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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +2
ST/DU 5/15
Rarity Infrequent
Weight Modifier 105%
Special Properties Non-magical
Primary Color Dark grey with red speckles
Dyeable Yes

Invar is often referred to as dwarven steel. It is made through a complex and secret process only the dwarves know, and their smiths guard its secrets well. It is not inherently magical in nature, but because of the uniqueness of it, most smiths regard it as a metal unto its own. Because of the exquisitely well-forged properties of invar, when wielded it is far more effective than plain steel or bronze, and is also a bit sturdier. The finished result is usually a weapon of a matte black hue, speckled with dots of red, but the metal can be dyed.

Due to the fact that the bonus granted to invar is a non-magical bonus, weapons crafted of invar can receive the spell, Elemental Blade (411), giving the weapon an overall bonus of +22 to attack strength and weapon flares.

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