Icemule Renaissance

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Icemule Renaissance is an Icemule Trace storyline by GameMaster Auchand that began in 2020.


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Persons of Interest

Timeline of Events

8/10/2020 Opening the Den of Rot

Adventurers were given a potion by Ma Leaftoe to give to the forlorn abbess. Ellerel Barrowfoot seemed highly motivated to have this completed. Adventurers convinced the abbess to drink the potion at which point she remembered her name was Mellian. Mellian shared what happened at the Temple of Hope thirty-three years ago in 5087 and mentioned the impetus for the creation of the nedum vereri was a magical tablet. Ellerel indicated that there were more than one tablet.

Around this time Niatha the Scarlet Temptress appeared and claimed the Temple of Hope was hers now and the abbess couldn't have it. They fought a little and Niatha fled, presumably back to the temple. Soon after adventurers confronted Ellerel about having more information than they do and he explains that he's really Prangar from the Council of Ten and Zeban is also still alive. Their phylacteries are destroyed and Prangar wanted the tablet to prolong his existence. He explained he's been hopping from body to body and finally took over his descendant Ellerel's body a long time ago and now thinks of himself as Ellerel. He left and said the town can do with him as they want.

Mellian then decided she needed to go rescue some of her 'daughters', who are now nedum vereri. Adventurers take her out to the Abbey where she kills four nedum vereri and resurrects them with the power of hte Lords of Liabo. She then tells them to go back to town to the Temple and she will meet them there later. Niatha appears and sends everyone into a temporal rift. Once they regroup, they discover that Niatha has closed the Temple of Hope and no one can enter. Mellian calls on Liabo again and tries to bore a portal into the Abbey but it turns sickly green and instead leads to a new place called the Den of Rot filled with incubi and other Ivasian creatures. Mellian says she is tired and needs to rest and returns to town to her healed daughters.

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