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Tsoran's map

Old Ta'Faendryl (popularly abbreviated to "OTF") is the ruined city of the Faendryl elves. The city was once considered the capital of the Elven Empire. The ruins are inhabited by an interdimensional species known as the Ithzir.

This area is subject to the spellburst effect.


The site of the central Basilica was established by Korthyr Faendryl, Patriarch I of House Faendryl in year 210 of the Elven Calendar (48,897 years before Modern Era) and completed after two years. The rest of the city was built over the following three centuries under Khalar Andiris Faendryl.

It was eventually abandoned in year 33,922 (15,185 years before Modern Era) when the Faendryl were exiled by the other six Elven Houses.

"At this point, the Clerisy was responsible for "salting the earth" of Old Ta'Faendryl, calling the Ithzir into our world, and leaving the land taken from us unusable by our traitorous cousins. It is, and was, both the greatest and worst accomplishment of the Clerisy by order of the Patriarch.

Now, whether the Ithzir were present as summoned allies during this period of time or whether they were summoned after the battle of Ashrim, I know not. They currently patrol the lands of Old Ta'Faendryl, attacking and then scavenging the corpses of any that fall there. I do know that the Faendryl were certainly aware of their presence before the exile.

As regards the barrier surrounding the lands of Old Ta'Faendryl and containing the Ithzir within, how it came to be placed and by whom, I have only rumors to offer.

One that other Elven houses in order to keep the Ithzir within placed it around, much as they did Shadowguard. Or that the Faendryl placed it, leaving the Ithzir as guardians to keep others away from their homes before the exile, and the Ithir contained... As we all are aware, there are many factions of Ithzir, this one has remained within the old city.

Those two versions are however from fireside tales from my father and grandfather, as we patrolled at the end of the Third Elven War, during the great route, and my memory is not always clear of those times, for they were intense and tragic.

It matters little at this point, only that the barrier exists, and only those of great personal willpower may pass it and enter the ancient city of Ta'Faendryl."

— Palestra Blade Aurach, remarks delivered to the Faendryl Enclave on 12th of Olaesta, 5116


In the present day, Old Ta'Faendryl is a hunting ground accessible from the realm of Ta'Illistim. It is subject to the spellburst effect.


Characters must be at least level 73 to pass the magical barrier.

Reaching Old Ta'Faendryl requires skill in Swimming. 25-30 ranks are generally sufficient for unencumbered characters, depending on other factors like Physical Fitness and Strength. It is not possible to bypass the swim with Symbol of Seeking (in contrast to Nelemar and The Rift), but it is possible to bypass the swim on the way out with teleportation abilities like Spirit Guide, Symbol of Return, or gold rings from outside the barrier. It is unknown whether Water Walking helps with the swim, but characters must still go through the same swim process if that spell is active. If you enter the swim with something in your hand, you may drop it. If that happens, SEARCH MUCK to try to find what you dropped.

All of Old Ta'Faendryl is part of the same isolated realm. It is considered adjacent to Ta'Illistim for the purposes of cross-realm teleportation methods. The cottage in the west woods is safe from creatures and is the primary realm anchor for Spirit Guide and Voln's Symbol of Return. Clerics may use a Nexus gem to return to town or an alternate location outside of Old Ta'Faendryl as well.


Most of the Ithzir, griffins, and constructs usually congregrate in the main central portion near the Market and the Basilica. The north woods have the highest level creatures (champions which are unique to the north woods, as well as adepts, seers, war griffins, and greater constructs). The east and west woods have lower level creatures such as gremlocks, lesser constructs, and (at night) lich qyn'arj, with some occasional Ithzir wandering in. The aqueducts contain gremlocks, festering taints, and various beings.

Web traps set by the Ithzir will often appear throughout the area.

Some rooms are considered submerged in water and may react violently to the use of electrical effects.

Tsoran's map of the area is incomplete and there are rooms not shown, in particular around the east woods and the western aqueducts.

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