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The Grevnek Clan is a dwarven mountain clan, specializing in all aspects of general mining.[1] They are one of the most well-known clans on Elanith, controlling much of the trade between east and west through the underground city of Zul Logoth beneath the central Dragonspine Mountains.

Zul Logoth

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The Grevnek Clan settled in a series of caverns in the central Dragonspine after the Great Emigration from Kalaza. As demand for dwarven product reached both sides of the Dragonspine, the Grevneks decided to capitalize upon it. They built an intricate cart system along the tunnels built by the Grenroa Clan, from Khazar's Hold on the west to Zhindel's Post on the east. Their knowledge of mining became quite renowned, and they became known as the "trouble shooters" of the dwarven miners. Strange ores, minerals and gems that were found deep within the DragonSpine were brought to Zul Logoth for inspection, if their properties were not immediately obvious.

Many dwarves claim that Zul Logoth has become the modern day Kalaza. The casual visitor would not see this, however, because city guards restrict access to much of the city. Zul Logoth strikes the careless observer as rather a small place.


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