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This scripted tool is used to alter the hair quirk field of a character's features with a heavily customizable description that involves braids and, optionally, some manner of adornment. In addition, the tool will apply an interactable, invisible object to the user that is itself scripted for various messaging on verb use.

This can only be self-targeted, not used on other people. However, there are no known limitations on number of uses, and the tool is not itself attuned in any way, so it can be handed off to be used by another character.

Four of these tools were released in Prime and in Platinum during the Great Auction of 2016.

Tool Analyze

The creator has also provided the following information:
This hair-braiding tool can be altered but must remain a fork-like object fashioned from wood and with a long handle.

The tool is operated using the verbs LOOK, WAVE and WHISPER.  WHISPER tool HELP for more information.

This tool is tier 2 (of 2).  Tier 2 lets the user create more elaborate braid designs.

You get no sense of whether or not the tool may be further lightened.
>whisper tool help

You can use this hair-braiding tool to braid your own hair.  You WHISPER to the tool to create the design of the braid.

If no # is given, it will list the options for the specified attribute. If # is given, it will set the specified attribute to the number # option.

WHISPER tool ALL [#] [#] [#] [#] [#] [#] [#]
This format allows you to provide all the options at once.

WHISPER tool [T]emporary | [P]ermanent
On the permanent setting the tool will replace your original hair quirks text with the braid design.  THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.  The advantage to this setting is that braids don't need to be removed before other items (such as hair jewels or Veola's hats) can be used.

LOOK at the tool to see a preview of the design.

WAVE the tool at yourself to create a braid or braids in your hair with the design you created with the options.

The tool will change your existing hair quirk, so don't use it if you don't want to change that feature of your hair.  The tool will not work if you have in your features a hair style of "bald."

WHISPER tool HELP to display these instructions.

Braid Analyze

The creator has also provided the following information:
The braids cannot be altered unless the work is being done to reflect a features alteration.

There is special messaging for the braids with the verbs PULL, REMOVE, RUB and TWIST.

This braids is at the premium tier, adding special messaging for the verbs EAT, FLIP, FIX, FIDGET, LICK, SHAKE and SPIN.

Tool Options


Quantity Options:
 0) a single
 1) a solitary
 2) a multitude of
 3) a pair of
 4) a plethora of
 5) a riot of
 6) a headful of
 7) an array of
 8) five
 9) four
10) many
11) some
12) three
13) a dozen
14) twin
15) matching
16) two
17) one
18) a lone


Adjective Options:
 0) [none]
 1) elaborate
 2) glossy
 3) loose
 4) luxuriant
 5) silky
 6) snarled
 7) thin
 8) tight
 9) underwoven


Style Options:
 0) [none]
 1) basket weave
 2) cable
 3) cage
 4) cascade
 5) crown
 6) feather
 7) fishtail
 8) five-strand
 9) four-strand
10) half-crown
11) herringbone
12) lace
13) ladder
14) sailor's knot
15) side
16) spiral lace
17) twisted ladder
18) waterfall
19) zigzag


Connection Options:
 0) [none]
 1) decorated
 2) entwined
 3) interlaced
 4) interwoven
 5) knotted
 6) tied


Color Options:
 0) [none]
 1) orange
 2) white
 3) snow white
 4) chalk white
 5) lily white
 6) ivory white
 7) pale white
 8) black
 9) sable
10) dark
11) inky black
12) ebony
13) coal black
14) jet black
15) sooty black
16) dusky black
17) dingy black
18) grey
19) dark grey
20) light grey
21) dove-colored
22) iron grey
23) dun
24) drab grey
25) dingy grey
26) steel grey
27) ashen
28) ash grey
29) dapple grey
30) dappled
31) slate-colored
32) stone grey
33) brown
34) dark brown
35) light brown
36) nut brown
37) hazel
38) puce
39) ecru
40) tawny
41) maroon
42) tan
43) oak brown
44) russet
45) rust-colored
46) roan
47) sorrel
48) henna
49) auburn
50) red
51) scarlet
52) cardinal red
53) vermilion
54) crimson
55) pink
56) rose-colored
57) magenta
58) sanguine
59) blood red
60) coral red
61) ruby red
62) fiery red
63) flame red
64) dark red
65) brick red
66) green
67) verdant
68) olive green
69) dark green
70) light green
71) forest green
72) leaf green
73) sea green
74) grass green
75) pea green
76) aquamarine
77) blue-green
78) yellow
79) light yellow
80) lemon yellow
81) sallow
82) tawny yellow
83) ocher
84) ochre
85) flaxen
86) amber
87) purple
88) dark purple
89) violet
90) plum-colored
91) lavender
92) lilac
93) mauve
94) blue
95) dark blue
96) light blue
97) turquoise
98) azure
99) cerulean
100) cyan
101) sky blue
102) steel blue
103) pearly white
104) rosy pink
105) rosy red
106) indigo
107) murky indigo
108) coppery brown
109) grey-blue
110) greyish blue
111) slate grey
112) dusty rose
113) pure white
114) dark azure
115) storm grey
116) royal blue
117) ruddy crimson
118) deep violet
119) dark cyan
120) celadon
121) midnight black
122) ale brown
123) chrome
124) cherry red
125) dark cerulean
126) blue-black
127) emerald green
128) sea blue
129) dark crimson
130) banana yellow
131) deep blue
132) stark white
133) grape
134) silvery blue
135) icy blue
136) ghostly white
137) rainbow
138) matte black
139) ice blue
140) ultramarine
141) tangerine
142) mushroom grey
143) golden
144) viridian
145) silvery
146) midnight blue
147) bright pink
148) ivy green
149) raven black
150) honey-colored
151) pewter grey
152) obsidian black
153) sand-colored
154) deep purple
155) deep brown
156) pale blue
157) teal
158) ocean blue
159) dirt brown
160) deep red
161) bile green
162) deep black
163) lava red
164) cobalt blue
165) jade green
166) shadowy black
167) sapphire blue
168) bone white
169) periwinkle
170) murky black
171) grey-green
172) smoky grey
173) peach-colored
174) pine green
175) red-orange
176) cranberry-hued
177) cypress green
178) creamy white
179) glacial blue
180) pristine white
181) malachite green
182) royal purple
183) misty grey
184) powder blue
185) slate blue
186) alabaster
187) chestnut brown
188) twilight blue
189) coral pink
190) verdant green
191) caramel-hued
192) coppery gold
193) mottled black
194) apple green
195) celestial blue
196) moss green
197) chartreuse
198) seaweed green
199) mottled green
200) dull black
201) ebon black
202) ebon
203) onyx black
204) amethyst purple
205) bleached white
206) deep crimson
207) salmon pink
208) navy blue
209) glossy black
210) hazel-brown
211) hunter green
212) earthen brown
213) tawny sable
214) magma red
215) charcoal black
216) midnight ebon
217) twilight grey
218) burgundy
219) [unavailable]
220) dusky blue
221) twilight black
222) pitch black
223) void black
224) red-tinged
225) baby blue
226) dark russet
227) deep ebony
228) platinum grey
229) pale golden
230) charcoal
231) glacial white
232) faded black
233) [unavailable]
234) [unavailable]
235) [unavailable]
236) [unavailable]
237) [unavailable]
238) [unavailable]
239) chocolate-hued
240) berry red
241) pale jade
242) sunset orange
243) dull grey
244) [unavailable]
245) cucumber green
246) bright golden
247) deep chrome
248) scorched black
249) glossy blue
250) pearlescent
251) burnt umber
252) apricot
253) carrot orange
254) persimmon
255) pumpkin orange
256) amaranth pink
257) cerise
258) fiery orange
259) opaline
260) opalescent
261) onyx
262) wisteria
263) ivory
264) cinereous
265) pallid grey
266) deep cordovan
267) [unavailable]
268) fuchsia
269) smalt blue
270) hemlock green
271) brilliant white
272) radiant white
273) gleaming white
274) moonshade black
275) [unavailable]
276) pale violet
277) pale violet
278) silvery white
279) dusky rose
280) pale pink
281) honey gold
282) rich cream
283) raspberry
284) champagne
285) almond
286) chocolate
287) amethyst
288) blush pink
289) iridescent
290) multicolored


Material Options:
 0) [none]
 1) ceramic
 2) crystal
 3) enameled
 4) golden
 5) lace
 6) leather
 7) satin
 8) silk
 9) silver
10) stone
11) wool


Adornment Options:
 0) [none]
 1) band
 2) beads
 3) bell
 4) bells
 5) bow
 6) bows
 7) coin
 8) coins
 9) feather
10) feathers
11) flower
12) flowers
13) jewel
14) jewels
15) kerchief
16) ribbon
17) ribbons
18) scarf

Braid Preview

LOOK at the tool to review the current settings. Take care to ensure the [T]emporary or [P]ermanent setting is applied as desired otherwise you risk overwriting your original quirk forever.

>l tool
The tool looks like a thick, long-handled wooden fork.  Embedded in its handle is a long, narrow crystal.

The image of a braid design can be seen in the crystal.  Its appearance is based on the currently selected design options, and it looks like this:

two loose herringbone braids with wisteria beads

Below the crystal is a tiny hourglass-shaped window that is full of sand, indicating that the tool will apply a design that temporarily takes the place of one's existing hair quirks.

Option Conflicts

Certain options do not work well with others. When conflicting options are chosen, a warning will be displayed that describes what options are in conflict with each other.

>whisper tool adornment 10
You select "feathers" for the adornment to use in the braid design.

NOTE: The "feathers" adornment is not allowed with the current connection.
NOTE: The "silk" material is not allowed with the current adornment.

The image of a braid can be seen in the crystal.  Its appearance is based on the currently selected design options, and it looks this:

two loose herringbone braids tied with amethyst silk feathers

The current design is not valid, so you will not be able to create a braid with this design.

Simply change the connection, color, material, and/or adornment until you get a suitable combination:

>whisper tool material 0
You select "[none]" for the material to use in the braid design.

The image of a braid can be seen in the crystal.  Its appearance is based on the currently selected design options, and it looks this:

two loose herringbone braids with amethyst beads


>wave tool at XXXX
You are about to permanently change your hair quirks from "parted in a zig-zagging line" to the following:
worn in two loose herringbone braids
If this is satisfactory, WAVE tool AT XXXX again in 30 seconds to confirm.

>wave tool at XXXX
You braid your hair.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Braid Interaction

>pull my braid
You tug at your herringbone braids.

>rub my braid
You run your fingers over your braids.

>twist my braids
You twist the tip of one of your herringbone braids between your fingertips.

>fix my braid
You undo a portion of one of your herringbone braids and redo the plait, careful to smooth down any flyaways.

>shake my braids
You do a quick headshake to ensure the herringbone braids in your white blonde hair are firmly knotted.

>eat braid
You place the tip of one of your herringbone braids in your mouth, chewing it absentmindedly.

>lick my braids
You tug your herringbone braids out at odd angles, scrunch up your face, cross your eyes, and stick out your tongue!

>lick my braid at vanah
You tug your braid out at an odd angle, scrunch up your face, cross your eyes, and stick out your tongue at Vanah!
Cupcake tugs his braid out at an odd angle, scrunches up his face, crosses his eyes, and sticks out his tongue at you!

>flip my braid
You flip one of your herringbone braids nonchalantly over your shoulder.

>flip my braid at vanah
You raise your eyes coolly to Vanah before turning away, flipping your braid nonchalantly over your shoulder.
Cupcake raises his eyes coolly to you before turning away, flipping his braid nonchalantly over his shoulder.

>fidget my braid
You fiddle nervously with the tip of one of your herringbone braids.

>fidget my braid at vanah
You fiddle nervously with the tip of your braid, trying to avoid Vanah's gaze.
Cupcake fiddles nervously with the tip of his braid, his gaze travelling to fall anywhere but on you.

>spin my braid
You spin about suddenly, your herringbone braids whirling dramatically with the abrupt movement.

>spin my braid at vanah
You spin to face Vanah, your braid whirling dramatically with the abrupt movement.
Cupcake spins about suddenly to face you, his braid whirling dramatically with the abrupt movement.

>remove my braids
You are about to permanently remove your herringbone braids.  Remove your braids again to confirm.

>remove my braids
You unravel your braids design, discarding any ornamental bits in the process.
Roundtime: 5 sec.


First Verse
As you sing to your hair-braiding tool, your vision flashes silver for a moment.  When your sight returns, you find yourself gazing out from a mirror as if it were a window into a dressing room.  Before you, a human woman sits, a young half-elven girl resting on her knee.  Humming a wandering tune, the woman carefully braids the child's hair into neat plaits, taming the unruly auburn tresses which closely resemble her own.  The woman rests her cheek against the child's, hugs her into an embrace, and gazes into the mirror.  As her gaze falls to directly match yours, you are startled out of the vision.

As Vanah sings to the hair-braiding tool, it glows for a moment.

Second Verse
The dressing room returns as you sing to your hair-braiding tool, and the young girl appears front and center once more, a little older and garbed in a long black dress.  The human woman is gone this time, replaced by an elven man who stands behind the girl, attempting to tug a comb through her unruly, tangled hair.  The young girl cries out in protest, and with a defeated sigh the elven man sets the comb down on the dressing room table, beside a portrait of the family of three.  The human woman is noticeably older than in your previous vision, her curly hair peppered with grey.  The man pulls a black bonnet over the girl's head and tucks her hair into it as the vision fades.

As Vanah sings to the hair-braiding tool, it glows for a moment.

Third Verse
Your song again coaxes the scene of the dressing room from the hair-braiding tool.  The elven man stands behind his half-elven daughter once more, guiding her as she sections her auburn hair with the aid of a fork-like tool and pulls it slowly, carefully into a loose braid.  She beams at his reflection in the mirror and claps her hands in delight, and a smile crosses his face as the vision dissipates.

As Vanah sings to the hair-braiding tool, it glows for a moment.

Fourth Verse
With a flash of silver, the dressing room unfolds before you as you sing to the hair-braiding tool.  The half-elven girl, now a young woman, sits before the mirror, gazing at her reflection as she weaves her auburn tresses into a series of silky braids decorated with pink lace flowers with the aid of the fork-like tool.  Passing a hand over her flawless braids, she sets the tool down beside the portrait of her as a child with her parents and smiles down at the portrait as the image fades.

As Vanah sings to the hair-braiding tool, it glows for a moment.