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Gender female
Race elf
Service(s) GALD
Specialty Vanishing Point
Venue Briarmoon Cove
Status active

Lady Ianthra has been attending festivals for quite some time offering her wares in The Painted Talon at Ebon Gate or selling Vanishing Point items.


Briarmoon Cove

You see Ianthra Nishaye Nalfein.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is average height and appears to be in the spring of life.  She has smoke-laced brilliant thistle blue eyes and fair-complected skin.  She has long, thick cornsilk blonde hair gathered in a crown of lustrous waves with finespun sanguine ribboning.  She has plain, yet refined features that further emphasize the intense color of her eyes.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing an eahnor-crested neckpiece of interwoven ruby and garnet fragments, a golden-winged layered silk cloak, a corseted dark auburn plumille gown side-draped with a fall of bronzed feathers, a sunset gold blazestar signet ring, a tawny suede mesh reticule, a sweeping ivory-barbed metallic scaled tail, and a pair of sleek charcoal oilskin slippers with splayed razor-tipped onyx talons.