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Jankus first came in contact with adventurers from Wehnimer's Landing when they came to the rescue of his merchant caravan which had been discovered raided and scorched in Upper Trollfang. Jankus had claimed that bandits attacked their wagons, killed some of his fellow merchants and made off with a lot of the cargo and some of his gears and other gadgets. Mayor Walkar and the heroes welcomed Jankus to the town and set him up with comfortable accommodations in the Thrak's Inn. It was later revealed that Jankus was actually a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of Rooks and considered to be the right hand of their leader, Drangell. Jankus was known to often assassinate his victims from the shadows, hurling his rolaren handaxe at his victims' faces. In early 5113, Jankus came across a black ora ring that revealed the origins of how Barnom Slim had become a lich, and later used the ring to help the heroes locate the Lich King's hidden phylactery which enabled them to finally defeat the undead master. But, as part of the deal to help the town, Jankus along with Drangell, were given a full pardon by Mayor Walkar for their past crimes in the town. Most recently Jankus has been spotted offering merchant services during the last Frontier Days, but is rumored to still be secretly working with Drangell as part of the Brotherhood of Rooks.

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