Guttin' Goods

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Guttin' Goods is the fishing shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in a painted ashen shop on Locksmehr Way, just west of the North Dock. In the northeast room there is a trapdoor to Burrow Way.

[Guttin' Goods] RNUM: 20640
Two circular windows provide an ample view of the dark wharf outside, with a handful of dockworkers laboring late into the evening. Moonlight from the open doorway casts a sliver of silver light across the shop's floor, while dim lanterns supply a sufficient brightness to the area. A scruffy half-krolvin shopkeeper leans upon a driftwood counter and seems to doze off more than once. The weak scent of sea salt lingers in the shop.


Welcome to Guttin' Goods!

Cutlass offers his catalog to browse.
Cutlass exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a knotted oak fishing rod             22. a square bronze weight
  2. a slender redwood fishing rod         23. a copper spear-shaped weight
  3. a blue-grey imflass fishing rod       24. an obsidian skull-shaped weight
  4. a long deringo fishing rod            25. a marble tulip-shaped weight
  5. a sturdy kakore fishing rod           26. a silver dagger-shaped weight
  6. a dark mossbark fishing rod           27. a tiny steel weight
  7. a curved modwir fishing rod           28. a spool of dark blue fishing line
  8. a slim orase fishing rod              29. a spool of red fishing line
  9. a carved ruic fishing rod             30. a spool of white fishing line
  10. a polished mithril fishing rod       31. a spool of grey fishing line
  11. a dark red rose-shaped lure          32. a sleek eel skin cloak
  12. a tiny hammer-shaped lure            33. a hook-covered fishing hat
  13. a golden turnip-shaped lure          34. a brass-handled fishing net
  14. a vein-covered goblin eyeball bait   35. a discolored mithril mesh sack
  15. a colorful bird feather bait         36. a small canvas bait pouch
  16. a bleached skull-shaped bait         37. a sturdy metal tackle box
  17. a small lump of grey meat            38. a scratched tin lunchbox
  18. a fat dead mosquito                  39. a wide-lipped steel decanter
  19. a wriggling dirt-covered worm        40. a dented rhimar-lined chest
  20. a small mithril weight               41. a sharp fish gutting knife
  21. an oblong imflass weight            

  Backroom Catalog
  The backroom does not offer any merchandise.

More information about the shop's inventory:


  • Less than 2 pounds: fishing rods, lures, bait, fishing line, net, decanter, knife.
  • About 2 pounds: weights, hat, sack, pouch, tackle box, lunchbox, chest.
  • About 8 pounds: cloak.


  • Hat is head worn, holds a very small amount and one item.
  • Cloak is shoulder worn, holds a very large amount and any number of items.
  • Sack, pouch, and tackle box are belt worn, holds a medium amount and any number of items.
  • Lunchbox is belt worn, holds a fairly small amount and any number of items.
  • Chest shows no special information when inspected. No capacity, etc.