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A saved post from the Elven Cultures folder on the Gemstone IV forums by the player behind Alisaire. A great reference and source for information on the Loenthrans.

Saved Post

Loenthra on 12/3/2006 6:20:19 PM 867

Seeking any information on House Loenthra, especially those not available in the current official Simu documents. What I have so far consists of the following, taken from both in and out of game:

>House of Loenthra

(The Elves of Ta'Loenthra)

Callisto Loenthra's house is one of craftsman, artists, poets and bards. Ta'Loenthra is generally acknowledged as the center of Elven culture. Though some do leave the Elven lands to ply their trades as merchants or wandering bards, most Loenthra consider the lesser races too barbaric for their company. An old Loenthra saying describes performing to an unappreciative audience as "casting pearls before Dwarves."

>The Loenthra elves have little esteem for the "lesser" races, including elves who have been poluted with inferior human blood.

pHeraldry: >House Loenthra

Designator: a silver harp
Field: dark amethyst
Royal jewel: amethyst (purple)
Statement: "The singers of the melody to which all things are harmony."

>Loenthra patrons include Ronan, Oleani, Jastev and Cholen. They actively dislike Lorminstra, Kai, Charl and Eonak. Of the lesser gods, they respect Tilamaire.
Ironic, considering that Ta'Loenthra is a port city.


>-48,204 Elven Nations: Callisto Loenthra, a wealthy merchant, establishes the eastern seacoast capitol Ta'Loenthra. The city quickly becomes a magnet for artists, craftsmen, and those eager to live in a decadent, beautiful place.


Elven Nations: Princess Elsevel of Loenthra weds Prince Eamon of Ardenai.


Elven Nations: Queen Cadhla Loenthra opens trade and travel between House Loenthra and western Elanith with the initial voyage of the Ilyan Cloud merchant ship to the Turamzzyran Empire.

Elven Nations: King Mattheanth of Ardenai dies. Eamon of Ardenai succeeds his father, ascending the throne.
Thus we see here that the current Ardenai king's wife is Loenthran.
The travel guide in game tells us the following information:

>The guide says, "Queen Cadhla is the current ruler of House Loenthra."

>The guide says, "Loenthrans, who more than likely are nothing but friendly on distant lands, appreciate and resect one another to the fullest. This may have to do with the saying, "No one can truly appreciate the beauty of a Loenthran save by another Loenthran." How sure I am of that, I could not be, but I was struck with awe by the exquisiteness of the land and the muses that cradled this nation."

>The guide says, "The beauty of the Ta'Loenthra is like a storybook country. The lush green grasses are dotted with vineyards and orchards that would be brightly colored in the springs, marble lined streets and broad ivory lampposts lined the pristine streets and the buildings themselves are each works of art. The people I found to be less enchanting but never the less hospitable by any means, I am sure this has to do with the large trade industry that bustles about in the city."

>The guide says, "Every night in Ta' Loenthra there was some new event to be catered to whether it is a ball, art show, performance or pageantry in the streets. Seldom did I drift off to sleep without the distant lull of a bard strumming a love-lorn ballad."

In addition, there is minor mention of nancy bards and painters and whatnot in the H4H2 Loenthran broadsword. Railien provided me with its loresong:

Finally, one tidbit that I found to be the most interesting was taken from the Aelotoi documents. When the bug-freaks arrived in Illistim, their queen and the kings of Vaalor and Ardenai were present to witness and hold conference on events. Nalfein declined to be present; Loenthra sent an emissary. [Later, the king and queen of both cities were contacted by uber amulets so they could be involved in the council.]

But! The emissary sent by Loenthra was noted, specifically, as being a telepath. Taken from the docs:

>Queen Cadhla of the Loenthra maintains an emissary at the Illistim Scholars' library, and the emissary will attend in the Loenthran Queen's stead.


The echoes of Myasara's footsteps died away as she seated herself upon her throne once more. She glanced at the Loenthran telepath. "Has your Queen anything to ask, or add?" The emissary was silent for a few moments, then shook her head. "I am sure My Queen will be shocked by this news, your Majesty. I believe it best that you converse directly with her, privately."


The Queen has been conversing with Queen Cadhla of Loenthra and King Gaendel of the Nalfein via the magical amulets, soliciting their opinions on the situation.
Other documents that mention/include minor information about Loenthra are as follows:

So, what we know currently is that Ta'Loenthra is a good-sized port city [with lots of spires and marble construction] on the eastern coastline somewhere between Ta'Ardenai and Ta'Vaalor [both of which are landlocked]. Ta'Nalfein is another port city, but about twice as far away as Ta'Vaalor. Loenthra has very close ties to Ardenai, in terms of both geography and politics. It still prizes itself as being a cultural centerpiece, likely to rival [or surpass] Ta'Nalfein.

I can't remember if Loenthrans were sent in to assist with soldiers during the EN portion of the GSS. I know the Ardenai helped, and that the Nalfein had an emissary. Does anyone recall whether or not they had any influence or help in those events?

Does anyone know of any other historical or political facts associated with the house? [I know of the Ilyan Cloud, generally, though not of its first specific voyage.]

Does anyone have any other loresongs or facts taken from in-game associated with Loenthra?

- EK