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Issalya Valdarien
Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Class Wizard
Profession Walker of Lore
Religion Chosen Avatar of Gosaena
In-a-Word Intellectual
Disposition Thoughtful
Demeanor Neutral
Primary Trait Observant
Flaw Manipulative, holds grudges
Greatest Strength Knowledge
Greatest Weakness Desire to assist others
Habits People-watching
Hobbies Reading, studying, artistic pursuits
Soft Spots Chayka, Olivier, Hena, Osta
Likes Intelligent conversation, wine, tea, perfume
Dislikes Violence, Teras, poor treatment of books
Fears Old age, memory loss
Loyalties House Illistim, the Masters of Lore, her friends
Best Friend Talryssa
Loved One Brinret

Issalya Tirielen Valdarien (born on Phoenatos 13, 4788) is a consummate seeker of knowledge and the scion of a minor noble house.

"Knowledge is the key to eternity."

The Recent Past

On the first Restday in Olaesta 5109, Issalya's studies in the manipulation of the element of air were found to be of practical use. She aided the town of Mist Harbor in closing a tear in the essence created by the late Mayor and a band of elementalists, thus saving the town from rampaging water elementals attracted by the storm cluster. Though not many remember her efforts during the battle, Issalya prides herself on her heroics on behalf of Mist Harbor.

On the last Restday of Imaerasta 5110, Issalya was specially honored by Myasara, Illistim's Argent Mirror, and was bestowed the title "Sculptress of Ta'Illistim" due to a memorial she designed in honor of Yadzari Illistim. The memorial, a white marble obelisk, can be found near the Hall of Patrons in Ta'Illistim. Though rather tongue-tied when singled out during the formal audience, Issalya hopes that her fervent loyalty did not go unnoticed by the Argent Mirror, and is looking forward to putting her talents to good use in the future at the behest of the Argent.

After spending the years from 5110 to 5115 on sabbatical in Ta'Illistim studying under the Masters of Lore, Issalya returned to Wehnimer's Landing in the spring of 5115 to resume her previous life. She ended her lengthy engagement to Jornaal, realizing that their relationship had become one based on comfort rather than ardor. Otherwise, she spends her free time in her beloved Shining City, and purchased there the manor known as Evelise's Retreat in Eorgaen 5116.

On the third Feastday of Imaerasta in 5115, Issalya was honored at the Grand Ball of the Festival of the Fallen in Ta'Vaalor by the Patriarch, King Qalinor, who requested the first dance with her to open the ball. Though flustered by the invitation, Issalya was able to visibly maintain her composure and did her childhood dance tutor credit.

On the first Leyan of Fashanos in 5116, Issalya was promoted to the rank of Walker of Lore within the Masters of Lore of Ta'Illistim. She is currently undergoing her raen utuva nole (translated as: wandering to find wisdom) and chose studying the effects of the element of air as applied to teleportation and gate magics as her field of research.

Issalya served as the honorary Captain of the airship The Revenge from the first to the ninth day of Jastatos, 5116.

Current Life

Issalya usually splits her time between people-watching at the Hanging Gardens in Ta'Illistim and trying out her new spells in Old Ta'Faendryl, outside the Shining City. She enjoys researching new magics and helping others with their problems when she's able, as well as playing a friendly game of darts. Issalya can most often be found in the company of her friends Talryssa, Camaenor, and Tanderick, and her familiar, Olivier. As often as possible, she attends Court functions in Ta'Illistim and attempts to make herself "seen" during the social season.

Issalya has shown an interest in both The Grey Obelisk and The Pallid Breath, but has not yet been approached by either society regarding her possible membership. Her other ambitions include induction into the ranks of the Elemancers or to be further promoted within the Masters of Lore, and to earn at least one jewel for her personal crest. She has a passion for acquiring artifacts related to her Patron and is slowly amassing a small but valuable collection. She also has an entirely unhealthy fascination with vathors and seems to almost attract them, somehow.

On the eighteenth of Eorgaen of 5116, Issalya was granted the honor and onus of becoming Gosaena's chosen avatar in Elanthia.

On the fifth of Fashanos of 5117, Issalya adopted Chayka Vardae from the orphanage the Ivory Home in Wehnimer's Landing. Chayka is the half-elven son of the lich Jeofrey Vardae.

Issalya was honored with a blooming vaalin rose on a shimmering golden silk ribbon on the fifth of Lormesta of 5118 for her acts of leadership in service to the Argent Mirror and Ta'Illistim during the crisis in the Elven Nations over the summer of 5117.

Personal Crest

The gold frame of the crest has the arch clearly divided into seven distinct sections in the imperial style.  Within, on a field of perfect sapphire blue, an elegant elven script separates the images of a peacock pavonated and a blooming ivory gardenia with amethyst-suffused edges.  A trio of sharpened, slightly curved silver quills forms the flourish, and the piece is flanked left with two entwined sprigs of cothinar and to the right with a crimson-fletched broken golden arrow.

In the Elven language, it reads: Enlightened by antiquity, guided by knowledge.


an elaborate gold-framed painting

Swirls of grey hues create a clouded sky over the fortress city of Ta'Vaalor, and short streaks of dark blues obscure most of the buildings, indicating a heavy rainfall. Limp forms are piled around the foreground, most detailed with hasty dabs of crimson to depict wounds received. Standing tall above the corpses is a regal elven man dressed in gold with short amber hair, wielding a burnished vaalorn longblade against a decrepit, decaying dark-skinned lich with matted white hair.
In the Common language, it reads:
"The Sovereign's Triumph"