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The following code should be used to start a new Bloodriven Village shop page:

<!-- __TOC__ -->
==Current Inventory==
<section begin=current /><includeonly>
=={Shop Name}==
<!-- Insert shop description and current contents here -->
<section end=current />

<!-- ==Archived Inventory== -->
<section begin=archive /><includeonly>
=={Shop Name}==
<!-- Insert archived contents here -->
<section end=archive />

[[Category: Bloodriven Village Shops|<!-- first LETTER of shop name to sort in category (remove this note) -->]]

Replace {Shop Name} with the shop name in both places. Avoid beginning a name with "The" unless the name doesn't make sense without it.

When an archive is added, the <!-- and --> can be removed from around the table of contents and Archived Inventory header.

Contents should be gathered with the festshop script.

Once the page is complete, the current section needs to be added to the Bloodriven Village page. If an existing shop has items archived for the first time, it needs to be added to the Bloodriven Village archive page.