Hooded sylvan initiate

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Hooded sylvan initiate
Storyline Icemule Renaissance
Gender Female
Race Sylvan
Status Alive
Hometown Icemule Trace
Affiliation(s) Oleani, the Abbey of the Vigilant Heart

Reia, the hooded sylvan initiate from the Abbey of the Vigilant Heart, is a visitor to the town of Icemule Trace. She wanders the streets. From time to time, she is a target of the Trace Bondsman's messages delivered by new adventurers. She is not yet able to answer adventurers' questions.

The hooded sylvan initiate was introduced in 5121 as a new wandering NPC in Icemule Trace. Introduced as part of the Icemule Renaissance storyline in 5120, her name was unknown. She is one of a handful of members of the Temple of Hope who were restored to life by Mellian (the former Forlorn Abbess) in 5120.


a hooded sylvan initiate

Hooded against the cold, the initiate has porcelain-smooth features and eyes so intense a green as to be reiniscent of cut emeralds.  Pointed ears and a lock of auburn hair peek out from her hooded cloak, which she wears over a cream-colored dress twined with silvery sage embroidery.


A hooded sylvan initiate languidly glides <north|east|south|west>.

A hooded sylvan initiate glides in, cloak stirring gently in the breeze.

A hooded sylvan initiate whispers, "Your soul seems weary, friend.  You are always welcome at the Abbey of the Vigilant Heart."

A hooded sylvan initiate traces a symbol of blessing in the air, the smile upon her face like a ray of sunlight in the darkness.

A hooded sylvan initiate sighs and says, "How many years we lost, wandering and empty.  The only way to make up for lost time is living well."

A hooded sylvan initiate draws a ring of very old keys from one pocket.  With a thoughtful look on her face, she polishes the edge of one before putting them away.

A hooded sylvan initiate looks at you strangely for a moment, a hint of something alien in her eyes.  She blinks and forces her gaze away, muttering a prayer under her breath.

A hooded sylvan initiate produces a worn leather-bound prayerbook from the folds of her robes.  She pauses briefly to look up a passage, then carefully puts the prayerbook away.

Interaction Messaging

>bow initiate

You bow to a hooded sylvan initiate.  With a solemn look on her face, she bows back.

>curtsy initiate

You curtsy to a hooded sylvan initiate.  She dips a curtsy in response.

>poke initiate

The initiate glances at you and moves out of your reach.

>give parcel to initiate (from the Trace Bondsman)

The initiate turns her unsettlingly frank gaze upon you and says, "Thank you for delivering this.  I suppose I should compensate you."  She reaches into her cloak and fluidly produces a handful of silver coins, which she hands to you before going about her business.

(She does not respond if you greet her, salute her, smile at her or wave to her.)