Greedy Gremlins

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Greedy Gremlins is a long-standing and popular event hosted by House Sylvanfair. It is usually held every other month in the Sylvanfair Grove and is basically a word-play game based on a player's knowledge of the lands and its lore.

Typically, the game consists of three individual rounds, each with a secret phrase that only the Gremlin Master knows. Blank spaces take the place of each letter in the phrase, and players - or teams depending on the number of people taking part - take turns to guess a letter that the phrase may contain. If the letter cannot be found anywhere in the secret phrase then that player/team's turn ends and the next in line gets a chance to guess a different letter. However, if that letter is found within the phrase, then the player/team is awarded a point and given a chance to solve the secret phrase. Correctly solving the phrase awards the player/team a bonus point, and whoever has the most points after the phrase is solved wins the round.

Greedy Gremlins provides an entertaining way to learn and share knowledge of the world around us through various topics. Recent examples have included the Arkati, artisan skills, and autumn.