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Premium Drinking Game

3/19/2002 by PRESTIUS

>> I'd post the rules for The Premium drinking game, However, I would then fear for my life..err..well. I do anyways. but more so then normal. <<

Since I was the creator of said game, and I don't think I can be any more dead than I already am, I'll post the rules.

At VegasCon this past weekend we had a few "mini-seminars", including a Premium one. So the night before, in a fit of drunken clarity, I came up with The Tigermist Drinking Game for her seminar (with help from Dunryc, Ashemu, and Ariyel with the wordlist). The rules were simple:

A) Don't let Tigermist know about this. B) Grab a drink of choice and bring it to the Seminar. C) Anytime Tigermist said one of the following words, take a drink.

The word list was:

- Balouga
- Alteration / Alter
- Home (s)
- Locker
- Benefit
- Type-Ahead Line
- Frostacres
- Event
- Raffle
- Dwarf / Dwarven (Drink 2)

It took Tiger about 20 minutes to catch on -- but the look on her face everytime everyone raised their glasses and said "Yaaaay" and drank was priceless. I think we got all of them except "Balouga" (which she wrote on a Post-it Note and stuck to her forehead), and "Raffle". Suffice it to say, with the announcement that we were getting an expanded "Locker" system as a "Benefit", we were all fairly sloshed about halfway in!

And to commemorate the event, our own Dunryc penned the following Limerick:

Tigermist was all a flutter
As keywords the crowd urged her to utter
Each met with a cheer
And a mouthful of beer
"They're All Dead" to herself she did mutter!!!


We love ya Tiger! You're the greatest!!


Currently preparing to spend the rest of my days in Gemstone as some sort of amphibian.


2/25/2003 by SHADOW


I tried to keep my mouth shut. I really did. Count to ten, they said. But I got to nine and then just couldn't bear double digits.

What happened to sorcery is inexcusable. When they changed "torment" to "fluffy pink bunny" I thought, "Well at least they're working on genocide." But do you see genocide? No. I waited patiently but to no avail. And now I feel I must uncover the nonsense once and for all.

GMs spend all day downtweaking us. I can still remember the day Limb disruption turned into "summon yummy tart." (Boy, you kids that saw limb disruption back in the day, you're missing out on one of the greatest moments of sorcery.) Halflings across ELanthia were convulsing for months, unable to control themselves from one more cast... wonderful event, but a downtweak nonetheless. GMs dream downtweaks by night and neglect other parts of the game to implement them by day. When one of them has a "backwards day" they implement a bunch of new, useless spells.

Sorcerers never get any attention. GMs haven't thought about us in years. Think about it. We haven't had a new spell in years. Most GMs don't remember that there's such a thing as the sorcerer class. I bet just the other day Nilven was thinking "I'm not thinking of sorcerers right now." Remember 5 years ago, when we were promised that spell to evaporate the target's relatives and dog, but no one ever came through.

We are currently missing an irrational amount of spells, and by irrational I mean the square root of eleven. No one else is even close, their numbers of missing spells are integer-valued. Of course there are bards, missing 5+2i spells, but come on, it's bards, and it's complex numbers. Clearly sorcerers should be the highest priority right now.

This outrage can only go on so long before I start complaining unproductively on these boards. I don't know how much longer I can hold out.