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Icebound was part of a set of falchions (its mate named "Flamespirit", recently given as a prize in DC 2011) that date back to early GS3, perhaps GS2.


The blade of this weapon has been traced with cold blue flames, the design seeming to be worked directly into the blade itself. The hilt is adorned with a triangle of diamonds, each flawless specimen cut to a smooth oval. Within the triangle is inscribed the name "Icebound." You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.


7x Cold flares, 1x per hour targeted major cold, 3 pounds.


The first thing that strikes you about the falchion is the weight, which is about 3 pounds. You feel it's quite valuable.

The pitch of the vibration informs you that you are holding a weapon, enchanted three times above the normal edge of vultite. You also sense a strong elemental magic to it, as if flared with rage periodically. A subtler harmony lies beneath it.

Your voice strains a bit, and with the resulting harmony, an image begins to form in your mind. You see the forging of twin blades, one fire, one ice speed past in flickering images of molten lava and still, cold glaciers.

As you reach the last harmony, images flow past... a silver haired maiden waving a diamond-hilted blade in salute, blue flames flickering cold along it... a dark elf standing above a defeated opponent, a wave of fire illuminating the room... A voice whispers in your mind, "Icebound and Flamespirit, they are named".