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An intricately painted tin carousel was earned by completing the "Key to the Midway" quest at the annual Ebon Gate Festival while it was located at Feywrot Mire. One could check in with the stooped old gypsy woman who wandered the Midway to start the quest and deliver all the items to their proper locations, then do it again in reverse order. Carousels are attuned to whichever character completed the quest.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This item cannot be altered in any way and cannot be re-attuned to another.

This painted tin carousel will teleport you to the town indicated by the animal under the brass ring once every four weeks when it is TOUCHed.  It could be PLAYed and LISTENed to, and you could TURN it to toggle through towns.

If it were set to Mist Harbor, it could transport you there without using a charge.  You could SPIN the carousel to set it to Mist Harbor, skipping all of the other creatures.

Ten of the twelve crossrealms charges remain.  Any character on your account with a service pass can get it recharged by the tall sleek-haired incanter on Caligos Isle.

If a gold ring is placed onto the carousel, it would prevent a crossrealms charge from being used for teleportation within Chronomage zones.  Zone travel is allowed once per hour.


The palm-sized carousel boasts intricately sculpted detail in the animals on the middle platform and its bejeweled base.  Bright colors accent the details, bringing the miniature and its inhabitants to life.  The carousel's tented roof is staked at the corners by twelve tiny jewels, ten of which are twinkling brightly and two of which are dark.  A gold ring encircles the tiny pennant on the roof.  A small brass ring hangs over the lip of the carousel's top, immediately above a leaping blue dolphin.  "Mist Harbor" is written across the creature's painted saddle.


Verb Style First Third
LISTEN while playing The haunting, eerie melody plinked out by your painted tin carousel reminds you of the Halfway Midway in Feywrot Mire. XXX holds her painted tin carousel up to her ear and listens to it as it plays.
PLACE gold ring on You place an inlaid gold ring atop an intricately painted tin carousel. N/A
PLAY You wind up the brass key underneath your painted tin carousel and it begins to plink out a tune. XXX winds up the brass key underneath her painted tin carousel and it begins to plink out a tune.
SPIN You spin the middle section of your painted tin carousel, which rotates freely. It slowly comes to rest with the brass ring pointing to a leaping blue dolphin. "Mist Harbor" is written across the creature's painted saddle. XXX spins the middle section of her painted tin carousel. The tiny painted animals rotate freely until the platform comes to a stop.
TOUCH If not in a transport zone Your painted tin carousel trembles for a moment but nothing happens. N/A
TOUCH to transport This section has not been added yet; please add to it now! This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
TURN You rotate the middle platform of your painted tin carousel, moving the brass ring from a <town icon> to a <town icon>. "<Town>" is written across the creature's painted saddle. XXX slowly rotates the middle platform of her painted tin carousel.
Intricately painted tin carousel Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to carousel
Alterable No
Original Release Venue Feywrot Mire
Quest Item Yes
Loresong Yes
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Character
Item Verbs


Loresong Reaction
Grey-green fog clouds your mind, punctuated only by the sound of a galloping horse. As the hoofbeats grow louder, the fog clears to reveal a cloaked elven man riding a black horse down a trodden path through a swampy forest. Despite the low-hanging branches and difficult terrain, man and beast fly unhindered. You follow the pair as they tear through the swamp, across fields, and over hills. Eventually, the pair slows as they approach a weathered old inn. A wide-eyed young boy gapes at the horse, which appears to not even have broken a sweat. The boy marvels, "Gosh, mister, that's the fastest horse I ever seen! He doesn't even look tired!" One corner of the elven man's mouth twitches into a slight smile, and the man replies with a cool tone, "Not quite fast enough." A grey-green mist seeps out of an intricately painted tin carousel as XXX sings to it. The faint sound of ghostly hoofbeats echoes through the area.
Wisps of grey-green mist wrap around the corners of your mind, framing the scene of the cloaked elven man astride the black horse from the previous scene. The man is talking down to a bent old woman wrapped in a brightly colored crocheted shawl and matching headscarf. A brightly painted wooden carousel revolves in the background, tinkling out an out-of-tune song. She circles the horse, examining it carefully, and shakes her head. Frowning, she says something to the man. He replies angrily and produces a fat coin pouch from the folds of his cloak, which he tosses at the old woman's feet. She retrieves the coin pouch and pours a few silvers into her open palm. After considering the coins for a long moment, she returns her gaze to the black horse, her eyes filled with dread. She whispers, "It comes with a price more than silvers," as she begins a droning mystical chant. Wisps of grey-green mist lick at XXX's hand as she sings to an intricately painted tin carousel. A scratchy, low-pitched woman's voice drones an echoing mystical chant in time with XXX's song.
When the grey-green mist clears from your mind's eye this time, you are atop the black horse, seated behind the cloaked elf. The horse's hair, however, is no longer jet black; the color is dingier, more of a dusty charcoal than an elegant black. Before you have time to think on it, your surroundings shift! Where you were in a forest one moment, you are now in the middle of a town! While villagers gawk at your sudden appearance, you feel the horse stumble under you. Looking down, the horse's coat has turned ashy, and its mane is peppered with grey. The cloaked elven man seems oblivious to his horse's weakened state and basks in the attentions of the villagers. XXX gasps in surprise and looks around in wonderment as she sings to an intricately painted tin carousel.
Your mind clouds over with grey-green mist, which dissipates as a haunting carnival melody grows louder. Once again you find yourself watching the old woman, the cloaked elven man, and the horse next to the slowly revolving carousel; however, the horse is now bright white, and lies on its side, panting heavily. The elven man is shouting at the old woman, who merely holds up a hand. She says, "You agreed to the fee and have paid the price. I cannot save your horse; it is already dead. It died in Ta'Vaalor; it died in Ta'Illistim. It died in the Rest and on the Rock. You left a piece of that horse every place you tore it apart, and now," she pauses to look down at the horse, which has stopped breathing, "you leave the last piece of it here. I warned you. You cannot link such magic to a living soul." A haunting, out-of-tune melody tinkles forth from XXX's painted tin carousel as she sings to it.
A vision of the slowly revolving brightly painted wooden carousel fills your mind, singing its sad song to an empty fairground. The elven man, his shoulders hunched, sits on a carousel horse painted solid black. Up, then down, again and again go the pair as the carousel spins. The old gypsy woman stands back hesitantly before hoisting herself onto the moving platform. She takes the man's hand in her own and presses an intricately painted tin carousel into it. She urges, "Visit him. Anywhere. And when its magic fades, come back to me." As she closes the man's hand around the carousel, grey-green mist envelops the scene and your vision fades. XXX's painted tin carousel produces a chiming carnival melody, which slows gradually to a stop as her song closes.

Ambient messaging

When PLAYed, the carousel will perform a little tune with a short duration.

You wind up the brass key underneath your painted tin carousel and it begins to plink out a tune.

The painted tin carousel in your hand plinks out a slightly out-of-tune melody.  As the tempo picks up and comes to speed, the dissonance disappears.

The plinking chimes of your painted tin carousel create a melody reminiscent of a carnival; however, it is slightly under-tuned, affording the tune a somewhat eerie quality.

The brightly colored animals on your painted tin carousel meld into a motley rainbow as they spin in time to the the carousel's eerily plinking carnival music.

The bright plinking of your painted tin carousel brings forth images of carnivals as the painted menagerie slowly bob up and down.

Your painted tin carousel slows to a stop and the plinking carnival music comes to a close.

Additional Information


The carousel provides a once per 28-day inter-realm transport using TOUCH (TURN to set destination), and can be charged every year at Ebon Gate (see below). A gold ring can be placed onto the carousel to allow the carousel to be used for travel within a Chronomage zone without using a crossrealms charge. This ability is subject to standard Chronomage ring seizure and has a 60-minute cooldown.

You can also TURN the carousel TO a target by the city's name or abbreviation.

Premium teleportation

The carousel can also be used (unlimited) as premium teleportation jewelry to get to Mist Harbor. This use is limited to Premium subscribers.

Feywrot Mire

While the Ebon Gate Festival was at Feyrot Mire, the carousel could be touched within the festival grounds to access the carousel midway game. In this game, characters rode the creatures and reached for the rings using GET TICKET. It cost 500 silvers to attempt a ring grab and failures would cause a character to fall off the creature. Occasional merchants were known to perform services such as GALD in the carousel non-game area.


At Evermore Hollow, the carousel can be recharged by a hunched bodach incanter. She roams the grounds, and is frequently found in The Graveyard Temporalis. Recharging requires an active service pass on the character of ownership.

Recharging 2017-2021

Starting with Ebon Gate 2017, the location of the festival was moved to Caligos Isle. Carousels are able to be recharged by the wandering tall sleek-haired incanter for characters who have a service pass applied. GIVE the carousel to the incanter to charge it.

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