Honeybeer Inn

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Honeybeer Inn is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on Honeybeer Road in the southwest quadrant of town and has lockable rooms upstairs.

[Honeybeer Inn, Tap Room]
The lower walls are tinted plaster over stone, as evidenced by the chips at the exact level of the chair backs. The bar itself is worn, and the low brass footrest is polished only by the shoes of the many customers who have cradled a pint while leaning against the bar. You also see a halfling bartender and a polished oak menu.


      ~ Today's Refreshments ~

1.   A mug of honey beer 12 silvers
2.   A glass of amber ale 18 silvers
3.   A flagon of snow lager 25 silvers
4.   A flagon of Icemule bock 30 silvers
5.   A mug of toe tickler ale 35 silvers

          ~ Today's Fine Foods ~

6.   Some spicy cabbage soup 40 silvers
7.   A mushroom and onion griddlecake 50 silvers
8.   A roasted marmot kabob 60 silvers
9.   A barbequed cockatrice leg 80 silvers
10.  A lamb stuffed hot pepper 100 silvers