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House Sylvanfair is located on Airioch Lane, just off the South Ring Road in Wehnimer's Landing.

The House currently has three annexes:

  • Ta'Illistim ~ The Manse is in the Oak Grove off the Sylvarraend Road (lich ID #10091). Lockers are upstairs and through the silvery grey haon door.
[Sylvanfair, Cobbled Courtyard]
High stone walls, covered in dark green ivy, surround a cobbled courtyard and conceal it from the forest without.  Two benches sit on either side of a gated entrance, granting a view across a well-tended garden to the west and an orchard beyond.  The air is filled with birdsong and rich with the smells of earth and leaf.  The entire northeast corner is occupied by an oak-gabled grey stone manse with an imposing door that is flanked on either side by twisted lilac trees, creating a fragrant archway.  You also see a heartwood donation box and a stack of shallow boxes containing freshly picked apples and plums.
Obvious paths: out
  • Solhaven ~ The Mews is on Tumbledown Lane (lich ID #1431). Lockers can be found in the Snug, accessed through the door in the Library.
[Solhaven, Tumbledown Lane]
Close to the bottom of the cliffs, the cobblestone street is somewhat level.  A tidy row of stone cottages faces the bay, sunlight glinting on their glaes window panes.  A well-dressed elven man walks by at a fast clip, his eyes glued to the pavement.  You also see a slate-roofed umber brickwork mews and some broad flagstone steps.
Obvious paths: north

Formerly an old stable block, the small converted property is set back from the cobbled thoroughfare and constructed from dark weathered brickwork with a sloping, charcoal slate roof.  Staggered glaes-paned windows give the building's facade a quirky but convivial appearance, and the top section of the rustic oak stable door has been left ajar to allow for convenient access.  Nestled within creeping vines of variegated green and white ivy is a limestone plaque above a sheet of cream vellum.
In the Common language, it reads:

~*~ Tumbledown Mews ~*~
Education, Honor, Mutual Respect.
Founded by House Sylvanfair, Lormesta 5,118.
  • Icemule Trace ~ The Tower is located in the forest just outside the South Gate (lich ID #2494). Lockers can be found down the archway and through the Buttery door.
[Icemule Trace, Forest]
The air is still, heavy with the closeness of the spruce and fir trees.  The movement of a bird or squirrel high above in the trees sends a cascade of snow from the upper branches down onto the path.  You see a silver-rimed grey stone tower.
Obvious paths: north, south, west

Set back from the path, the imposing tower is sheltered from the elements by a dense thicket of needleleaf trees, their evergreen branches groaning under the weight of freshly fallen snow.  A thin coating of silvery blue ice partially covers the exterior, dazzling the eye with its brilliance.  The only hint of warmth in the wintry scene is the pale yellow light radiating from mullioned windows set high in the stone walls.  By the entrance, a silver-cast plaque and some lacquered blue spruce needle wind chimes are nearly hidden by spruce branches.


Wehnimer's Landing

House Sylvanfair Map.jpg


Reach out to your fellow House members in game using the thought network (ESP TUNE HOUSE).

House members are also welcome to join our Discord channel using this INVITATION.

Please use your character name when joining to avoid being blocked or removed.


Turnleaf Fayre 5121

As part of the CHE 30th anniversary celebrations (17th - 24th September), House Sylvanfair will be marking the changing of the seasons with their Turnleaf Fayre. The Grove (lich #21333) will be decorated and members of the House will be available throughout the week to run weaving workshops and games to commemorate the occasion. There will also be the opportunity for everyone to share their love of Imaera through stories and poems around the fire.

a shimmering autumn-hued leaf Amber veins twist about the leaf which appears freshly fallen. Dark shades of red, russet, and gold accentuate the autumnal orange of the leaf, adding depth and character to this once living item. A light preservative of sap coats the leaf, giving it a slightly sticky feel. TURN As you turn your autumn-hued leaf, it shimmers briefly, reflecting a rich green shine, and a short and brisk breeze carries with it a faint scent of pine, heralded by musical chants welcoming the changing season, passing just as quickly as it had arrived. As you turn your autumn-hued leaf, it shimmers briefly, reflecting a warm orange shine, and a hint of warm pumpkin pie tickles at your nostrils as a motherly hum of an old and familiar autumn tune is heard from no particular direction. As you turn your autumn-hued leaf, it shimmers briefly, reflecting a vibrant red shine, and the scent of ripe apples fills the air for the briefest of moments, evoking images of rows upon rows of full apple trees in a vast orchard while pickers whistle a traditional picking ditty. As you turn your autumn-hued leaf, it shimmers briefly, reflecting a warm orange shine, and a hint of warm pumpkin pie tickles at your nostrils as a motherly hum of an old and familiar autumn tune is heard from no particular direction. LORESONG As you sing, the vision of a small sapling in an unassuming bayside wood comes briefly to mind. Continuing your song, you again see the sapling, though this time the vision is much sharper in your mind. The sapling is now a young tree, distinguishable from the hundreds of others in view in that it appears to have grown a bit faster and become a bit sturdier than all those that surround it. Again your thoughts turn to the tree, vibrant images filling your field of vision as the song flies onward. Though the tree stands tall and majestic, only a few of its neighbors remain, as an army of lumberjacks clear away what was once the bayside wood. Other workers mount fitted logs nearby, erecting what looks to be the beginnings of a palisade. As you bring your song to a close, the tree remains the focus of your vision, though the surroundings provide much distraction. A large marble dome rises above several buildings in the background, while a silver-spired building dominates the landscape to the right. The tree itself now accommodates what seems to be a structure within, as doors and windows are set into its mighty trunk. The great tree still stands, as healthy as ever, towering above all else in the vista with a brilliant display of foliage in dazzling autumn colors.
5121 Schedule of Events
Event Date Time Description
Divinations With Sylvanfair All Week Varied Come join Rose Guardian Cylnthia, as she plys her craft with the Nalfein Black Rose deck, seeing into the past, present, and future of those who inquire. Listen for an announcement, and join her in Sylvanfair's Grove (lich #21333).
Scavenger Hunt Feastday (Saturday) 18th 3pm EST Gather in the Grove (lich #21333) for a scavenger hunt!
Weaving Workshop Restday (Sunday) 19th 2pm EST Learn how to weave autumnal garlands, circlets, hairbands, bracelets and anklets. Everything will be provided and your creations can be made extra special.
Sylvanfair Sails Volnes (Monday) 20th 9pm EST The Autumn Armada will be setting sail sometime during the week. Listen for an announcement and join the crew in the Sylvanfair Grove (lich #21333).
Imaera's Blessing Leyan (Wednesday) 22nd 7pm EST Share stories and poems about fall and Imaera (the Goddess of Nature, Harvest, Plants, Animals, Healing and Autumn) with hot chocolate around the fire in the Grove (lich #21333).
Language of Flowers Niiman (Thursday) 23rd 8pm EST Learn about the Language of Flowers in the Grove (lich #21333).
Turnleaf Ball Day of the Huntress (Friday) 24th 7pm EST We will be closing the Fayre with the Turnleaf Ball in the Sylvanfair Ballroom (lich #8753 and await escort) followed by fireworks in the Grove (lich #21333). Guests are encouraged to wear autumn-themed outfits.

Collectibles 5122

Starting in the New Year, House Sylvanfair will be relaunching their fun incentive scheme where everyone who participates in our events will be given a collectible door prize.

Participants will have two choices: to collect charms for a charm bracelet or games and toys for a neat case. If you missed out in previous years, you can pick up a bracelet or case at any of the events to start you off. The door prizes available will then be a choice of a charm for your bracelet or game for your case. There are a total of 20 different charms or games and toys available and, as before, House Sylvanfair members will automatically be given a bracelet or case on request and one charm or game of their choosing to get them started, so if you're interested in joining the House and want to have a head start, let us know!

We hope you'll join in and have fun collecting your prizes. Please don't hesitate to contact Rohese (or any of the other officers) if you have any questions!

Current Officers

Chatelaine Rohese Bayvel
Seneschal Elarinya Falin
Scribe Louaryne Llywdwyg
Chancellor Corlyne Lancre
Alder Guardian Ansren Laranil
Birch Guardian Akenna Laeraun
Oak Guardian Elaejia Silithyr
Rose Guardian Cylnthia Kythnis
Rowan Guardian Aendir Silithyr

Bylaws, Charter, Joining Information

Statement of Purpose
House Sylvanfair is a group of citizens of Elanthia, dedicated to the promotion, education, and advancement of the young. House Sylvanfair is nonpolitical, and offers its members a place to meet with their younger companions in safety and comfort. In addition, roomy storage facilities and dining areas will be provided.

Statement of Governing
Limited Autocratic: The Chairman has final authority and overall responsibility over the House's activities. He will be advised by a Parliament of voting members consisting of the Secretary, Treasurer, and five other members in good standing selected by the three House Officers.

Terms of Office: All offices are established for life. The length of term will be until the officer leaves the house or does not wish to be an officer any longer. An unfilled Chairman position will be immediately assumed by the Treasurer, failing that the Secretary will assume the Chairmanship. Unfilled positions of Treasurer or Secretary are appointed by the Chairman and the remaining officer.

Article I: Name
The name of this officially recognized House of Elanthia is House Sylvanfair, hereinafter referred to as the "House".

Article II: Membership Services
The following benefits follow the guidelines as those set forth by the local government unless otherwise noted. (ref. GemStone IV House System: Services)

1. Benefit of being an organization.
2. Coat of Arms: There will be a registered Coat of Arms. (see Appendix "B").
3. Storage Facility.

  • a. There will be a 40 item locker assigned to each member.
  • b. There will be an Armory available to house members. They may place items in it for other house members to use, or take items from it for their own use. It is to be stocked by the house members.

4. Workshop. Workshops and classrooms will be available to house members for doing research, holding classes, and mentoring.

Article III: Membership and Dues
1. Membership in this House is contingent on compliance with requirements specified in these bylaws.
2. Membership is restricted by minimum membership standards as set forth by the local government. (ref: GemStone III House System: Membership Requirements)
3. Membership is unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, life-style, size, color, sex or age.
4. Categories of membership in this House are General member, Lifetime member, and Founding member.

  • a. General Member: A player who has met minimum House and government standards for membership. A General member is required to pay quarterly dues.
  • b. Lifetime Member: A General member who has paid a one time sum and is no longer required to pay quarterly dues, as outlined in Section 7: Dues.
  • c. Founding Member: An original member who joined together with other original members to form the house, before construction began. A Founding member is not necessarily a Lifetime member, and may have started as a General member.

5. Initiation:

  • a. Before induction a player must have read and agreed to the GemStone IV House system.
  • b. Before induction a player must have read and agreed to the House bylaws set forth here.
  • c. Before induction of a player, the officers performing the induction will ensure that the player has read and understood the House bylaws and the GemStone IV House System and is in agreement with the policies set forth in those articles.

6. Termination:

  • a. The Chairman may terminate a member for failure to meet membership requirements, provided the member was offered an opportunity to have a hearing if requested at which the member was permitted to defend against the termination.
  • - i. Before a hearing is conducted a mailing to all members will be made with minimum of one week notice.
  • - ii. No hearing will be conducted in the event of non-payment of delinquent dues (as described in Section 7: Dues).
  • b. If terminated, a member may be allowed to rejoin by the Chairman after demonstrating eligibility for membership.

7. Dues:

  • a. An initial membership offering as stipulated by the local government (currently 5000 silvers) this applies to all members. (ref. GemStone III House System: Membership requirements)
  • b. Dues of 3000 silvers will be charged of all General members, the last month of each quarter. Quarters end on the last day of Jan, Apr, quarter. Quarters end on the last day of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct.
  • c. Lifetime Membership may be purchased for 60,000 silvers payable to the Treasurer at any time subject to approval by the Chairman.
  • d. Quarterly dues are not required from Lifetime members.
  • e. Dues may be paid to any house officer by each General member who has quarterly dues outstanding.
  • - i. General members will receive a dues notice via E-Mail four weeks before the end of a quarter.
  • f. Delinquency:
  • - i. General members whose dues are not received by the last day of the quarter are notified via E-Mail that they are delinquent and will be terminated four weeks after such notification if back dues are not paid, and all privileges of the House will be withdrawn.
  • - ii. General members who can not meet their dues or will not be around must make arrangements with the Chairman or Treasurer in advance to avoid automatic termination.

Article IV: Contributions
1. Membership contributions to GENERAL FUNDS and ENDOWMENT will be considered donations to the House. Purpose of GENERAL FUNDS and ENDOWMENT: The General Funds can be drawn upon by the Treasurer for House expenses, House entertainment (parties), loans, etc. The Endowment can never be drawn on, but continues to grow in size. Its purpose is to accrue interest which is deposited into the General Funds.
2. Members are not required to contribute to GENERAL FUNDS or ENDOWMENT.
3. Contributions do not entitle a member to special privileges.
4. Contributions will not be accepted in lieu of dues or loan payments.
5. Contributions must be reported to the Treasurer so that possible discrepancies in the accounts (system) may be found and clarified.
6. Members may contribute items and equipment to the Armory.
7. Non-members sharing the goals of House Sylvanfair may make donations to the House via The Chairman and Treasurer. In gratitude a plaque will be erected in one of the rooms of the house for sufficiently large donations.

  • a. This provision is to ensure that those who share the Purpose of the house but for reasons of obligations are unable to join may contribute to the education of the young.

Article V: Rules and Regulations
The Chairman will be the final judge on what constitutes non-compliance with these bylaws, under advisement by the Board of Voting Members.

Article VI: House Colors
House Sylvanfair has chosen to represent itself at official functions under the colors of Black and Silver. Black was chosen to represent the traditional color of educators around many lands, and silver for the purity of our purpose.

Appendix A: Premise
We, the potential members of House Sylvanfair, are dedicated members of the GemStone community. As such, we have all spent time with new characters in the game, teaching them many things it is difficult to discover on their own. GemStone is a wonderfully complicated environment, often overwhelming to the brand-new adventurer stumbling for the first time out of the blind alleyway.

Many of us have seen actions by new players that seem incomprehensible to anyone who has been playing for any amount of time. WE all know that the man telling you that going into Town Square Central and rubbing this really neat red crystal won't really heal anyone like he says it will... (This particular incident caused nine deaths.)

We can't catch them all. But what we CAN do is provide information, and a place to go ask questions, without bothering a GM with the endless repetitions of "What does THIS do?" and "How do I..." that deluge them every day. We hope that once we are established and word of House Sylvanfair established and word of House Sylvanfair spreads, many of the questions rookies wander into rooms and ask only to have them ignored will be answered with "Go ask Sylvanfair. Someone there will help you."

We plan to have regular classes on various subjects (taught by members of the House, with guest lecturers as we can get them), tours of the city and various hunting grounds, and many other activities.

In addition, each member of the House will be strongly encouraged to take on wards, younger characters that members will take a special interest in and require members to be helpful to new characters. We are a young House. We are likely to remain a young house, bringing in members from those we started on their journeys in Elanthia. We hope to be a very visible group to the newest members of our community.

Appendix B: Coat of Arms
A black Chief with three Crescent Moons. A silver Field with a Black Tree.