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Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Old Ta'Faendryl Hunting Areas
Message #: 3938
Author: GS4-MESTYS
Date: 11/29/2007 12:48:01 AM
Subject: Ithzir initiate and Seer Spell Updates

Ithzir initiates and Ithzir seers, two of the more mental monsters of Old Ta'Faendryl, have been updated to take an increasingly more proactive role in the art of player character combat. Their respective offensive spell repertoires are now less focused on disabling, and more on causing damage.

Along with this update, the Ithzir will no longer receive a warding bonus to Corrupt Essence (703), nor will they reflect mental magic as the old Forget spell.

Hunters of Old Ta'Faendryl are advised to proceed with greater caution while acclimating to these latest developments.