House Onoir 5118 Mayoral Candidates Meet and Greet

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16 Charlatos, 5118, edited by TownCrier Correspondent Irar

House Onoir was kind enough to host a meet and greet with Wehnimer's Landing 5118 mayoral candidates, Lylia and Leafiara, in which the two answered questions from those gathered.


Roelaren recites:

   "I want to first start by asking each of them to tell us something about themselves  then if ye have questions  raise your hand and I will call on ye one by one"

Leafiara begins, "Good evening and welcome, everyone. Most of you know me, but I'm Leafiara Autumnwind, one of the Landing's two mayoral candidates this year and the TownCrier's correspondent for news in our frontier town."

Leafiara continues, "Just as the Landing embraces all walks of life, one of my goals if elected is to embrace all of our citizens and do more to engage them in our news, politics, town defense, and growth."

Leafiara explains, "That would include mayoral meetings at earlier times of day as well as continuing ones at the night, more encouragement of our artisans and other business-minded people to promote their works, new shops or even rolling carts in town to appeal to travelers passing through our town, and more."

Leafiara concludes, "I'm hoping to build a better Landing together with the diversity of voices and cultures that we call our unique home."

Leafiara smiles.

Leafiara curtsies gracefully.

Lylia clears her throat.

Lylia says, "I am Lylia Rashere Faendryl, for those who are not familiar with me -- and if you are not, then welcome to Wehnimer's Landing, for you must be new to town."

Lylia smiles.

Lylia says, "I have lived here for the past two decades or so and am an officer of the Faendryl Enclave and House Brigatta, as well as a member of TownCriers as my colleague and competitor is."

Lylia says, "You have been besieged with campaign events and meetings, and I see some of the same faces here tonight, so I shall not give you the same speech and tax your ears."

Lylia thoughtfully taps a finger against her lips.

Lylia quips, "I prefer lower taxes anyway."

Lylia says, "So instead, I shall let you ask questions and learn what you most wish to know."

Lylia says, "It is my job tonight to listen to you, to get to know you better."

Lylia smiles and holds her arms out in a welcoming gesture that encompasses the area.

Lylia says, "So please, ask away."

Question and Answer Session

Monax to Both: Bolstering the Town's Defenses

Monax quietly says, "This is for both of you."

Monax quietly asks, "What will you do to bolster the town's defenses to prevent invasions such as the jantalars from years ago, or a Terate from running around in town?"

Lylia says, "Our defenses can never be that of a large walled city's. It is unrealistic and costly to build a wall, and attackers have this technology known as 'ladders.'..."

Lylia says, "Instead, I prefer a different path toward defense."

Lylia says, "We do need to rebuild the walls, yes -- but they are not our primary defense. That would be diplomacy. Soft power."

Lylia asks, "Would Jantalar attack if we had Hendor's protection?"

Lylia asks, "Would Hendor assail us if we were aligned with Icemule Trace?"

Lylia says, "As a focus of trade and culture, we become unassailable. Indispensable."

Lylia says, "I hope that answers your question."

Leafiara begins, "First, I'll say that I agree we can prevent some attacks if we establish better diplomacy and trade, the latter of which seems to be a priority for both of us."

Leafiara repeats, "Some attacks."

Leafiara says, "We've been besieged by a wide variety of attacks from a wide variety of enemies, and there isn't any single plan that will protect against everything."

Leafiara adds, "Case in point, I don't know that anything could have stopped Octaven's attack just three months ago short of handing over Rodnay, which we would never do."

Leafiara says, "We can work to find more allies, but at the same time we're often attacked suddenly and without warning, before aid could come from afar, so we do need to improve our own defenses here as well."

Leafiara says, "We need to rebuild the destroyed defense towers, which I've heard brought up during previous campaign events."

Lylia agrees, "Just so, which is why I recommended reinforcing the walls. I am glad you see the wisdom in it too."

Lylia smiles at Leafiara.

Leafiara says, "And the Mayor's current plan with the pillars to strengthen our magical defenses also seems wise."

Rendena to Both: Reasons for Running for Mayor

Rendena softly asks, "You've spoke of what you want to do as mayor both of you, but what made each of you decide to become mayor?"

Speaking simply to Rendena, Leafiara replies, "I'm running mostly because of the many people who approach me and feel their voices are being ignored."

Leafiara says, "I want to help them find some representation in our politics and our discussions--because even if they can only rarely attend meetings and keep earlier hours, they are still our citizens by day or night."

Leafiara concludes, "In other words, I want to directly seek out all of our people and meet them and speak with them where they are and when they're available."

Lylia simply says, "I felt the Landing could benefit from my particular skills. Diplomacy, strength, decisiveness, order."

Lylia says, "Given that our illustrious mayor is not seeking a second term at this time, I felt it incumbent upon me to step forward."

Lylia says, "I, too, feel it is important to listen -- but to be guided by one's own resolve as well. This is the essence of leadership."

Lylia says, "And what sets a leader apart from an administrator or organizer."

Lylia inclines her head.

Elbromo to Lylia: Soft Power and Imperial Prisoners

Elbromo recites:

   "Lady Lylia  you said 'soft power ' was an answer to a question about Imperial prisoners rights at the origianl debate..couls you elaborate?"

Lylia says, "Which prisoners do you mean? I do not believe the mayor of Wehnimer's Landing has the capacity to free Imperial prisoners."

Lylia quips, "Yet. When we rule all worlds, that shall change."

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Lylia says, "A jest."

Lylia raises her hands in surrender!

Lylia asks, "If it was about the man who believes his sister unfairly imprisoned...?"

Lylia says, "I did say that warmer relations and a certain degree of leverage could aid some prisoners in some cases."

Elbromo nods to Lylia.

Lylia says, "Which I still believe to be the case. His specific case, however...Lalkcriga's plight seems complex."

Lylia diplomatically says, "At the very least."

Speaking to Elbromo, Lylia says, "I hope that answers your question."

Elbromo says, "Thank you."

Lylia says, "Excellent. Thank you for asking it and allowing me to clarify."

Wintersylph to Lylia: Greatest Accomplishment

Wintersylph recites softly:

   "I'm Lady Tyler of House Daingneach Onoir, First I would also like to welcome both candidates to our Fortress, and luck to both of you in the election."

Wintersylph softly says, "My question this eve is for Lylia."

Speaking softly to Lylia, Wintersylph asks, "I do have been here in the lands for many years, During your time, What do you beleive is your greatest accomplishment or contribution to Elanthia and/or the landing?"

Lylia says, "What an excellent question, and one that I can say I have not reflected on at length."

Lylia says, "I am proud of my work with the Faendryl Enclave, of course, and with House Brigatta...advising Cruxophim on diplomatic matters..."

Lylia says, "Possibly returning the Hendoran outpost and its inhabitants from the Ithzir realms, which of course I did not do alone..."

Lylia says, "But I shall choose a more recent occurrence and say it was my tireless fight to bring the Landing into modern times."

Lylia crooks her finger meaningfully at the abyran'sa. Its serpentine face registers a brief flash of hatred before it approaches and draws up before you with its eyes averted in a show of humility.

Lylia says, "The repeal of the foolish prohibitions on certain magical inquiry was a major concern of mine."

Lylia says, "I am gratified that the Town Council saw wisdom."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Lylia asks, "Have I answered in full?"

Speaking softly to Lylia, Wintersylph says, "My question was Your greatest, your believe, so you answer, Id say yes."

Lylia says, "I believe this is the one that will carry us into a brighter future, yes."

Lylia nods gratefully at Wintersylph.

Lafali to Both: Biggest Point of Contention

Lafali asks, "Lafali here, very new to town so please, forgive my assumption that you probably agree upon many of the issues. I would ask what, if any, is your biggest point of contention?"

Lafali glances between Leafiara and yourself.

Leafiara replies, "I think, if anything, our biggest point of difference might be what we believe we can accomplish in, at most, two years."

Leafiara frankly says, "Lady Lylia's ideas about soft power are bigger in scale than anything I've proposed, there's no need for me to hide that."

Leafiara reasons, "As much as we who live here have pride in the Landing, it's easy to lose sight of how we're seen in the wider world--outside in the Empire or in the Elven Nations."

Leafiara notes, "We have many controversial figures walking freely among us like the Rooks..."

Leafiara pointedly says, "Or Stephos DeArchon."

Leafiara acknowledges, "Most of my proposals as mayor are about working with our own people, and proven allies like Icemule Trace, because I don't know that it's realistic to expect that we can change the opinions of distant and stubborn leaders about how they value the Landing."

Leafiara honestly says, "If we were running for ten year terms, it would be one thing, but with one year terms... I doubt it. However, I do hope that, if Lady Lylia wins, she proves me wrong."

Speaking to Leafiara, Lafali says, "Yes, thank you."

Lylia says, "I would say our greatest difference is not on the issues but in our natures. I have great respect for Leafiara's ability to organize and rally. I admire her ideas, and should I become mayor, I hope she will join me in implementing them."

Lylia says, "She is correct that my vision tends to be a broader one. But I have learned from her that it is vital to listen locally too, to heed the people who are most affected by changes in the Landing instead of taking the long view in all matters."

Lylia says, "We cannot realistically hope to be all things to all people. I have accepted that."

Lylia dryly remarks, "I shall live if people do not care for me personally."

Lylia says, "But I do want to elevate the Landing in others' eyes. I believe Leafiara does too, but we have different roads to reach this same destination."

Lylia says, "My road is the one with sweeping vistas."

Lylia says, "It is the voters' choice to decide which they prefer."

Kipara to Both: Fundamental Identity and Possible Changes

Kipara recites:

   "What, if any, are the longstanding trends in our leadership that you believe are fundamental to our identity, and/or what do you believe the Landing should consider doing differently?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Lylia asks, "They came prepared with excellent questions, did they not?"

Leafiara approvingly says, "They definitely did."

Lylia says, "Trends in leadership. Well, that is a challenge. We have had an abomination, and then we have had Cruxophim, and in between, Puptilian. A lich was also involved at some point."

Lylia says, "After all this, one of us may seem positively dull."

Lylia says, "But I believe the overall trend here is toward reason and open inquiry."

Lylia says, "There are superstitious elements among our townsfolk, superstitions and dreads borne of ignorance. But I think these influences are fading."

Lylia says, "Our recent repeals of anti-extra-planar laws are proof of it. So is the abiding interest in Melgorehn's Reach."

Lylia says, "What we should do differently...well."

Lylia says, "I will say outright that I believe Cruxophim has been brilliant in his term."

Lylia says, "So I would not tear apart his work. I would instead continue it where possible and expand it where necessary."

Lylia says, "Which is rather vague, I admit."

Lylia chuckles.

Kipara says, "Best not to get in the weeds right now."

Kipara nods understandingly.

Lylia says, "This is not the politician in me, but the merciful speaker. I could expound for hours until I wore your ears off."

You nod at Kipara.

Lylia says, "Precisely so."

Lylia says, "So I shall leave it at that and turn the floor over to my friend and rival."

Lylia nods at Leafiara.

Leafiara comments, "I think that if anything has characterized our leadership--not only the mayor, but the Town Council--it would be independent spirits and a refusal to be too shackled by the past."

Leafiara mentions, "Like I said earlier, leadership in other areas of the continent can be very stubborn. Set in traditions centuries or millennia old, sometimes out of reasons they no longer remember."

Ysharra stares off into space.

Xorus frowns.

Lylia narrows her eyes.

Leafiara says, "If anything, we in the Landing are the opposite--we'll bring all races and cultures together, not fearing any conflict but confronting it where it stands."

Leafiara adds, "Embracing unknown or 'forbidden' magic to see what we can learn from it, blood magic being a prime example that sets us apart."

Leafiara earnestly says, "So I don't believe there is too much that we need to do differently--we only need to progress on the path we've been on."

Leafiara adds, "You might say the leadership is a reflection of our citizens, too."

Bekke to Both: Imperials Commandeering Landing Resources

Bekke says, "We are all aware that the Empire is continually pressing itself upon our borders, and views the Landing as a protectorate to often toy with, and often take advantage of."

Bekke says, "Specifically, I am curious as to what each of you would do in response to, for example, another attempt to commandeer our resources - such as Melghoren's Reach."

Bekke asks, "In the past, it has been a bone of contention, and argued whether it belonged to the Empire, or to the Landing. How will each of you proceed when it inevitably comes into question again?"

Leafiara begins, "No matter whether Melgorehen's Reach is 'technically' in our jurisdiction or not, it's strategically one of the most valuable resources we have."

Leafiara says, "I'd go to most any length to defend it, if it came under dispute or especially under attack."

Leafiara frankly says, "I do, however, suspect that in any wars or skirmishes over the Reach, those trying to claim it would largely be magic users--just given the nature of the Reach."

Leafiara says, "So this is one area where I'd like to consult with the Hall of Mages for a defense plan--fire against fire, magic against magic, as it were."

Bekke says, "Perhaps. Such a large source of raw power has tempted them before, even non-magical types."

Ysharra whispers, "She's going to ask the Hall of Mages what to do with the Reach? Doesn't she realize they'd be the most likely ones to try and take it?"

Speaking to Bekke, Leafiara says, "No doubt, but I think the enemies we have to be most concerned about will come with magical forces."

Leafiara admits, "Only a suspicion on my part, but it's easier to plan against physical forces than a magical one."

Leafiara concludes, "So I'd prioritize strategizing against what I see as the bigger threat."

Bekke asks, "But you would demand acknowledgement that the Reach is a part of Wehnimer's?"

Leafiara nods at Bekke.

Speaking to Leafiara, Bekke says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Bekke, Leafiara says, "It cannot be attacked and we will not surrender it."

Lylia firmly says, "There is no question of jurisdiction. It is in our very sight. The Reach is its own, but if it 'belongs' to anyone, it belongs to us."

Speaking to Bekke, Lylia says, "Of course, this presents a problem. We have the candy. Others have appetites."

Lylia smiles.

Lylia says, "The Hall of Mages, as much as I hold them in high regard, are the most likely to claim jurisdiction, so I would not go to them for help in its defense. They would just as soon 'protect' us from it by claiming it."

Bekke agrees with Lylia.

Lylia says, "Again, with due respect to the Magisters among us. I can certainly understand the impulse."

Lylia quips, "I like candy too."

Lylia flashes a quick grin.

Lylia says, "This is where it is wisest to play one against the other, where amassing allies matters most."

Bekke says, "I would not suggest to anyone that you even consult my fellow Magister on the matter, to be perfectly frank."

Lylia says, "My opponent is correct that magical incursions are more of a threat than physical ones, particularly regarding the Reach."

Lylia says, "But it has a way of protecting itself to some extent."

Speaking to Bekke, Lylia asks, "I am not sure if that fully answers your question, but if you have more you would like to know...?"

Leafiara clarifies, "Before we move on, I'd just like to say that I meant I'd approach the local wing of the Hall at the outpost, which to my knowledge hasn't made moves to claim the Reach as its own. I have no interest in asking the larger organization as a whole."

Leafiara adds, "Much as I might ask the local Hendorans for aid, but not most Baronies who we don't overtly ally with now."

Speaking to Roelaren, Lylia says, "Thank you for the invitation and the hospitality. And thank you to all who asked questions, who listened, and who plan to vote -- regardless of their choice."