Hog's Pen

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Hog's Pen is a tavern in Kharam Dzu. It is located outside of the town gates at the crossroad.

[Hog's Pen]
This rugged tavern is a single great hall, windowless and choked with smoke from its blazing hearth and the long pipes favored by many of the local dwarves. Tables and benches are scattered about, clumped here and there in bunches where a large group of miners or a logging team has staked a claim. A row of barrels set on end near the fire and tended by a gruff bearded fellow seems to serve as a bar. Around it, rain and ale have softened the dirt floor to mud. You also see an ash-covered wooden staircase, a sturdy oak table and a cured flap of hide that serves as a door.


Item Price
a bucket of slop 20
a bowl of day-old stew 60
a glass of rainwater rum 50
a shot of rotgut whiskey 100
a mug of dwarven stout 150