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Event pages give players information on events, most notably festivals, in an easy to digest manner. Due to the nature of events, some of the information will be summarized on the main category page, with additional, in-depth details on a separate page. This is to minimize information creep while allowing the individual activity articles to house the bulk of content. For an example of an ideal Event page set up, please see: Duskruin.

Main Page Formatting

The main landing page for events should always be the category page as this will limit redundancy and ensure things are properly grouped together. If any part of the page has collapsible sections or tables, a toggle all content is required at the top of the page, after the introduction. Please see the collapsed section help page for instructions on how to do this. The page should have the Table of Contents aligned to the right, as it can get long dependent on the amount of subheaders utilized. If the event has current promotional artwork, it can be added to the page in the top right corner, above the table of contents. Example of how to format the artwork code to blend with the article content: [[File:DRFeb2022.jpg|550px|right]].

Breakdown of Subheaders

Subheaders should be used to disseminate information properly, with the key information at the top, and additional information, by order of importance towards the bottom. Below is a list of Subheaders and their order of importance, starting from top to bottom:

  • Run Dates - Dates during which the event runs. This should also include a list of prior run dates, in descending order (newest first). If the event has been running for several years, consider putting into a collapsible table, with the current run date separate. Please see Duskruin Run Dates for an example.
  • Release Announcement (if any) - This is especially important for newer featured events, but can be placed in lower importance the longer the event runs.
  • Areas to Play - This is a list of activities available during the event, or places of special interest. In the case of Duskruin, there is Duskruin Arena, Bloodriven Sewers, Bank Heist, and the Celestial Temple. Each event will have its own activities, which may or may not generate currency specific to that event.
  • Features - Information regarding currency, shopping, or other avenues to spend silvers or event currency. In case the case of Duskruin, this includes and explanation of the currency used, Places to Shop, WPS, Bloodforge, and the Blacksmith.
  • Additional Information - This will include event pricing, portal or QUEST TRANSPORT information, Titles (if any) and their earned threshold, NPCs, applicable verbs, if any, and additional articles available from other resources.
  • Lore - If any official Lore has been released for the area.
  • Artwork Archive - Any promotional artwork, labeled corresponding with the events they were for, along with any maps created, either by players, or as an ASCII map (See Rumor Woods maps)
  • Resources - Additional information that does not fall under the other subheaders, including links to external resources, such as the official forums, player created content hosted on other sites, or Wiki articles with additional information that is not specific to the event.


Subcategories should be used for specific groups, most notably lists, pertaining to the overall event category. This includes:

  • Shops - Individual shop listings should be categorized here. Dependent on the venue, these may change. In the case of Ebon Gate, the different venues (Feywrot Mire, Caligos Isle, etc) would have their own category.
  • Shop Listings - Full by Year - The full shop listings for the event, as opposed to the individual shop breakdowns.
  • Artwork - All artwork for the event.
  • NPCs - Notable NPCs found throughout the event. These are often used to further lore.
  • Saved posts - The compiled saved posts for the event, broken down by event date.
  • Exclusive Items - These are items specific to the overall event, and can only be obtained by participation in event activities, as opposed to being purchased in shops. Examples:
  • Additional articles on the wiki written by other sources (i.e. TownCrier articles) pertaining to the event.

Individual Article Formatting

Individual pages regarding activities should be set up in a similar way to the main page. If it is an activity during the event, it should include details about the event, including prizes, and any titles, if available. See Duskruin Arena for an example. These should also include links to the other similar activities.

Saved Posts

When saved posts are catalogued for articles, such as information specific to items being released, or new updates to event activities, they should be transcluded to the main saved posts page for the appropriate run date. These do not need to be categorized under the event's saved posts category. Only the main event saved posts article should be broken up by run date and saved under the (Event) saved posts subcategory for that event. For an example of proper set up, please see: Duskruin saved posts.

Shop Pages

Individual shop pages have been reformatted. Each run's shop listings should be be on its own subpage, with the main page housing links to the subpages, and featuring the current shop inventory on the main page. With the inventories separated out in this manner, all that needs to be entered is {{:Shop page/subpage}} and it behaves in the same way as labeled section transclusion.