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Gender female
Race Elven
Profession Seamstress and Cobbler
Title Lady
Service(s) GALD
Venue Wandering
Status active

Lady Indres is a wandering merchant and has also provided fishhook services.


You see Lady Indres.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall.  She appears to be of full age.  She has large ebon-ringed amethyst eyes and ivory skin.  She has side-shaven, smooth fiery bronze-colored hair brushed back to frame her slender neck and shoulders.  A spray of tiny freckles dust across her cheekbones and pointed ears.  She has faintly iridescent lacquer brushed onto her short, filed fingernails.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a sphere of winter white marble in her left hand.
She is wearing a gilt-pinned garnet satin bowtie, a pauldron-set sepia silk jacket with a hand-tatted cream lace pocket square, some striped burgundy suede suspenders over a backless ivory chiffon blouse, a distressed dark leather bag, some caramel brown tweed trousers with wide folded cuffs, and a pair of latticed sandals atop darkened bone heels.