Gratkor's Cart

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Gratkor's Cart is a weapon shop in Wehnimer's Landing. Officially named Gratkor Granitebrow's Weapons Warehouse, it is located just outside the North Gate in the clearing between the town gate and Hearthstone Manor. Here you can find plain and not-so-plain weapons of unusual bases that might not be found elsewhere. Plain items can also be customized for an extra cost. There is nothing listed in the Backroom Catalog.

[Gratkor's Cart] RNUM: 6323
This rather large cart, pulled by two placid-looking roltons, sits in the middle of a roped-off clearing. One side of the cart has been folded down to make a short table, revealing piles of boxes and crates filling the interior. Standing at either corner of the cart are two dwarven clerks, handling sales. Hanging along the top of the cart is a large banner. Along the front of the cart stands a weapon rack. At the back of the cart is a modwir display case. You also see a small sign and a path leading back to town.


  1. an estoc           15. a pilum
  2. a longsword        16. an ash-hafted war mattock
  3. a backsword        17. a carved ash-shafted trident
  4. a ball and chain   18. an ash-shafted vine-carved partisan
  5. a main gauche      19. a jade-inlaid blued steel javelin
  6. a tiger-claw       20. a serrated blue steel flail
  7. a lance            21. a jade-studded leather cestus
  8. an awl-pike        22. a bejeweled katar
  9. a Hammer of Kai    23. a triple-strand jade-tipped bola
  10. a crowbill        24. a bejeweled blue steel discus
  11. a jeddart-axe     25. a serrated blue steel quoit
  12. a military pick   26. a jade-studded leather whip
  13. a bastard sword   27. a leather throwing net
  14. a flamberge      

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.


Colors or finishes:

  1. white                 8. cyan                  15. lavender
  2. grey                  9. green                 16. golden
  3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
  4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
  5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
  6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
  7. azure                 14. purple              

Materials or features:

  1. mithril               2. imflass               3. vultite