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Alisaire Frey
As rendered by MAZEIKISJ
Race Dark Elf
Culture Dhe'nar
Class Ranger
Religion The Way
Disposition Lawful Evil
Demeanor Lawful Neutral

Alisaire Frey, or Ali'shara, is a dark elf ranger and citizen of Solhaven. She currently resides beneath the city in the dwarven ruins of old Vorn Ahvis.

Originally from Sharath, Alisaire briefly joined the Obsidian Tower in Wehnimer's Landing. In spite of being acknowledged as full blooded Dhe'nar by them, she left the Tower's ranks due to philosophical disagreements in interpreting the Way in approximately 5103 and, for a time, was considered outcast by most other Dhe'nar before rejoining the Tower in 5116.

A bit more than seven hundred years old, Alisaire spent several centuries living in New Ta'Faendryl and later outside of Ta'Nalfein before adventuring in western Elanith. She is still fond of New Ta'Faendryl and returns there periodically. She helped with research associated with alchemical applications in necromancy, and it is remotely possible that Faendryl characters may recognize her name as a co-author in several minor studies related to the topic published in the approximate 4500-4800 year range. She remains active in researching flora - especially those plants with practical uses for alchemy or otherwise. She likewise remains an avid fan of philosophical debate, in particular as it pertains to the Way and to the concept of fate.

During the course of the Griffin Sword Saga, Alisaire participated on both sides of the war yet ultimately chose to support the Dark Alliance and became one of its more enduring members. She recovered one of the shards of the Griffin Sword in 5103, the quillions, for which she briefly entertained offers for purchase as advertised in an issue of the Elanthian Journal. She ultimately gave the quillions to Draezir Moltoniron, High Priest of Sheru, in exchange for the removal of his army from Solhaven and for a permanent bond with demonic shadow creatures that had formerly plagued the city. The initial bonding was successful, and in 6103 she will fully merge with the entities, a future event that has been prophesied multiple times by various seers. The sentient shadow entities occasionally manifest physically in her defense, and they are intrinsically linked to a talisman that she constantly wears.

Alisaire became a formal member of the Luukosian Order midway through the war. She was particularly supportive of Morvule Thinevael, High Priest of Luukos, though her interest in Luukosian philosophy more closely parallels that of Craelle, High Priest of the Luukosian Order's Ivory Path. She retains close ties to the Sheruvian Order. In spite of her association with Luukos and formal membership in the Order, she rarely discusses it unless others seek her out with questions and similarly upholds that the still follows the Dhe'nari philosophy known as the Way.

She is most commonly found in the regions surrounding Vornavis, Solhaven, and Wehnimer's Landing.

A huge dusky shrike named Faen is Alisaire's animal companion. She had one known sibling, her deceased brother Khein. She had one guard, Ysharra Nagorn, a half-elf follower of V'tull who embarked upon a personal quest in the years following the Griffin Sword Saga and who has recently returned. She was previously in a relationship with Mnar Akurion, and before him Ruhk Catagne. Some of her other closer associates have included Aramana Leirath, Armaxis Telexana, Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav, Mekthros Savius, Nevrek Araknathalin, Nofret Hrist, Raelee Svala, Rekarth N'Teclis, and Tanager Skydancing. In recent years, her ties to other former members of the Dark Alliance have become so strained that they are virtually non-existent, in particular among most followers of Mularos. She has taken the basilisk as a personal symbol.


You see Alisaire Frey the Shadow of Vorn Ahvis.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She has almond-shaped dark violet eyes and sable skin. She has jaw-length, fine snowy white hair that falls loosely around her long, pointed ears and is closely cropped in the back. She has a tracery of faint scars covering her exposed skin. A cascading mantle of diaphanous folds of night sky clasped with a slim silver disk floats gently about her shoulders.
Her face is concealed by a scarf of loose dark linen strips.
She has a barely discernible labyrinthine webwork of shadowy sigils encircling her forearms in black ink.
Dark shadows twist and swirl around her.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a sprig of aconite, a silver-bound shadowy crystal talisman, a gnarled fingerbone key, a dusky kidskin half-circle cape, a supple dark leather baldric with a lor-hafted veil iron scythe secured to it, a sable leather-bound witchwood quiver, some pale ivory leather scale mail, a long cinereous suede vest, a long smoke grey cotton tunic, an enruned kelyn bracer, a brushed suede belt, a sable leather kit, a pair of dark grey sueded linen pants, and some vaalin-buckled dusky leather boots.

Additional Illustrations

Alisaire Frey, as rendered by U.S. comic book artist C. Lijewski.