Iyo Glade Festival/Game Prizes

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List of Game Prizes:

Lock Mastery

a bit of ember jasper
a bit of peacock jasper
a bit of monsoon jasper
a chipped piece of feldspar
a chipped snowflake obsidian
some chipped red sea glass
some chipped blue sea glass
some chipped green sea glass
a shard of violet smoldereye
a shard of inky blue smoldereye
a remnant of sunset garnet
a remnant of milky blue quartz
a remnant of crystalline gypsum
a remnant of pale beige mekret
a remnant of glossy sable mekret
a remnant of shimmering marcasite
an absinthe green pearl clasp
a jet-pupiled heliodor eye clasp
a teak-framed sunset garnet clasp
a gilt-rayed opal starburst clasp
a wave-shaped pale blue jade clasp
a nacre-petaled jasmine flower clasp
a glass-encased amber dandelion clasp
a chain-wrapped jade talon clasp


  • an illusory bonfire style chit. || Your chit will change the illusion style of your dreamfire bracelet or panel to style #201-Bonfire.


an azure crystal amulet
a heavy canvas map with furled edges
a faded parchment map punctuated with holes
a weathered vellum map heavily encrusted with salt
a thick faewood toothpick
a vine-carved fireleaf toothpick
a multicolored witchwood toothpick
a dented steel hand buzzer
an oval silver hand buzzer
a shiny gold hand buzzer
a teak-framed silver mirror
an antique silver hand mirror
a goose-shaped golden filigree mirror
a delicate redwood jack-in-the-box
an ornate black oak jack-in-the-box
a birch jewel-adorned jack-in-the-box
a ruddy invar compass with a crushed frame
a simple imflass compass lined with copper
an enruned vultite compass adorned with a ruby rose
a burnished silver compass trimmed with brass filigree
an oxidized copper-framed compass with a salt-lined lens
a slender silver waistchain
a murky glass vial (Ritual Vial: crimson blood)

Containers (Back)

a leaf-embossed cordovan pack
a jungle green frond-print pack
a roskyn-framed taupe kidskin pack
a tawny punched suede backpack
a lattice-woven doeskin backpack
a knotted hemp and linen backpack
a forest-inked ivory leather knapsack
a cord-bound grey leather rucksack
a hexagon-cut rigid leather rucksack
a sinew-seamed rough leather rucksack
a rolton-shaped white leather rucksack
a veniom-laced brushed leather haversack
a silver-runed imflass-plated pack (Auto-Closing) (Blue Ring)
a crimson glaes-plated pack with a black onyx scarab clasp (Auto-Closing) (Blue Ring)
a polished mithril-plated pack with a tiny metal lever (Auto-Closing) (Blue Ring)
a thick eahnor-plated pack reinforced with several pieces of steel (Auto-Closing) (Blue Ring)

Containers (Cloak)

an amber-dyed chainsil cloak
a wine-dark burnt velvet cloak
an ombre-edged sepia linen cloak
a bamboo-inked natural linen cloak
a fur-mantled iron grey wool cloak
a suede-cuffed vert wool longcoat
a well-oiled bronze leather longcoat
a collarless stygian leather longcoat
a pelt-draped tanned leather longcoat
a side-split whiskey leather longcoat
a silk-lapeled pewter leather longcoat
a flora-inked tea green silk kimono
a thistle-inked lavender silk kimono
a blossom-inked sage grey silk kimono
a heavy winter white suede greatcloak
a long-layered nacre velvet greatcloak
a high-collared dark leather greatcloak
a leather and emerald flannel greatcloak
a mink-hooded burgundy velvet greatcloak
a veniom-laced brushed leather greatcloak

Containers (Belt/Shoulder)

  • a variegated green reed basket.
  • an orchid-woven cocobolo twig basket
  • an aqua pebbled leather satchel
  • an asymmetric tonal grey satchel
  • a lace-overlaid henna red satchel
  • a tiger-stamped raw leather satchel.
  • a suede-flapped glossy leather satchel.
  • a veniom-laced brushed leather satchel.
  • a gathered ivory chamois bag
  • a stained leather potion bag
  • a silk-bowed nacre velvet bag.
  • a soft leather alchemy bag embossed with a large potion.
  • a leaf-shaped red alchemical bag with a small black leather tie.
  • a stiff leather potion bag with a large brass rolton-shaped clasp.
  • a salt-stained leather feed bag.
  • a lion-stamped leather feed bag.
  • an oiled brown leather feed bag.
  • a wide-strapped leather feed bag.
  • a latticeworked pale silk pouch
  • a branch-inked pale linen pouch.
  • a silk-tasseled onyx suede pouch
  • a tally-marked ebony leather pouch.
  • a talon-stamped ecru leather pouch
  • a gradated auroral suede purse.
  • a lily-tooled pale leather purse.
  • a spiral-woven tricolor hemp purse.
  • a reed and raffia-braided tote.
  • a colorful plaited ribbon tote.
  • a chain-caged jade leather hip-satchel
  • an ink-stained navy leather hip-satchel.
  • a hook-pierced black leather hip-satchel
  • a map-branded cognac leather hip-satchel.
  • a grass-stained tan leather hip-satchel.


  • some lace sunburst-hued stockings.


  • a pair of shimmering gold silk dancing shoes.
  • a pair of rhinestone-studded sleek dancing shoes.
  • a pair of padded brown dancing shoes with bronze tips.
  • a pair of heeled dancing shoes trimmed with pink satin
  • a pair of red dancing shoes accented in black and gold trimming.
  • a pair of gold closed-toe dancing shoes with thin silver buckles.


  • some spiked golvern-reinforced mottled thrak hide leathers. (Blue Ring)


  • a thin gold-handled katar.
  • a decorated white ora katar.
  • a balanced long-bladed tachi.
  • a nacreous thin-bladed palache.
  • a crimson-runed razern-bladed bidenhander


  • a crimson-runed white ora maul
  • a long-handled marbled razern maul.
  • an ora-pommeled grooved razern flamberge.
  • an azure-hued heavy razern balestarius. (battle axe)
  • a sharp jagged-edged golvern reaver. (Blue Ring)


  • a blue-runed white ora falchion.
  • a sharpened steel-handled gladius.
  • a rust-coated bent razern stiletto.
  • a heavy-bladed razern-edged khopesh.
  • a crimson-hued wide-bladed warsword
  • a crimson-runed razern-gilded cleaver
  • an archaic trollskin-bound broadsword etched with stylized flames (Yellow Duck) - 6x w/ Fire Flares
  • a damascened golvern gladius. (Blue Ring)


  • a heavily spiked morning star. (Blue Ring)
  • an ancient white ora ridgemace.
  • an oak-handled heavy razern mace.
  • a rune-carved thick razern cudgel.
  • a silver-spiked razern-hafted spikestar


  • a massive razern-forged scythe
  • a massive acid-etched razern-forged scythe.
  • a long polished razern warlance.
  • a vine-etched razern-tipped spear.


  • a scorched yew hand crossbow reinforced with stylized zorchar side plates. (Blue Ring)
  • a slender yew hand crossbow reinforced with stylized drakar side plates. (Blue Ring)
  • a smooth yew hand crossbow reinforced with stylized rhimar side plates. (Blue Ring)
  • a pyrographed yew long bow with a leather-wrapped grip. (Blue Ring)


  • a rune-covered faewood asaya topped with a monstrous claw.
  • a worn faewood pastoral staff decorated with gold filigree.
  • a flame-etched faewood runestaff encrusted with large rubies.
  • a distorted witchwood staff capped with a glowing purple orb. (Blue Ring)
  • a scorched witchwood scepter capped with a glowing azure orb. (Blue Ring)


  • a white ora greatshield.
  • a bronze-spiked thick golvern buckler.
  • a steel-spiked golvern lantern shield.
  • an ora-spiked golvern forged mantlet.
  • an ora-spiked banded fireleaf greatshield. (Blue Ring)
  • a spiked gornar greatshield etched with golden runes. (Blue Ring)
  • a spiked zorchar greatshield etched with viridian runes. (Blue Ring)
  • a spiked drakar buckler etched with crimson runes. (Blue Ring)
  • a spiked rhimar buckler etched with silvery runes. (Blue Ring)

Magical Items

  • a delicate frosted glass bear. (117)
  • a rose gold sleeping rolton trinket. (120)
  • a delicate bear-shaped crystal (202)
  • an oblong nephrite stickpin. (203)
  • a beady-eyed white ora giantman statuette. (213)
  • a leaping grey beryl dolphin figure. (303)
  • a wave-crested emerald brooch caged in gold (410)
  • an neat carmlin crown. (508)
  • a furling root-sculpted crown. (508)
  • a leaf-shaped modwir badge. (602)
  • a leaf-shaped flamed koa badge (602)
  • a banana-cut villswood amulet. (604)
  • an elegant villswood medallion. (604 x 20)
  • an elk-shaped faewood pin. (605)
  • a petrified heavy wyrwood bracelet. (608)
  • a crystalline rolton-shaped figurine. (617 x20) (Blue Ring)
  • a delicately carved glowbark moose. (905)
  • a striated acacia badge (909)
  • a cracked hoarbeam badge (909 x 20)
  • a carved rolton-shaped faewood amulet. (1205 x20) (Blue Ring)
  • a rolton-shaped red coral trinket (1215)
  • a rolton-shaped blue sapphire trinket. (1606 x20) (Blue Ring)
  • a pink coral jellyfish pin (1607 x10)
  • a rose gold leering clown statue (303 x20)
  • a glass and chalcedony wand. (201)
  • a ruby-topped gem-encrusted wand (201 x 20)
  • a feather-etched mithril rod. (505)
  • a petrified liana vine wand (603)
  • a spiraled cocobolo wand. (609)
  • a bleached witchwood wand. (612)
  • a heavily knotted scorched drakar wand. (519)
  • a sun-bleached glowbark rod (1206)
  • a vine-etched canvas palimpsest. (612)