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The Guild Supply store is a room found in every Wizard, Cleric, Empath and Sorcerer guild. This location is where a guild's Alchemy ingredients are stored, and some of them are for sale there. A clerk can be found in each one, who is an integral part in completing both Ingredient Collection and Ingredient Grinding tasks in the three Alchemy skills.

Each of the different guilds have a slightly different selection of components available for purchase, as shown in this list.

Four of the liquids are known by a more common name, however, without actually purchasing them, it is difficult to discern that they function exactly as their counterpart. These are:

Alternate Name True Name
a flask of viscous liquid Crystalline solution
a flask of sand-like liquid Powder solution
a flask of pearlescent oil Trinket oil
a flask of amber-hued oil Wand oil

Universal Ingredients

Item Cost
A black iron cauldron 10000
a mortar 4000
a pestle 1000
a leather tome 10000
an empty flask 5
a flask of clear water 100
a flask of blessed water 100
a flask of pure oil 100
a flask of blessed oil 100
a flask of viscous liquid 100
a flask of sand-like liquid 100
a flask of pearlescent oil 100
a flask of amber-hued oil 250
a vial of essence of firethorn 3000

Cleric Only

Item Cost
a small enruned bone 800
a small ivory disc 800
some glowing white powder 1000
a vial of shimmering oil 600
a vial of viper venom 1100

Empath Only

Item Cost
some coarse ivory dust 500
a shimmering shard 1250

Sorcerer and Wizard Only

Item Cost
a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400
a shining silver crystal fragment 1500

Sorcerer Only

Item Cost
a jagged crimson crystal 150
some pale translucent dust 375
a slender white bone 1000
a handful of quartz sand 450

Wizard Only

Item Cost
some dark glittering powder 1500
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800
a pinch of iron dust 300
a jagged translucent crystal 400
a pale blue runed crystal shard 250
a shard of cloudy crystal 400
a shimmering prismatic shard 250
a pinch of gold dust 600
a runed azure crystal 250
a runed crimson crystal 350
some coarse glittering earth 500
a pinch of mithril dust 1000
a dark glimmering crystal 1000