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  • The other Iyo find it very strange that Uhlen is working with silvers, as that's not normally their style (they barter).
  • Uhlen has been acting secretive about this entire thing, which is normal for the average taciturn Iyo, but Uhlen is typically very forthright.
  • Uhlen’s friends are a little worried that Uhlen has gone off the deep end with this event.
  • Uhlen has spent a lot of time at the Firewheel Grove lately.
  • There was polite pushback from some Iyo about the entire event, including the payment portion, but eventually they were won over by Uhlen because they trust her.
  • Uhlen has been difficult to track down and the Iyo would like help finding her (maybe even watching her actions).
  • Uhlen always planned to charge silvers for this event, and it wasn’t a last minute plan.
  • Uhlen has always been a trailblazer.
  • Some people have worried that Uhlen might leave Four Winds to explore the world, because she seems to have become much more “worldly” lately.
  • Uhlen has a sweet tooth that she struggles not to indulge.
  • Often lately, when people have gone to look for Uhlen, she’s nowhere to be found.

Introduction by Uhlen

Uhlen politely announces, "Thank you all for coming out to join us here in the Iyo Glade!"

Uhlen politely continues, "We have a large number of shops, and merchants that have agreed to come and do work for those who wish it.  We also have games, and... well..."

Uhlen nervously continues, "There are... we haven't done this before.  Hopefully everything is acceptable."

Uhlen uncertainly says, "There are... we would ask..."

Uhlen politely remarks, "We would ask that you enjoy observing the graveyard, but do not disturb any of the graves or remembrances you find there."

Uhlen politely adds, "And the arch here... we have had to close off the Firewheel Grove for a time.  A bolt of lightning this morning brought down one of the larger trees, and it is being harvested for use."

Uhlen politely continues, "We will be offering up some of the wares crafted from that tree once it has been safely taken care of."

Uhlen awkwardly continues, "We will be... Um... there is... music... and... um..."

Uhlen says, "The Grove is known to the Iyo as the Heart of the Isle of Four Winds."

Uhlen says, "Special trees grow there, with magical blooms."

Uhlen says, "And the wood of those trees is imbued with magical properties."

Speaking softly to Uhlen, Demandred asks, "Of what type of trees do we refer?"

Speaking to Demandred, Uhlen says, "The Firewheel trees native to this Isle.  We have protected the grove of them, and you will be able to tour it once the tree from this morning has been cleared."

Uhlen awkwardly says, "Um... I... think..."

Uhlen asks, "I think that was it?  Does... anyone have any questions?"

Speaking to Uhlen, Esrihl asks, "Why... Why have you asked us to accept their silvers?"

Esrihl quickly says, "That is not our usual way, Uhlen."

Esrihl continues, "And every time I try to ask you..."

Speaking amusedly to Esrihl, Uhlen exclaims, "You've asked me that HOW many times now?  Troublemaker!"

Esrihl exclaims, "You brush me off!"

Speaking relievedly to Esrihl, Uhlen exclaims, "I'll tell you the same as I always do!  You'll see when the time comes!"

Speaking impatiently to Uhlen, Esrihl exclaims, "I do not wish to wait that long!"

Uhlen happily exclaims, "Welcome again to all of you.  Enjoy the grounds, observe the animals, and please feel free to seek me out if you have any questions!"

Speaking to Uhlen, Yipsy asks, "What animals y' got?"

Speaking to Uhlen, Perigourd asks, "Will the Iyo be holding any events at which we can learn more of the Iyo culture?"

Speaking to Yipsy, Uhlen says, "We have built into the forest, and many of the creatures are used to our presence, and are happy to creep into view."

Speaking politely to Perigourd, Uhlen says, "We will... see how comfortable everyone is, but I might be willing to speak on that if you like, later in the festival."

Speaking teasingly to Esrihl, Uhlen says, "Troublemaker."

Uhlen exclaims, "I am going to go and check on the cleanup and salvage of the felled firewheel.  Please, enjoy yourselves, and thank you for coming!"