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Gender male
Race dwarf
Profession Blacksmith
Specialty Twisted weapons
Venue Festivals
Status inactive

Hurdragof was a dwarven merchant who was responsible for twisted weapons.


You see Hurdragof the Master Forger.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Mordrakam Clan.
He is short and appears to be long in the tooth.  He has sleepy amber eyes and dusky skin.  He has balding, russet hair swept back from the temples.  He has a wrinkled face and a grizzled beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a talon-adorned fluted rolaren helm fitted with a flawless dwarf-cut ruby, a chromatic glaesine amulet, an invar reinforced leather baldric, a vultite-bound polished kakore aegis, a tanned blacksmith's apron, some chromatic glaes-dusted vestments fitted with silvery invar buckles, a tattered leather tool satchel, some rugged dark twill breeches laced with some lengths of knotted black twine, and a pair of heavy leather boots with inscribed invar buckles.