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Storyline Nations on the Brink
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Presumed dead
Hometown Vornavis

Mistress Grenhal was a very old healer who had tended to the Malwind family nearly her entire life, having grown up and grown old working in the halls of Vornavis Keep. She and Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe had both been treating Baron Dunrith when he became ill for a prolonged period of time in late 5122.

In Fashanos 5123, Steward Jarnsaixa witnessed Grenhal attack Lady Sayilla Javilerre while they were aboard Kimrella de'Naut's vessel as they sailed between Vornavis and Tamzyrr. Grenhal threw Sayilla out the window into the frigid waters and stabbed Jarnsaixa, but Grenhal was also stabbed in turn but somehow escaped. Jarnsaixa remarked at how surprising Grenhal's speed and strength had been, and rumors have circulated that the individual Jarnsaixa had seen might not have been Grenhal but instead someone else who had been disguised to appear as the healer. Grenhal has not been seen since and is presumed dead.


Grenhal's appearance has only been mentioned in passing so far. She is described as being a very, very old woman.

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Additional Information

Grenhal has been referenced in several vignettes associated with the Nations on the Brink global storyline: