Hearthstone Manor

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Hearthstone Manor is located just north of Wehnimer's Landing. It was built by Lord Kerrington Ravenhearth to provide shelter for the famous adventurers of Elanthia. Only characters with about 200,000 fame or higher than about level 20 may enter. The porch was once a popular resting spot open to everybody and known to attract story tellers. Hearthstone contains a game room with darts, two bars, a bank, gemshop, herbalist, deed puzzle, and two super nodes. Upstairs there are a few latch-able rooms.

Ayana leaf can be foraged for in the various garden rooms. The herb garden contains a shrine to Kuon.

The Legends Bar holds a record of the first characters of each profession to reach level 50 in GemStone III. The Paladin and Monk goblets mark the first respective players to reach level 40 in GemStone IV.

Legends Bar Legendary People
Profession Color Prime Platinum
Long Shelf
Bard Red Oghier Sleepytoes Brigit Erato
Cleric Clear Gillaume d'Clans Lauren Mist
Empath Silver Strom O'Berin Adlar Cathcart
Ranger Green Maruko Ashimine Kylin Lei'ara
Rogue Dark Artuero Bresnahanini Sot Rumtoes
Sorcerer Black Thalior Farthor Utha K'ta'Kuli
Warrior Blue Metaboculous Griden Kenstill Stonemountain
Wizard Purple Kodos Corralias Mycrift Dwyndle
Short Shelf
Monk Vultieri Thrice-Titled Shiun Silverstreak
Paladin Blue Limper Guardmane Oengus McAntrim

Hearthstone Manor