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Storyline Flight of the Manticore
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Culture Grevnek Clan
Status Alive

Huske was previously involved in the dig at Maelshyve. He also arrived on Leyan, Ivastaen 12, 5121 in Wehnimer's Landing to discuss the Ravager.


As seen on Ivastaen 12, 5121:

You see Archivist Huske.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Grevnek Clan.
He is short.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has twitching steel grey eyes and dusky skin.  He has waist length, stringy white hair with a black streak running through it.  He has a triangular face, a straight nose and bushy sideburns.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a grey canvas coat with sterling silver buttons, some ebon leather suspenders embossed with geometric patterns, a gold-spotted mushroom charm, a soft leather document satchel slung over his shoulder, a well-used brigandine shirt, some high-waisted tweed trousers with short legs, and some worn grey leather boots.