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Henryk Surowiec
A young man bearing a certain resemblance to Henryk Surowiec, by Mikuláš Podprocký.
Race Human
Culture Talador
Class Warrior
Profession Journeyman Blacksmith
Religion Church of Koar
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist
In-a-Word rustic
Disposition mercurial
Demeanor generally good-natured
Flaw rash, foolhardy
Greatest Strength kindhearted
Greatest Weakness reckless
Likes metalworking, hunting, fighting, poker dice
Dislikes orcs, trolls, cruelty, asparagus

Henryk Surowiec is a human warrior hailing from the Barony of Talador.


Early Life

Henryk was born on the 10th day of Lormestas, 5102, in the little-known mining hamlet of Turek. His father, Marek, was a blacksmith and began instructing Henryk in his trade from a young age. In between such lessons, the boy would always find time to get into all sorts of trouble with his friends, often coming home with black eyes and bloodied knuckles. Later, he would begin learning basic swordfighting in secret by an old dwarf, Dorgund, passing through on his trips to the capitol, much to his mother Lena's chagrin. Aside from these misadventures, life was relatively peaceful in the secluded village for much of Henryk's young life. However, it was not to last forever.

Talador Obliterated

On the 13th day of Eoantos, 5116, Talador was essentially destroyed. Turek itself was largely spared from the destruction, thanks to its location on the Jantalarian border, but some neighboring villages were not so lucky. The searing light laid waste to large swathes of hunting land, and even affected the water supply. With their trade so disrupted, the people of Turek were suddenly thrust into a fight for their survival. But they were a hardy people, and by their own hard work as well as some aid from neighboring provinces, they scraped by.

In 5118, an army of orcs and trolls attacked and all but destroyed Turek, emboldened by the weakened state of the village and undoubtedly their own hunger in the aftermath of the barony's desolation. Grieving for his slain parents, Henryk managed to escape on a stolen horse as a storm rolled in. Startled by a sudden crash of lightning nearby, the horse reared and threw the young man from its bare back, knocking him unconscious. The next thing Henryk remembers is waking up in the company of a number of dwarves, including his former sword instructor, Dorgund.

They informed him that they found him lying by the roadside, soaked and injured, when they caught wind of the attack and went looking for survivors. The village, they said, was taken by the Grimswarm, who had apparently taken all of the livestock and valuables they could carry and burned the homes. The dwarves explained that they belonged to the Guardians of Sunfist, an organization pledged to fight the Grimswarm. Henryk practically leapt out of his cot, pleading to be allowed to join them, begging them to help him seek revenge. The dwarves were sympathetic, but scoffed and ordered him confined to his tent under guard for his own protection. After all, he was no soldier, but just a beardless lad; what could he hope to do but get himself killed?

In the wee hours before dawn, Henryk cut his way through the back of the tent and found his way back to Turek. Creeping through the smoldering ruins, he found his parents where they fell, near his father's forge. Tears streaming down his face, he retrieved a shovel from the nearby shed and had just begun the grim task of burying their bodies when he heard a menacing chuckle behind him.

Turning around, he gripped the shovel in a high stance, as his instructor had shown him. The chuckle turned into a guffaw. "Told ya there was more meat to be had here, boys," the lead orc leered as the orcish warparty advanced with steel axes and swords raised. Henryk knew he was doomed. At least, he thought, he would die defending his home. But then with a sudden crash and a chorus of bellows, the dwarves fell upon the surprised orcs. The one nearest to Henryk forgot about him completely, turning to gape at the sight of his companions being slaughtered. Seizing the moment, Henryk drove his spade into the orc's skull. Far more fell to the dwarves' hammers and swords, with the remainder tripping over themselves to flee the onslaught.

When at last the battle was ended, Dorgund whirled on Henryk, scolding him angrily for defying them and putting himself in danger. The old dwarf's face softened, though, when he saw the humans' bodies and the shovel in the lad's hands. Together, they gave Henryk's parents a proper burial before returning to the dwarves' camp.

A New Home

Ultimately, Henryk agreed to accompany Dorgund to the Guardians of Sunfist's headquarters in imperial lands in the Barony of Vornavis, where he was trained and eventually allowed to join the society on his 19th birthday in Lormestas of 5121. When he is not carrying out missions for the Guardians, he can often be found diligently practicing at the forge in Marshtown.

Henryk became a full citizen of the free port of Solhaven on the 5th of Fashanos, 5121.


You see Henryk Surowiec the Fighter.
He appears to be a Human from Talador.
He is average height. He appears to be youthful. He has deep-set blue eyes and fair skin. He has short, tousled light brown hair. He has a clean-shaven face, a straight nose and a pronounced jawline.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a tattered and torn warrior's mantle, a plain bronze insignia, a tooled leather backpack, a suit of heavy plate and chain armor with a quilted maroon cotton gambeson underneath, a pair of steel-plated leather gauntlets, a wide leather belt, a sinew-woven canvas field pack, a steel-bound fel scabbard, a sturdy dark leather gem pouch, some loose-fitting olive wool hosen with braided leather ties, and some leather steel-plated boots.