Hlendril (prime)

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Hlendril Fireheart
Portrait of Hlendril by Tisket
Portrait of Hlendril by Tisket
Hlendril Fireheart
Race Human
Culture Honneland
Class Warrior
Profession Mercenary
Religion Ancestral Worship
Affiliation(s) Band of the Iron Lion
In-a-Word Carefree
Disposition Chaotic Neutral
Flaw Unsure of himself, Hotheadedness, Naive
Greatest Strength His Claidhmore, Armor, Sheha
Greatest Weakness Himself, Father, Winter
Hobbies Courting
Soft Spots Women, Elves
Fears The Empire, Knights, Saranja
Loyalties Father, his Mercenary Band, The Landing
Best Friend Soliere, Sheha, Saranja, Illila, Kotin, Tsalinx, Talariel, and many others

You See Hlendril

You see Hlendril Fireheart. He appears to be a Human from Honneland. He is taller than average. He appears to be very young. He has almond-shaped grey eyes and fair skin. He has long, tangled red hair worn in a single braid. He has a haggard face, a straight nose and a long beard.

About Hlendril Fireheart

Hlendril Fireheart is a Mercenary from Honneland. He is an Idealist who despises the Empire with fiery passion. He made his way to the Landing several years ago after looking for a cure for his father, who was the Captain of a Mercenary Band. Originally, Hlendril wasn't supposed to be the successor of the Band, but due to the death of his siblings, his father had to put his trust in him.

Hlendril arrived in the Landing in the year 5117 in Imaerasta, in autumn. All he had to his name was a Ration Box his mother gave him when he was a child. Hlendril is currently serving a Prison Sentence for threatening an Imperial Figure.

Hlendril has a hot temper and has been known to despise knights but when he met Sir Cryheart, his harsh opinion of him slowly subsided. Over the years since serving his prison term, Hlendril has grown regretful of his actions.

Hlendril's Relatives

Hlendril's father is Gwendolyn Fireheart of Honneland, the original Captain of the Band of the Iron Lion. Recently he became ill, and as yet, a cure has not been found for his disease.

Hlendril's mother is Silvanas Fireheart, whose maiden name is Aritruva. She was born in Solhaven but moved to Honneland after her marriage to Gwendolyn. She has been missing for awhile, and Hlendril has been searching for her.

Hlendril has never married, but has been seeking the right woman for many years, hoping to continue the Fireheart bloodline and the Band's leadership.