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Hesha is a Dhe'nari who was raised in an orphanage in the town of Wehnimer's Landing. Having arrived there as an infant, he has no recollection of his parents. He has been told, however, that he was found on the doorstep of the orphanage in an ale crate packed with straw with a note reading "Found this in the wilds, wife wouldn't let me kill it, your problem now".

Being different from the other children, he received much harassment from them in the orphanage. This is why he jumped into action to aid Sixle Guhd when she had trouble on her first day in the orphanage at the request of the spirit Aeia, who temporarily enhanced his budding skills in sorcerery to help him drive off her attackers. Since that day, he has been a loyal follower of the spirit, even if is conflicts with his desire to prove himself to be a true Dhe'nari.

As a result of the above incident, Hesha developed an unbreakable bond with Sixle. Although he'd never admit it out loud, he considers her to be like a sister to him, and even treats her daughter as if she was his niece.

Moving to the Rest with Sixle at her insistence, he quickly fell in love with the town and came to consider it his home town even though he did not grow up there. Arriving in the just before the Krolvin occupation of 5103, he was not skilled yet skilled enough to be much aid in it. Since then, however, he has used his spells to aid the town in several invasions, even laying down his life to defend it.

He finally capped at the end of August 2021.

Hesha's Personality

Having grown up separated from others of his race, he has developed many attitudes and opinions that are not normally seen in others of his kind. He usually tries to be haughty towards strangers, but is far more open minded then his sister, Sixle. Willing to aid even half-krolvin, whom she wouldn't spit on if they were on fire.

Having had a lonely childhood, Hesha is fiercely loyal to those that he considers to be his friend. Always willing to use his spells to aid them, no matter the trouble they get themselves into. He especially extends that attitude to his home town of River's Rest.

Despite his loyalty to Aeia, Hesha takes almost perverse pleasure in death and destruction. Often hosting impromptu games of Dodge the Void or tricking town's folk into having nightmares when he grows tired of butchering critters in the wild.

Hesha's Appearance

You see Great Lord Hesha.

He appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.

He is average height and appears to be youthful. He has piercing violet eyes and pale skin. He has long, flowing black hair with a red streak running through it. He has a straight nose and sharp pointed ears.

He has a flame-shaped firestone stud in his lip, and a black unicorn tattoo on his neck.

He is in good shape.

He is holding an orase-hilted black steel stiletto in his right hand and a leather-bound vultite wall shield in his left hand.

He is wearing a flame-cut star ruby earcuff, a crystal amulet, a malachite-set white lily symbol, an antique silver armband inset with four glaes stars, a delicate dark scarlet rose, a twisted leather hair tie, a fragrant white lily, a leather-bound vultite wall shield, a slim blood red pack, some tooled inky black full leather, a grey leather sleeve sheath, a black opal bracelet, a gold ring, a blood-red crystal-inset platinum ring, a silver sapphire-inset waistchain, a knitted silk and black bag, a small shadowy black velvet pouch, a linen pouch, and some thigh-high black leather boots.