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Use Ranged
Bonus +17
ST/DU 10/25
Rarity Extraordinarily Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties Somewhat sighted (5 pts)
Primary Color Unknown
Dyeable Yes

Long a favorite of bowers throughout both sylvan and human territories, the ipantor tree is usually found in upland forests that occupy the foot of mountain ranges. It does not tolerate hot, arid climates, instead preferring a rich, loamy soil. The Western DragonSpires is the principal region where ipantor wood is harvested, and the tall, slender trees with their straight boughs and yellow-green leaves add grace and stature to the hardwood forests there. While the ipantor is a superior material for bows, something in the constituency of its inherent magic makes it unsuitable for other magical articles.

Ipantor is considered a rarer material. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.