks. You also see some inviting tables.


Item Flavors
a flute of sparkling champagne The bubbles tickle the roof of your mouth.
The chilled bubbles go smoothly down your throat, leaving a faint strawberry aftertaste.
some farmhouse bread The soft, thin crust and light, even texture make the bread nearly melt in your mouth.
With a slightly sweet taste, the bread holds undertones of honey.
some buttered thin-sliced carrots The texture of the long, thinly sliced carrots is soft without any mushiness.
a bowl of chunky potato soup Large chunks of potatoes make this soup hearty and filling.
Both tasty and satisfying, it comforts and sustains you.
a glass of spiced rum The tart rum flavor warms your body.
The mixture of fruit flavors mingles with the warm rum taste and invades your senses.
a snifter of fine brandy The lively fruit of this brandy is skillfully balanced with the drying alcohol.
The ripe berry flavors are subtly nuanced, with faint overtones of leather and tobacco.
a goblet of Nalfein wine The rich flavors of currants and berries linger in your mouth.
It holds the aroma of mint mingled with roses, lilacs, and violets.
a bowl of mutton stew The mix of vegetables and tender meat has a slightly spicy flavor.
The rich taste of the mutton blends with the mellower, earthy flavors of the roots and tubers in this thick, hearty broth.
a shot of aged whiskey Your throat burns!
Fire sears your throat and you pause to catch your breath.