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The Brotherhood of Rooks were born in the imperial protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing in the year 5112. Their benefactor at the original time was a mystery, and they seemingly sprung up overnight, first appearing as hooded figures wearing dark bird masks with razor-sharp silver beaks. For many months these Rooks terrorized shopkeepers in Wehnimer's Landing, using intimidation to get them to sign up for protection or face risking their shops and livelihood or even their lives. It was later discovered that the Rooks were merely using magical items to maintain their bird-like visage and help them to move quickly and unseen throughout the town.

The Rooks have primarily been self-contained to Wehnimer's Landing, but have had some small incursions into Solhaven where they conducted a number of bank heists, attacked ships from Vornavis bringing supplies to the Landing, and were even involved in a smuggling operation arming krolvin warships with weapons and armor to raid imperial towns along the Great Western Sea.

The Brotherhood operates on various levels of secrecy, and many times, fellow members are even unaware of the identity of those who serve alongside them. It is said the ranks of the Rooks are filled with the likes of merchants, tradesmen and commoners, all the way to pirates, bandits, and thieves.

It has since been learned that the Brotherhood of Rooks has had connections to many imperial criminals, such as Elithain Cross, Drangell, and Stephos DeArchon. Because of their criminal activities within the Empire, even on a small scale, and their proximity to imperial lands being based out of Wehnimer's Landing, they are deemed an unlawful organization in the eyes of the Sun Throne.

Their former leaders have included Drangell, Alendrial DeArchon who had been called "Mother", and a man who called himself Rysus. Rysus died during the events of The Rone Resurgence, poisoned by a substance provided by Praxopius.

In 5119, a new leader emerged: a masked woman whose identity was not known but who called herself "Mother." It was presumed that Mother was well-known in and around the Landing and would be recognized if her face was seen. Many adventurers believed her to be Alendrial DeArchon reprising her role, but it was ultimately revealed in 5/5121 that it was Casiphia.

Their symbol is of a red outline of a rook.

Timeline of Rook-Related Events

Timeline of Rook-Related Events
Date Rook Leader Relevant Link Summary
Phoenatos 13, 5112 (08/13/2011) ? The Liberators An angry citizen named Colson demands the removal of Mayor Walkar. Merchants and citizens alike make two counter proposals. Violence erupts, merchants close up shops. Vaurus, an ex-militia members appears and throws bombs at citizens. Juramis tries to negotiate with the merchants for calm. Colson is killed with greenish-black veins along his torso and neck as markings later. Walkar is broken out of prison and goes on the run.
Charlatos 3, 5112 (03/12/2012) ? Drangell's Prison Drangell is moved to a new prison.
Eorgaen 2, 5112 (12/2/2012) ? The Long Dig The Brotherhood of Rooks appear in Landing. Burrow Way discovered.
Eorgaen 18, 5112 (12/18/2012) ? Fire and murder Meureii kidnapped by Rooks. Larton's ship set on fire for refusing to pay, "Protection money."
Lormesta 3, 5113 (1/3/2013) ? Of Rooks and Ransom Grey beaked mask figures roam the street. A demand is posted, "Drangell for your dwarf." Drangell is promptly confronted.
Lormesta 10, 5113 (01/11/2013) Drangell A Rooks capture Drangell is revealed to be the leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks when one of them is captured and confesses.
Fashanos 1, 5113 (02/01/2013) Drangell A Dark Union & Escape Barnom and his undead army form an alliance with Drangell and is broken out of prison.
Fashanos 9, 5113 (02/09/2013) Drangell Merchant Warnings! Each side issues warning. Drangell says pay up and feeds a merchant to a zombie by tossing him at it and Walkar responds with don't give in to their money demands! Undead attack, Rooks fire on townspeople from the roofs.
Fashanos 10, 5113 (02/10/2013) Drangell Control it all Jankus, an assassin for the Brotherhood of Rooks murders Mayor Walkar. A few days later Drangell is seen accompanied by children who he encourages to stab, mutilate and kill dissenters, which they do in horrifying reality.
Ivastaen 16, 5114 (05/16/2014) Drangell Cross Into Shadows Drangell arranges for a portal to be created to Talador and members of the Drakes Vanguard and their allies and friends storm the streets of Talador's western district, as members of the Dae'Randir approach the Chisholm Manor in an attempt to kidnap Cosima. Other adventurers learn of the operation and rush through the portal, trying to stop the kidnappers and warn Cosima. In the end, Cosima is captured and falls into the possession of the Brotherhood of Rooks.
Ivastaen 16, 5114 (05/16/2014) Drangell Cross Into Shadows Rooks board up Waysides. Drangell appears on it's roof with Cosima then kills her in public view and Davard as a witness to her death. Talador War escalates. Soldiers and Rooks fight in the streets and tunnels.
Ivastaen 16, 5114 (05/16/2014) Drangell Cross Into Shadows Alendrial informed those present that she had learned of Stephos involvement with helping to create the Brotherhood of Rooks and pass along funds to Drangell and their members, and she herself had helped tend to some of the wounded Rooks during the Talador war.
Lumnea 18, 5115 (06/18/2015) Drangell Edwina Kidnapped! Drangell and his Rooks kidnap and harm multiple Landing citizens and adventurers.
Lumnea 25, 5115 (06/25/2015) Drangell Rumblings in Town Activity increases among the factions of the Rooks.
Lumnea 5115 (06/2015) Drangell A Dance with Drangell Drangell captured in a bane coffin; Rooks accused of stealing an empty bane coffin.
Phoenatos 19, 5115 (08/19/2015) Rysus Riddance of Rysus Sir Thadston delivers a letter after recent events from the Rooks detailing Hendor is not the enemy and that the Brotherhood of Rooks, surely is.
Imaerasta 16, 5115 (09/16/2015) Rysus Little girl's message A little girl delivers a message. If you help Hendor, you will pay. Come to the rooks, the pay and food is good. Their King is good.
Imaerasta 19, 5115 (09/19/2015) Rysus Wings of Blue, Words of Red Rook nests are being searched and shut down. Disguises are found similar to North Hendor. Toys in another. Thadston reveals Juramis implicated as a go-between for the Rooks and Silver Kings. He declares Juramis will be tried under Wehnimer's Landing law when he returns. Alendrial drug out and threatened. Gyspy Fortunteller shares visions of murdered families in North Hendor in and around the farmlands of Lolle. These families are those of the imperial soldiers stationed at the imperial outpost in the Landing.
Imaerasta 16, 5115 (09/28/2015) Rysus Knightly murderings Militia, Silver Gryphons and Azure sun murdered. Landing gates attack by thugs, bandits and mercenaries. An attempt on Alendrial's life is made by setting her on fire, but Aydan and Raelee stop it. Sir Thadston drugged, arrives late to the dungeons and has Alendrial moved.
Koaratos 5, 5116 (07/05/2016) ? Rooting out the Rooks Guard Captain Khylon proposes a new set of laws in Wehnimer's Landing intended to weaken the Rooks.
Phoenatos 22, 5116 (08/22/2016) Rysus Eyes of the Dawn Bekke reveals that she, Alasatia, and Lylia have conversed with Rysus and agreed that they should seek unity between the Rooks and Mayor Puptilian against the greater threat of Chaston Griffin. Rysus proposes increasing aid from the Rooks and decreasing conflict with the militia in exchange for a pardon of Alendrial DeArchon; Mayor Puptilian declines.
Imaerasta 7, 5116 (09/?/2016) Rysus Eyes of the Dawn Many Rooks are found slain in the tunnels, presumably by invading forces led by or under the influence of Chaston Griffin.
Jastatos 15, 5116 (10/15/2016) Rysus Eyes of the Dawn Rysus supplies blood marble prayerbeads, granting town adventurers access to Chaston Griffin's cleansing camps to destroy them.
Eoantos 7, 5116 (12/07/2016) Rysus Eyes of the Dawn Landing adventurers, Solhaven adventurers, Vornavian forces, Hendoran forces, and Rooks advance on Talador through a portal for a final strike against Chaston Griffin and the rescue of Earl Eddric Jovery. However, although Drangell and Chaston are at last killed in the fray, Chaston detonates a blood marble obelisk tampered with by Raznel, resulting in an immensely powerful magic blast that renders Talador a magical wasteland.
Fashanos 8, 5117 (02/08/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Rysus informs adventurers that his urchins spotted Sir Michol, the now-missing commander of the Hendoran outpost, getting into an argument with a woman before he had vanished.
Charlatos 5117 (03/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Rysus provides intel about Dennet Kestrel's associate Quinshon, a man sometimes known as the Dissembler for his talents in unraveling and reshaping minds. Formerly a Magister in the Hall of Mages, he's since been removed but is sometimes still employed for his abilities.
Olaesta 5117 (04/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Elementz organizes a group to seek out the location of the hunter Carenos, who killed Landing citizens while pursuing information about Cyph Kestrel as he seeks vengeance. The adventurers' search begins in the catacombs and, although they don't find Carenos himself, the Rooks provide information about his normal hunting schedule and locations. (The next day, using their information, the group finds Carenos and a clash involving traps he'd set in the forest ultimately results in his arrest.)
Ivastaen 5117 (05/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Magister Bekke reveals that Dennet Kestrel threatened her not to intervene again after she'd tried to send the Rook urchin Acorn to notify Thadston, former commander of the Hendoran outpost who was away chasing after Raznel, about Dennet's takeover in his absence. Furthermore, Quinshon has abducted Acorn and taken his eyes, then trapped him in a shadow valence pocket dimension within himself.
Lumnea 5117 (06/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels The Rooks put on a rooftop display burning a flag of Chastonia and tapping the eyes of their masks, signaling seeking vengeance for Acorn.
Lumnea 5117 (06/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Outlaw Stephos DeArchon meets adventurers outside town to reveal that there's an impending conflict between the Rooks and the Hendoran outpost because of Acorn and suspicions that other recently vanished Landing citizens have been taken by Dennet Kestrel or Quinshon.
Lumnea 5117 (06/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels The Rooks launch an assault against the Hendoran outpost with arrows, their exploding crimson orbs, and Hendoran soldier disguises, while the Hendorans retaliate with pylons, golems, and fire elementals. As the Rooks are forced to withdraw, a clash in Burrow Way unearths the body of Sir Michol; Captain Stormyrain's loresong reveals an unseen woman murdering him.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels The Rooks' urchin girl, Crook, brings information that some of Dennet's pylons have been moved through a portal to an unknown location.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels A corpse is found in Burrow Way with blood seeping from his eyes and otherwise no signs of struggle; Leafiara identifies him as a dockworker, Samuel. Adventurers inquire at the docks and hear hints among gossip that Samuel was likely a Rook, after which they conclude that Quinshon likely killed him.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Sir Thadston (or, rather, a golem made in his likeness and discovered months later) arrives to declare no tolerance for enemies of the Empire, including the Rooks, and he will retrieve their stolen plinite and kill Rysus. However, Mayor Cruxophim and militia Captains Stormyrain and Shinann remind him that he has no authority within town and will defend against such plans.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Adventurers ask Rysus if he'd be willing to trade the plinite or give up the plinite and he says he'd be willing to listen to offers.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Teuriz uses Dame Evia's black veins from the Shadow Realm to open a portal into Quinshon's pocket valence, allowing adventurers to rescue Acorn. Something appearing to be fragments of Aralyte liberates Acorn and uses what's left of her strength to send him back with the group. Simultaneously, back in town, the golem Thadston raids Burrow Way in search of the plinite and clashes with the Rooks--but it's in vain. The recently pardoned Stephos had already retrieved the plinite on behalf of Mayor Cruxophim and Kayse, who had bartered the deal.
Imaerasta 5117 (09/??/2017) Rysus Keeping Up with the Kestrels Mayor Cruxophim exchanges the plinite for the release of Landing citizen and Ithzir test subject Rodnay from a bane coffin. As he's freed, the Rooks attempt to kill him with arrow fire, having conspired with Maylan to end a perceived threat. Even in his weakened state, his magical talents easily deflect their arrows and he warns Maylan against doing such a thing again lest he erase her from the time stream.
Eorgaen 29, 5117 (12/29/2017) Rysus Dinner Tomorrow, Mystery Tonight A scream leads adventurers to find a woman near a corpse with a red rook tattoo, saying that he made unwanted advances before an unknown figure appeared in a blur and killed him.
Lormesta 9, 5118 (01/09/2018) Rysus It's A Mad World After the vigilante strikes again with an attack on Madmountan earlier in the night, Puptilian and Dinaden confront him and he tells them that he intends to rid the town of darkness and bring his justice upon the Rooks and others.
Lormesta 12, 5118 (01/12/2018) Rysus Town Council Candidate Debates 5118, Night 1 Town council candidate Malluch Burdos, responding to Wolfloner's question, names the Rooks among the greatest threats to town since they're citizens and cannot merely be bled. Candidate Alendrial DeArchon, responding to Dame Evia's comment from the balcony, acknowledges that she temporarily led the Rooks, but rather than leading them into crime, war, or bloodshed, she healed wounds and hearts as few have tried.
Lormesta 22, 5118 (01/22/2018) Rysus On the Seventh Night of Not Really Rone... Explosions rock Burrow Way. Adventurers investigate to find a slew of corpses and loresongs reveal the vigilante Rone attacking Rooks with a new form of explosive device, a gear-covered prism, as he demands information on the whereabouts of the "dying king."
Lormesta 27, 5118 (01/27/2018) Rysus A Proposal by Stephos Stephos DeArchon reveals Rysus has been dying ever since he was cursed by Naimorai Kestrel when the Rooks attacked the Hendoran outpost over Dennet Kestrel's suspected--and later verified--abductions of citizens.
Charlatos 24, 5118 (03/24/2018) Rysus Fall of Rone Rone attacks Rooks and they retaliate, sparking a street skirmish. During the clash, Madmountan slays Rone with a heavy strike, but he's swiftly dragged away by a follower to be resurrected. Adventurers follow the blood trail and discover that he was using Drangell's old hideout.
Phoenatos 23, 5118 (08/23/2018) Rysus Pie Ring Conspiring A Rook meets Leafiara and others at the pie shop and collects a vial from her. She warns about testing it thoroughly.
Phoenatos 25, 5118 (08/25/2018) Rysus Rysus' Resolution and the Sparrows' Setup Rysus, seemingly well, publicly criticizes the possibility of Ta'Vaalor building an outpost and Mayor Lylia appointing former Imperial Thadston Andrews as the town marshal.
Phoenatos 27, 5118 (08/27/2018) Rysus The Rooks' Red Glare Rooks take to the roofs to demonstrate opposition to Vaalorian influence, burning an effigy of King Qalinor Vaalor.
Imaerasta 1, 5118 (09/01/2018) Rysus The New Rone's Mission The second vigilante Rone attacks the Rooks and they retaliate, sparking a street skirmish.
Imaerasta 19, 5118 (09/19/2018) Rysus Prax's Private, Perilous, Poisonous Plan Rooks abduct and kill militiamen to lure Rone and a clash starts; Rysus kills Captain Stormyrain as a further lure, playing into suspicions that Rone is Thrayzar. During the battle, Rooks briefly abduct Leafiara, but let her go after Rysus threatens that she needs to find more of a cure for him. After all sides withdraw, the Alchemist Praxopius reveals that he delivered a poison to Rysus through her, having lied that it was a cure for Rysus' curse, and that it healed his legs but made him grow erratic and violent.
Imaerasta 20, 5118 (09/20/2018) Rysus Butcher's Dozen Rone kills the twelve Rooks who killed militiamen the night before, one being revealed as a double agent within the militia; Rone himself is unmasked and proven to be former militia marshal Thrayzar.
Imaerasta 24, 5118 (09/24/2018) Rysus Giving Justice the Rone Around The Rooks and Rone continue their clash.
Imaerasta 25, 5118 (09/25/2018) Rysus Rooks and Pawns Adventurers defend Praxopius' wagons from Rooks at his request, but the wagons are revealed to be empty diversions as he had secretly delivered pylons and golems to the docks.
Imaerasta 28, 5118 (09/28/2018) Rysus Developments in the Bleaklands Adventurers defend Praxopius as he collects samples of the Bleaklands as information needed to cure Larsya's artificial aging, while Rooks attack the Hendoran outpost hosting the Bleaklands portal.
Jastatos 6, 5118 (10/6/2018) Rysus Long Live the King The Rooks bring Rysus forth on the streets and surround him, then lay daggers at adventurers' feet and join with many in stabbing him to death. Still under the effects of Naimorai Kestrel's curse, Rysus' corpse turns into nothing but ash. Though the Rooks say nothing throughout the night and rush off into the shadows afterward, gathered adventurers presume they were no longer willing to follow Rysus as he had escalated conflict between them and the militia, costing lives on all sides.
Lormesta 9, 5119 (01/09/2019) Mother Rook Rebirth Archales' loresong over bodies found at the docks reveals the rise of new Rook leader Mother, killing the old guard of Rooks who won't accept her leadership.
Lormesta 18, 5119 (01/18/2019) Mother Motherhood and Brotherhood Mother and the Rooks pass out food in Shanty Town, where she declares that the days of Rysus and Drangell are over and the Landing's children and poor are not pawns but its future. She invites all militia members, Mayor Lylia, and Leafiara to a future meeting and says there's no need for the militia and Brotherhood to wage war when they seek the same goal.
Fashanos 1, 5119 (02/01/2019) Mother Reprise, not Reprisal Mother reiterates that she's been rooting out those who were loyal to the ways of Rysus and Drangell, including having "orchestrated" Rook sympathizer Beldrin resigning from the town council. She declares the Brotherhood will no longer unnecessarily bleed the Landing's own citizens, but advance the Landing's freedoms by doing what others cannot bring themselves to, and hopes the Rooks and militia can seek peace and that she can bring information to an alliance.
Olaesta 19, 5119 (04/19/2019) Mother Thadston's Preparations Mother seeks a meeting with new militia recruit Leafiara in the backroom of Tykel's. Though Leafi shows skepticism, she also says she joined the militia for access to the information Mother said she'd bring to the militia. Mother says the Rooks might call upon her in the future for everyone's good and build a great relationship.
Koaratos 18, 5119 (07/18/2019) Mother Not Disean Eye to Eye After a battle with Disean's forces concludes with them driven off, the Rooks bring to Mother a farmer whose crop has survived Raznel's blight. She warns him against continuing to price gouge those less fortunate than him during a plague, then lets him go after saying to make things right.
Koaratos 22, 5119 (07/22/2019) Mother Good Moaning Militia As adventurers and the militia protect most of the Landing from Raznel's forces, the Rooks defend Shanty Town.
Phoenatos 3, 5119 (08/03/2019) Mother Fall Together Now, Concert of Chaos As adventurers, the militia, a newly revealed third vigilante Rone, and Thrayzar protect most of the Landing from Raznel's forces, the Rooks defend South Ring Road and Shanty Town.
Phoenatos 18, 5119 (08/18/2019) Mother Firewalkar Adventurers and militia protect the Landing from Raznel's forces as the Rooks offer covering fire throughout the town; Mother briefly takes the field.
Phoenatos 31, 5119 (08/31/2019) Mother Rook and Sea For Yourself Mother extends an offer to Mayor Lylia to protect shops from theft and aid with food deliveries in exchange for one Rook ship per month for a year being exempt from inspections. (Later, Lylia declines the offer.)
Imaerasta 13, 5119 (09/13/2019) Mother Tangled Web We Weave During a clash with Raznel's forces, her arachnids abduct citizens throughout the town; Rooks save Leafiara from being among them.
Eoantos 12, 5119 (11/12/2019) Mother Binding Agreements In coordination with Marshal Thadston, who had struck a deal with Mother, the Rooks lay an explosive ambush for Disean's forces. After an initial clash between adventurers and the remnants of Disean's army, the Rooks join Thadston for a staged display and supply him with fake poison to feed to a bound Casiphia, luring Disean himself into a successful trap.
Eoantos 25, 5119 (11/25/2019) Mother A One-Night Planned Marshal Thadston, currently in the process of evacuating citizens due to the possibility of an impending Raznel attack, names Stephos DeArchon and Mother as having respectively pledged ships and wagons to escort citizens.
Eoantos 26, 5119 (11/26/2019) Mother Last Stand As Marshal Thadston prepares to evacuate lingering citizens who were unwilling to go, he's met with opposition from militia members Puptilian, Leafiara, and Maags, as well as Wolfloner. The Rooks and Mother join in more strongly afterward, firing a warning shot and saying they remain happy to evacuate the willing but that it's their choice, the Brotherhood won't remove them against their will, and will burn Stephos' ships if citizens are pulled from their homes. Thadston asks the gathered citizens their intent and they pledge to stand and fight, so he relents and orders militia Captains Stormyrain and Shinann to see to their training, supplies, and preparations.
Olaesta 15, 5120 (04/15/2020) Mother What's Good for the Goof is Good for the Grander As Adjudicator Vlashandra and Grand Magister Octaven of the Hall of Mages plan to host a questionable trial of the lost-in-time Pylasar, Mother asks Mayor Leafiara what to do about it--but she wants to let it play out in case the Hall has a way to bring him back and will only use it to make their trial happen. However, Mother, seemingly having heard Captain Shinann make a case earlier in the night that Octaven should be on trial for attacking the Landing in 5117, suggests hosting our own trial--of a different kind.
Olaesta 18, 5120 (04/18/2020) Mother Purple Pros and Purple Cons The Rooks show support for Pylasar during his trial by giving Mayor Leafiara purple flowers to pass out--and then, during the proceedings, they stage a rooftop display wearing purple robes, killing Octaven's familiar, and shattering several of her communication orbs.
Ivastaen 8, 5120 (05/08/2020) Mother Three-Way Tree-Way Rollout Rooks warn Mayor Leafiara of the Fist's forces approaching, then they and adventurers defend the town.
Lumnea 2, 5120 (06/02/2020) Mother Walk It Off Having recovered Walkar's remains from Vlashandra, adventurers bury him once more and cries of "For Wehnimer's!" go up around town, including from a Rook atop Moot Hall.
Koaratos 11, 5120 (07/11/2020) Mother Gamble on a Preamble Ramble Rooks and adventurers observe, but make no further moves, as the Blood Son, Malluch Burdos, arrives in town and begins to preach the teachings of Grishom Stone.
Koaratos 17, 5120 (07/17/2020) Mother On Borrowing Time Mayor Leafiara attempts to request smoke bombs from Mother to help with isolating the outlaw Malluch for questioning, but Mother counteroffers the Rooks capturing him themselves. She relays that the Rooks intend to turn away an approaching caravan seeking Malluch either peacefully or by force and asks that, in exchange, the mayor tell the town guard and militia to stand down from intervening if it comes to force. Leafiara declines, saying the militia isn't under her command.
Koaratos 18, 5120 (07/18/2020) Mother Hot Summer Nights Rooks gather on the rooftops and the caravan coming for Malluch is attacked and burned near the Sentoph Mountain. He blames the Rooks, but afterward, back in town, Mother says they never left the roofs and will work to uncover who did this.
Koaratos 22, 5120 (07/22/2020) Mother Five-Star Slaying Malluch and his disciples approach to preach Grishom Stone's message again, but Marshal Thadston warns that they're not welcome--while also ordering the Rooks to stand down. With the gates blocked off, Malluch's disciples sneak into town, but are met with warning shots and then Rook arrows to the eye, sparking a four-way battle between militia, Rooks, acolytes, and adventurers.
Phoenatos 9, 5120 (08/9/2020) Mother Implications, Operations, and Consternations Rooks watch, but make no further moves, as the Order of the Silver Gryphon leads an escort of Malluch's followers to Ivas' temple.
Phoenatos 13, 5120 (08/13/2020) Mother Blood Mine, Conga Line Mayor Leafiara pardons the imprisoned Malluch before his followers can begin a riot in town seeking his release. Their demands met, they gather at the Deadfall for Grishom Stone's blood harvest. Grishom appears and welcomes two into the forest, but Rook snipers warn Stone against going further. As the proceedings continue, Rooks begin to fire and a few adventurers join the attack as the Rooks kill off eight Malluch followers. The rest enter the forest and Malluch sends the bloodguards into town, saying they'll kill eight Rooks in exchange for the lives taken; however, instead they take seven lives and briefly abduct Leafiara seemingly to send a message.
Imaerasta 1, 5120 (09/01/2020) Mother Streets of Rage A group of unknown thugs, who months later would be uncovered as working for a figure called the Knave, set fire to Murdos Burdos' shop and clash with adventurers and Rone in the streets. Approaching ships explode during the skirmish, sending the Rooks rushing toward the docks. Afterward, Mother reveals it was their ships and they'll work with others to discover the identity of the attackers, likely also responsible for burning Malluch's caravan--and assures they'll regret testing the will and reach of the Rooks.
Imaerasta 2, 5120 (09/02/2020) Mother Salvage the Situation Salvage from the night before washes up, revealing elemental essences, statuettes, coins, and a shard of blood marble.
Imaerasta 13, 5120 (09/13/2020) Mother A Rone Cold Ultimatum Mayor Leafiara seeks an alliance with the vigilante Rone, but she tells the mayor to publicly denounce the Rooks or not waste her time. Leafiara asks for leads to pursue, but Rone criticizes her for not taking a decisive stance and leaves.
Imaerasta 15, 5120 (09/15/2020) Mother Barring Further Problems The Rooks' urchin Acorn, now fully recovered from the past incidents with Quinshon, brings adventurers the names of Amos' fireflies. Elsewhere, Thadston, having recently been removed from power by Judge Renpaw after Mayor Leafiara requested a hearing over his fitness to lead while possessed by a ghost from the Bleaklands, gets into a drunken bar fight at Helga's Tavern and chases a man into Burrow Way. Rooks warn him to leave, but after he doesn't, they fire warning shots into his arm and leg. Many adventurers including the mayor fight them off--along with the unknown bandits joining the fray--and get Thadston to safety, where he says they did give warning and to leave him there next time.
Imaerasta 18, 5120 (09/18/2020) Mother By the Books Die the Books, Lie the Hooks Why the Rooks As a ship with Amos' cargo approaches, a Rook asks a dockworker for protection money and gets declined. Rooks fire a pylon on the ship from the River Tower East, but miss, and adventurers move to attack them. However, as the ship redirects to the Black Sands, it's met with an ambush by Rooks buried beneath the sand. Adventurers fight them off and the ship arrives with four-armed ogres Amos brought to hunt for sport.
Imaerasta 22, 5120 (09/22/2020) Mother First Orders of Business in Order and Business Marshal Khylon, having been newly appointed by Mayor Leafiara, asks militia Captains Stormyrain and Shinann for plans on dealing with the Rooks, along with asking for plans about other problems faced by the town. Stormyrain suggests requesting a meeting with Mother to determine whether the town needs to take her down or help her to regain control of a possible split within the Rooks, saying that incidents with them had been minor under her leadership prior to the past week.
Imaerasta 23, 5120 (09/23/2020) Mother Rooking Forward Captain Stormyrain and other town defenders meet with Mother, who says the Brotherhood was protecting itself after Thadston attacked their own at Helga's Tavern, but they have no ongoing vendetta, haven't initiated attacks against adventurers or the militia, will try to avoid full conflict in the streets, and are fighting for Wehnimer's in ways that the militia and town guard can't because of legal boundaries. Stormyrain concludes that she has what she needed from the meeting.
Imaerasta 27, 5120 (09/27/2020) Mother Rough and Tumble, Tough in Rumble The grey bandits, now known as the Knave's men, clash with Rooks, militia, adventurers, and Rone all throughout and beneath town as they set fires to shops and unleash shadowy figures wielding hand pylons.
Imaerasta 30, 5120 (09/30/2020) Mother Khylon's Last Battle Knaves ambush Sir Cryheart and Magister Raelee halfway to Solhaven and simultaneously launch a coordinated attack in the Landing using impersonation militia uniforms. Marshal Khylon and the real militia don war paint and he orders a one-night pass for the Rooks, who lay covering fire for aid, but a Knave trap corners him into a giant explosion that kills him and leaves the Wehnimer's Landing Militia barracks in ruins.
Jastatos 1, 5120 (10/01/2020) Mother Re-Rout Rooks, civilians, and Thadston pay respects at the destroyed barracks--not all at once--with the Rooks saying they had mixed opinions on Khylon, but mourn all losses in Wehnimer's and will help end the conflict.
Eoantos 2, 5120 (11/02/2020) Mother Secret Agent Thad Thadston brings information that the Knave has been hunting the militia down and claimed territory on the north side of town, while the Rooks have claimed the south side, and the two factions are fighting against one another day and night. Meanwhile, Barnom Slim has claimed an area beneath West Ring Road and a new iteration of the blood cult serving Grishom Stone has claimed the area surrounding the Brass Tower.
Eoantos 20, 5120 (11/20/2020) Mother Given the Rooks of Things The Knave ambushes Frontier Days merchants using impersonation Rook uniforms, sparking a clash against adventurers, town guards, and the real Rooks.
Eoantos 21, 5120 (11/21/2020) Mother Slim Pickings The Knave's forces set fires throughout town and the blood cult joins in the attack, so adventurers and Rone mobilize against them while the Rooks provide covering fire. Meanwhile, Barnom Slim resurrects several slain Knave mercenaries as zombies, but they're met with attacks from all sides before he calls them to return to him.
Eorgaen 2, 5120 (12/02/2020) Mother Tunnel Vision Amos offers a plan to retrieve the abducted Thrayzar from Jantalarian fighting pits. After he leaves, Acorn offers the alternative that Mother is trying to locate Thrayzar so the town need not rely on the help of Amos--who he says is dangerous, having funded the armigers hired by Guard Captain Dunigan rather than their being financed by town coffers.
Lormesta 29, 5121 (01/29/2021) Mother Eclipsing Troubles The Knave's forces clash with Rooks, Barnom's golems, adventurers, and Rone. Sketches found among the fallen mercenaries reveal that they're looking for the bleakstone statue Thadston needs to be rid of the bleakwalker controlling him, believed to be in the possession of Vlashandra. After the battle is over, Mother offers aid with finding the statue in exchange for aid with a planned strike against the Knave.
Fashanos 5, 5121 (02/05/2021) Mother Statutory Searches Acorn brings information that Vlashandra has holed up in Drangell's old lair through a new entrance created in the catacombs. A small group of adventurers follows the intel and fights through Knave forces while a larger group of adventurers battles heavier Knave forces and Vlashandra forces in the streets. Though Vlashandra herself is nowhere to be found, the small group locates and retrieves the bleakstone statue.
Fashanos 6, 5121 (02/06/2021) Mother Riled Wild West Mayor Leafiara, Dergoatean, and Hapenlok lead groups in coordination with Mother to intercept expected weapon shipments to the Knave, while the blood cult begins a large scale attack back in town. Rather than Knave mercenaries, the interception groups find themselves clashing against armigers while Rooks make off with a shipment of hand pylons. Eventually, all groups including the Rooks return to town to stave off the blood cult. After the battle is over, Mother says it wasn't a trick and they were using information gleaned from hideaways of Walward, a former Rook ally now affiliated with the Darkstone Bay Consortium led by Amos.
Charlatos 5, 5121 (03/05/2021) Mother Ah, She Stole Her Face, and Now We're Beleaguered Vlashandra sends her forces to attack town, wanting the bleakstone statue back, but adventurers, Rooks, Rone, and armigers drive her off.
Olaesta 3, 5121 (04/03/2021) Mother Try, Triad Again The recovered Thadston meets with adventurers about how to move against the factions claiming territory. By the end of the conversation, they've concluded that Barnom Slim can be tabled temporarily, the blood cult is the first target, and the Knave and Rooks should be hit simultaneously.
Olaesta 10, 5121 (04/10/2021) Mother The Top Brass Have No Bloody Heart Adventurers, Rone, Rooks, and Thadston clash with the cult through the streets while Hendoran soldiers cover the grasslands and armigers defend the square, all in service of allowing a crew to man pylons and assault the Brass Tower, clearing the path to a final attack against the literal heart of the tower.
Olaesta 19, 5121 (04/19/2021) Mother A Delicate Lichuation With the blood cult defeated and Barnom Slim not a threat at the moment, Thadston collects thoughts again on how to strike at the Knave and Rooks.
Olaesta 28, 5121 (04/19/2021) Mother Digging for the Truth After locating the Daily Darkstone's secret base and connections to the Knave, town adventurers begin to suspect Stephos' involvement, but Thadston raises the question of why he'd wage war against the Rooks instead of trying to get back in. Dendum says maybe Mother doesn't like Stephos; Leafiara goes further and presents Thadston with evidence pointing to Mother's identity, but he dismisses it as wild theory.
Ivastaen 3, 5121 (05/03/2021) Mother Perfect Storm, True to Form Thadston hosts a final meeting to prepare for an attack against Knave forces approaching on the weekend, when he expects the Rooks to make a move against the Darkstone Bay Consortium's invar weapon shipment arriving the same night. Though he would like to capture Mother if possible, and says to smash Rooks who pop their heads up, he declares the Knave top priority and won't sacrifice strikes against the Knave if it's one or the other.
Ivastaen 4, 5121 (05/04/2021) Mother For the Frontier's Future Mother details plans to protect the streets from the Knave's advancing ships, but says the Brotherhood will also take the Darkstone Bay Consortium's shipment of invar weapons arriving on the same night, refusing to honor their coup*. She invites others to help take the wagons or stand aside and says the Rooks won't attack adventurers, militia members, or Hendorans unless they're attacked first and says to remember what future everyone wants for Wehnimer's Landing.

(*The coup refers to a multi-month series of prior events in which the Consortium escorted Judge Renpaw away, somehow replaced him with interim judge Manard, had Manard remove Mayor Leafiara for involvement with helping the Rooks acquire the hand pylons, then somehow prevented the town council from allowing a mayoral election until a compromise could be reached with rewritten laws and the placement of Amos as Steward of the Guilds.)

Ivastaen 8, 5121 (05/08/2021) Mother Identity Crisis of Dueling Duality Several groups of adventurers, Rooks, militia, and armigers defend the streets, shores, and tunnels as the Knave advances with warships and ground forces hitting Burrow Way and the streets. During the clash, Amos wheels an archery tower into the Lower Dragonsclaw to defend the Consortium's weapon shipment, but the Rooks take three of the four wagons as the nearby adventurers stand aside, neither helping nor hindering them. Mother confronts Amos in a battle that leaves her gravely injured and the nearby adventurers scale the tower to rescue her--but not before Amos unmasks her as Casiphia. An enraged Thadston charges and brawls with Amos throughout the forest as adventurers reach Casiphia and Chandrellia heals her. Casiphia says this wasn't truly Casiphia's fault--for she's not her, but Mother, what Casiphia couldn't bring herself to be. Faerinn attempts to drag her away into custody, but Leafiara fogs her back to town, where she slips off. The Rooks rise up on Landing rooftops and many unmask, then take to the remaining battle against the warships with cries of "For Mother!"
Eorgaen 8, 5121 (12/08/2021) Casiphia Chinks in the Stone Wall Mayor Thadston reveals that he's pardoning Casiphia at the request of some dockworking fishermen he thinks are probably Rooks. However, he adds that he's likely to attach some rules banning her from roles in the militia or public office.
Lormesta 13, 5122 (01/13/2022) Casiphia Trust in the Rust...y Cutlass Casiphia, owner of the newly opened Rusty Cutlass tavern, welcomes Landing adventurers and allies to enjoy her establishment.
Charlatos 19, 5122 (03/19/2022) Casiphia Mind Over Splatter As Mayor Thadston hosts a meeting regarding defending the Landing against krolvin warlord Tyrrax's forces, Casiphia relays that she's seen to it that the Rooks have ensured that their tunnels are secure and trapped the Black Sands entrance against the krolvin. After she leaves, Thadston says he'd love to collapse the tunnels, but will leave it lie for now.
Charlatos 28, 5122 (03/28/2022) Casiphia Undercurrent Events Mayor Thadston and Landing adventurers discuss a proposal submitted by Casiphia to use the Rook tunnels to safeguard citizens against the krolvin under the condition that the Mayor and Marshal Stormyrain not be allowed to know the location. The Marshal has no objections, but Thadston does; Councilor Leafiara raises the possibility of a compromise if Steward of the Guard Thrayzar can know the location and Thadston says he'll agree if the council can convince Casiphia to agree to his oversight. (In the coming months, however, the battle with the krolvin would fluctuate enough that the measure was never voted on either way.)
Olaesta 3, 5122 (04/03/2022) Casiphia Kharusa Control A scouting eyeball from Tyrrax's forces spots Amos' pylon ship in the bay, leading him to believe that the Landing broke a one-week truce it established with him while Amos was away. His forces attack; defenders, Rooks, militia, town guards, and armigers battle back. Tyrrax eventually uses the captive mentalist Kharusa to confirm that the truce wasn't knowingly broken, as Councilor Leafiara volunteers to have her mind read.
Ivastaen 3, 5122 (06/03/2022) Casiphia Burning Barracks Whodunit An angry mob of townspeople and Amos' armigers try to burn down the barracks to reach and kill the imprisoned krolvin warlord Tyrrax due to civil unrest over a recent jury decision to set him free in order to see the safe return of Kharusa and the imprisoned militiaman Rian, end the war with his fleet, prevent the rise of the dark stormcrow Kragton who would take over in Tyrrax's absence, and secure Tyrrax's aid against his long-term enemy, Grishom Stone. Town defenders, militia, Rooks, Mayor Thadston, and Amos himself--whose orders to the armigers to stand down from an unauthorized attack fall on deaf ears--protect the barracks and drive the armigers off. Thadston says he has a plan to escort Tyrrax back out to sea away from prying eyes.
Ivastaen 4, 5122 (06/04/2022) Casiphia Tyrrax's Triumph Mayor Thadston's deal comes through as he, town defenders, and the Rooks use Burrow Way to bring Tyrrax to the Black Sands while avoiding rioters above ground.
Eoantos 7, 5122 (11/07/2022) Casiphia Absence Makes the Upstarts Stronger While Mayor Thadston is away, worried townspeople voice concerns about a recent letter from Earl Jovery that the Turamzzyrian Empire is expanding and establishing a new Barony of Darkstone near Wehnimer's Landing. One citizen expresses that the last town council (Chandrellia, Fahlo, Leafiara, and Pukk) would have been on the roofs with arrows ready to fire; another expresses hope that the Rooks can protect the town in the worst case scenario; a third asks what the new town council will do to stop the Rooks. Councilors Kayse and Vaemyr express optimism that the Rooks will work with the new council.
Eoantos 13, 5122 (11/13/2022) Casiphia Just Troll With It Magister Enisius arrives in a wagon surrounded by illusionary soldiers and is attacked by trolls. After adventurers drive them off, Enisius says he and his brother had expected Rooks instead.
Eoantos 16, 5122 (11/16/2022) Casiphia Elidal On, Future Baron During a discussion with future Baron Elidal, Tikba raises the question of what they'll do about the Rooks that the barony feared would attack; Elidal says he won't pretend to know the cure and the Landing knows their movements better than him.
Eoantos 19, 5122 (11/19/2022) Casiphia Four Questions with Bodohal Adventurers invite Imperial Navy Captain Bodohal to the Rusty Cutlass, where he plays roshambo with others to decide whether he'll answer their questions or vice versa. Late in the evening, shortly after discussing that he's hunting down a deserter from his ship, an arrow flies into the wall near his head as a warning shot and Bodohal takes the cue to leave.
Eoantos 21, 5122 (11/21/2022) Casiphia Settling and Unsettling Rooks kick bound figures off the rooftops, but inspection from the town guards reveals that they're straw effigies. The Rooks light them on fire, then leave. However, that same night, when Councilor Kiyna asks future Baron Elidal what he'll do if the Rooks kidnap his people, Elidal says they'll address that if and when needed and expresses hope that reason can win out. Leafiara questions the likelihood of reason winning out in Wehnimer's Landing, but Elidal says the Rooks' past leadership and tactics won't stop him from trying, as the barony and the Landing's independence can coexist.
Eoantos 29, 5122 (11/29/2022) Casiphia Aeritorial Dispute The Stone King Gnul attacks the Barony of Darkstone's campsite and the Landing with an army of stone trolls and griffins. Landing defenders, outpost soldiers, Mayor Thadston, the pylons on Amos' warship, and the pylon outside Moot Hall stave off the aerial threat while ground forces drive back the stone trolls.
Eorgaen 8, 5122 (12/08/2022) Casiphia Concessions, Regrets, and Overdue Debts Will Rally the Alleys with Still More Rooks Yet Mother and Tolmis meet townspeople outside Moot Hall to ask who will stand for freedom with the Rooks, who formed in part to be a bastion against tyranny in times of need. Mother hands out masks to those who agree and says she'll soon give the Barony a warning it shouldn't ignore. Councilors Vaemyr and Kayse challenge the risk of backlash, but Mother argues the town is already bleeding resources, people, and its spirit.
Eorgaen 9, 5122 (12/09/2022) Casiphia Stop, Rock, and Roll Gnul's forces, now also having siege weaponry available, attack the Landing. Town defenders, Rooks, and Magister Enisius fight back.
Eorgaen 11, 5122 (12/11/2022) Casiphia Like Sheep to the Slaughterhouse Commander Sablo uses a lure to draw enraged griffins away from their nest and toward the Lower Dragonsclaw. However, some griffins make their way for the Landing just nearby; Rooks shoot several of them down.
Eorgaen 15, 5122 (12/15/2022) Casiphia A Cannonfire Talk and a Fireside Talk Captain Bodohal returns and uses his ship, the Shiver, to destroys two ships as a warning: the Landing needs to bring his deserter, Tolmis, back to him or he'll destroy another.
Eorgaen 19, 5122 (12/19/2022) Casiphia Finance and Filanci Amos mentions that his pylon ship has caught the interest of prospective buyers. (Almost six months later, it was discovered that the eventual buyer was Theodulph Underhill, also known as the Wraith. More on him begins with the Charlatos 14, 5123 events.)
Lormesta 15, 5123 (01/15/2023) Casiphia Freepudiation Mayor Thadston denounces a circulated petition from the Black Thorn Resistance calling for a vote regarding rejecting the Empire's designation of Wehnimer's Landing as a protectorate. Thadston declares that the Empire isn't the enemy; the Rooks and Thorns are, and nothing will protect them if they continue to work against the future of the Landing. After he leaves, some gathered townspeople cheer while others look on with concern.
Lormesta 17, 5123 (01/17/2023) Casiphia The Light in the Fight Gnul's forces attack the Landing and outpost; Rooks and militia rank and file defend the streets while some of the strongest adventurers locate and destroy Gnul's siege towers around the environs.
Lormesta 23, 5123 (01/23/2023) Casiphia Goblin Sappers Town defenders and Samfelt encounter a dying goblin who says Gnul is preparing for a large attack. (The only relevance this has to the Rooks is that, about three and a half months later, it was revealed that Samfelt was also Tolmis, who had been working as a spy at Casiphia's behest.)
Lormesta 25, 5123 (01/25/2023) Casiphia Thoughts and Plans for Plots of Land As future Baron Elidal seeks a meeting with the Black Thorn Resistance to see if an accord is possible, Councilor Kayse asks why he won't also meet with the Rooks; Elidal calls Thorns a hiccup while the Rooks are criminals and killers. He wonders if things could have been different if someone had spoken with the Rooks many years earlier and hopes to stop a repeat.
Lormesta 27, 5123 (01/27/2023) earlier in the evening Casiphia Word to Your Mother After the Black Thorn Resistance's weekly meeting, Mother makes an appearance and says she intends to attack the barony's wagons, supplies, and walls in spring. The Thorns have a mixed reaction, as some wish to seek diplomacy, but the two groups reach an accord of peace between them as seekers of freedom. Mother says she won't make Elidal a martyr nor revisit the ways of Rysus, but words alone won't keep future lords from turning their swords against the town. She leaves everyone with masks to be ready for when they realize words won't suffice.
Lormesta 27, 5123 (01/27/2023) later in the evening Casiphia Thornabout is Their Way Future Baron Elidal meets with the Black Thorn Resistance for a discussion on settling their differences. Despite the end of the conversation ultimately leading Elidal to the conclusion that accord is unlikely if not impossible, he also expresses that the meeting accomplished more than the Rooks would.
Fashanos 4, 5123 (02/04/2023) Casiphia Ethan More Rae-calcitrant Mother tells future Baron Elidal that Earl Jovery's decree is a carefully designed illusion of words that can be easily discarded. However, she doesn't wish for anyone's death, so she gives the settlers until Charlatos to leave and return to (old) Imperial borders.
Charlatos 11, 5123 (03/11/2023) Casiphia An Attacker's Aroni-ous Assumption Figures appearing to be Rooks abduct Aronia, but when town defenders find her, she's already killed them with her magic. More figures attack the group, but after Aronia captures one alive, he gets Casiphia's "freedom takes root" saying wrong as "freedom is rooted." Suspicions are raised, but Nalver kills him before more can be learned.
Charlatos 14, 5123 (03/14/2023) Casiphia Shadows of the Empire After a wounded Casiphia takes refuge in the Rusty Cutlass from being hunted down by hooded figures, she explains that heavy casualties warring with the Knave led to the return of Rysus' old source of funding, an unknown person called the Wraith. The Wraith offered better resources in exchange for undermining Amos and getting more violent against Imperial interests to prevent further gains for the Silver Kings. However, Casiphia wasn't violent enough, so the Wraith seeks to end her and replace her with a figure called Ordlyn who leads the splinter faction that Casiphia calls the Remnants.
Charlatos 16, 5123 (03/16/2023) Casiphia Concerns of Concert After Councilor Vaemyr informs future Baron Elidal of the split between the Remnants and Rooks, Elidal says it's to everyone's benefit since they're both the barony's and Landing's enemies.
Olaesta 1, 5123 (04/01/2023) Casiphia The Affront of Their Front is His End Councilor Kayse, Drektor, and others work with Tolmis to board Captain Bodohal's ship, the Shiver, and free Magister Remuliad. The ship is destroyed by an ice elemental, but not before Tolmis retrieves evidence against Bodohal, which he soon supplies to future Baron Elidal.
Olaesta 5, 5123 (04/05/2023) Casiphia More Feisty Than Heisty Unbeknownst to others, Rooks venture to Idolone to seek information from Stephos DeArchon about the Wraith. (This would become more known a couple months later.)
Olaesta 8, 5123 (04/08/2023) Casiphia Medical Emergencies or Heretical Deterrencies Mayor Thadston inquires about Captain Amsesh Rosk after being sent a missive from Idolone following a krolvin attack. Nobody's heard the name, but he convinces Councilor Kayse to ask if a crew from the Black Hand Trading Company that had a ship bringing supplies to Idolone around that time saw anything. For more urgent matters, Thadston has seen that the Remnants' attack on Casiphia has left her in worsening condition and wants help taking her forcibly into custody for treatment. No one will agree to it, however, leading Thadston to eventually storm off in frustration. Afterward, Chandrellia, Kelfyr, and Leafiara write to Casi imploring that she seek help.
Olaesta 12, 5123 (04/12/2023) Casiphia Conflict, Conflation, and Conflagration A Remnant makes a show of killing a young Rook on a rooftop; Councilor Kayse and Wolfloner investigate, but are assassinated themselves by crossbows from the shadows. Later in the night, the Ember Vale reivers attack the outpost and the camp of the Barony of Darkstone while Remnants seize the opportunity to attack both as well. The Remnants extend further and set the militia barracks and Rusty Cutlass ablaze, then send thirty of their men after Leafiara while seeking revenge for Rysus. After the night's fighting ends, Commander Sablo says he intends to kill both factions of reivers and both factions of Rooks, but Pukk, over thoughts, reveals that he's a Rook and reminds that he saved settlers too.
Ivastaen 4, 5123 (05/04/2023) Casiphia Ordinance, Ordnance, and Ordlynce Ordlyn, leader of the Remnants, rallies townspeople in the Garden Niche and says he'll root out the Rooks loyal to the "Mother Hen" who's failed her children. After Ordlyn leaves, a townsperson reconfirms with Pukk that he's a Rook and shakes his hand; Leafiara confirms with Pukk that people should speak with him if they want to join, as he does recruiting.
Ivastaen 5, 5123 (05/05/2023) Casiphia Rise of the Remnants: Chain Reaction Ordlyn and Remnants make a show of killing several citizens for sending money to Imperial territories; town defenders try to pursue, but Councilors Vaemyr, Kiyna, and Kayse take arrow fire in the process. After Ordlyn's done killing, he rallies dozens of townspeople around town to break into song affirming freedom and resisting the Empire.
Ivastaen 8, 5123 (05/08/2023) Casiphia The Mayor of Darkstone vs. the Councils of Rooks Using information supplied by Emissary Samfelt (who was also secretly the Rook Tolmis), Mayor Thadston leads Wehnimer's Landing militia, Imperial soldiers, and town defenders to raid Mother's Den in the Rusty Cutlass, where they discover current Councilors Kayse and Kiyna, former Councilors Chandrellia and Pukk, former Councilor and Mayor Leafiara, Drektor, and Wolfloner meeting with Casiphia near a table with maps of routes for incoming Imperial caravans. Casiphia flees the den, but Thadston has the other seven hanged and says he'll be putting them on trial soon. Marshal Stormyrain says she knew of Kayse but not the others; Sir Guarrin says he was aware of an ongoing infiltration operation. Stormy has the militia scour the Cutlass for clues.
Ivastaen 10, 5123 (05/10/2023) Casiphia Samfelt's Shift, Thadston's Tactics, Jeshiah's Job (Rooks' Representation), and Alendrial's Aims Emissary Samfelt reveals why his loyalties shifted from the Rooks to the Barony of Darkstone. Jeshiah, formerly known as the Rooks' urchin boy Acorn, offers to represent the Rooks in the upcoming trial and also bring charges against Mayor Thadston.
Ivastaen 11, 5123 (05/11/2023) Casiphia Alendrial Asserts An Aspirational Alternative During a public statement on her campaign, mayoral candidate Alendrial mentions that maintaining freedom requires more than inked pamphlets, raucous gatherings, or rooftop parades.
Ivastaen 16, 5123 (05/16/2023) Casiphia Candidate Amos' Town Hall Mayoral candidate Amos takes questions. Dergoatean asks how dare Amos present himself as a legitimate candidate after what the Darkstone Bay Consortium did to remove Mayor Leafiara from power; Amos challenges whether she represented herself fairly but concedes that it's only speculation. Irval asks if Amos was aware of a Rook operative infiltrating his organization; he says he can't comment on Councilor Kayse given a pending trial, but says the Rooks will not be stomped out and are opportunists to whom he can offer better opportunities. Tennalnen asks about the Rooks as well and Amos reiterates that offering a strong, viable alternative will win them over, then says that Mayor Puptilian's offered pardon years ago was noble but insufficient because it wouldn't feed their children.
Ivastaen 17, 5123 (05/17/2023) Casiphia Candidate Alendrial's Town Hall Mayoral candidate Alendrial takes questions. Leafiara asks how she, as the first Mother of the Rooks, differs from the more recent Mother (Casiphia); Alendrial explains that she aided the Rooks during the war with Talador, seeking to heal them, feed them, and hide them, but she never endangered innocents nor plotted destruction and tried to steer them to something better before Rysus betrayed her to wrest leadership away. She argues against ends justifying means or becoming a monster to stop monsters and hopes to meet with Mayor Thadston soon to discuss plans.
Ivastaen 18, 5123 (05/18/2023) Casiphia Candidate Thadston's Town Hall Incumbent Mayor and candidate Thadston takes questions. Tikba asks if he's willing to die fighting for Wehnimer's Landing when he said he wouldn't several weeks earlier because he couldn't convince people to help him capture Casiphia; Thadston says he's proven he'd die for the Landing many times and an emotional night when faced with the possibility of losing someone he cares for doesn't alter his commitment. Irval asks if Thadston feels he acted in haste with the hangings; Thadston won't comment with the pending trial and facing charges himself. Leafiara asks if Thadston will hear and consider what's said about Casiphia at the trial even though Thadston once dismissed the idea of her being Mother as wild theory; Thadston says he will. Tayler asks about a vision for the Landing's financial future; among his responses, Thadston mentions that he disagrees with Amos that money can buy every Rook into the light. Several questions later, Remnants hurl orbs into Moot Hall to end the meeting; Leafi and Councilor Kayse grab an orb each and run to spare others the explosion, but there are too many.
Ivastaen 19, 5123 (05/19/2023) Casiphia Embers and the Vale Shortly after voting for the next Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing gets underway, the Ember Vale's Warchief Haidan makes a statement of his own by attacking the camp of the Barony of Darkstone. Imperial soldiers, town defenders, Commander Sablo, Lady Aronia, Rooks--wearing nooses in a show of solidarity--and future Baron Elidal drive them back.
Ivastaen 22, 5123 (05/22/2023) Casiphia Cold Flames and the Bleak Peaks Barrister Jeshiah says Mayor Thadston is bringing charges of Impropriety and Conspiracy, Hooliganism, Endangering Public Safety, Disturbing the Peace, and Treason. Afterward, Councilor Kayse agrees to a request from mayoral candidate Alendrial to send word that she wishes to speak with Casiphia.
Ivastaen 24, 5123 (05/24/2023) Casiphia Trial of the Rooks, Night 1: Beginner's Pukk and a Second Just In Kayse After Judge Manard, Barrister Jeshiah, and Mayor Thadston arrive to begin the trial, Thadston lays out the charges he's bringing and makes an opening statement for his case as well as requested punishments. The first defendant, Pukk, makes an opening statement, then answers questions from Thadston about attacking Imperial soldiers or what was happening in Mother's Den on the night of the raid. Jeshiah suggests that Pukk revealing himself as a Rook has been met with a positive response as people felt the evolution of the Rooks filled a gap. The second defendant, Councilor Kayse, makes an opening statement, then answers questions from Thadston about her loyalties and involvement with many organizations, what was happening on the night of the raid, whether she or Kiyna were Rooks before they became Councilors, and whether they conspired to replace the outgoing Chandrellia, Leafiara, and Pukk with new Rook Councilors. Kayse calls upon Marshal Stormyrain and Lylia as character witnesses; Thadston confirms that Stormy trusts Kayse but challenges whether she trusts any of the others, then questions what Mayor Lylia would have done if she were in the same position as Thadston.
Ivastaen 25, 5123 (05/25/2023) Casiphia Trial of the Rooks, Night 2: Kiyna Get a Testimony and Look Back on it Chandy The third defendant, Councilor Kiyna makes an opening statement, then answers questions from Mayor Thadston about shooting a shipwrecked sailor, the purpose of traveling to Idolone, whether a deal was made with Stephos DeArchon, on what authority she underwent the mission, what was happening in Mother's Den on the night of the raid, and whether outgoing Rook Councilors and new Rook Councilors conspired. Barrister Jeshiah contends that many other missions have carried equal or greater risk than sailing to Idolone. Kiyna calls Councilor Vaemyr and Lylia as character witnesses; Thadston challenges Vaemyr's defense of Kiyna as a protector of innocents, then challenges Lylia's defense of Kiyna as an idealist and asks if she's more like a current Rook or an old Remnant. The fourth defendant, Chandrellia, skips an opening statement and answers questions from Thadston about whether she went to Idolone, how skilled a empath she is, whether she could have healed the sailor, whether Kiyna should have threatened the ship captain, whether Chandy was a Rook before she ran for office, why she thinks Amos is an enemy, and whether she'd strike a deal with him. Chandy extends an open offer for character witnesses that leads to Tikba speaking in her defense. A crowd of two dozen burst into the court with a chant of "We're all Rooks!" before being escorted out to re-establish order. Jeshiah calls Chandy a pillar of town, then she makes a closing statement.
Ivastaen 27, 5123 (05/27/2023) start of the evening Casiphia Trial of the Rooks, Night 3: The Drektor's Cut of Turning a New Leafi The fifth defendant, Drektor, skips an opening statement and answers questions from Mayor Thadston about past relationships with a town Marshal and Town Councilor, whether he knew Kayse and Kiyna were Rooks when they ran for office, whether he was on a mission to Idolone to broker a deal with Stephos DeArchon, what was happening in Mother's Den on the night of the raid, what was in the wagons, whether plans from Pukk and Drektor align with Mother's plans, and whether he met with councilors to discuss Rook plans. Jeshiah says Drektor's done a great deal to protect town and they're thankful for what he's done, and he wasn't involved with town officials while they were in office. Drektor makes a closing statement. The final defendant, Leafiara, makes an opening statement, then answers questions from Thadston about her pardon of Malluch Burdos, poisoning Rysus, whether she did it to take over the Rooks, whether she ever wished she took over the Rooks, how much of the town's troubles have been caused by the Rooks, whether it's fair that people have difficulty moving past history, whether people should be willing to try moving past history with the bad actors of the Rooks, whether people should be willing to try moving past history with the bad actors of the Empire, whether the past town council conspired to oust Amos as Steward of the Guilds, and if she'll share the name of a confirmed Rook in the militia that Thadston's been alerted about. Jeshiah says the current Rooks are no more the old than Hendorans are Hochstib, then Leafi makes a closing statement.
Ivastaen 27, 5123 (05/27/2023) end of the evening Casiphia Trial of the Rooks, Night Ending: The Pollyanna Principle Mayor Thadston calls Emissary Samfelt as a witness to speak on how he got involved with the Rooks, became a spy for them, then turned information over to future Baron Elidal after suspecting that Casiphia wouldn't have spared the settlers. Barrister Jeshiah reviews Samfelt's history of lies, then calls Casiphia as a witness; she's brought in on a wheeled chair by Mayor-Elect Alendrial with grey-veined skin. Casi relays some of the history of Rooks defending town while not seeking accolades and says Drangell and Rysus are dead and Ordlyn will join them, then challenges those who judge the Rooks on their past rogues while also saying the Empire shouldn't be judged by its past rogues. As Casi breaks into a coughing fit while beginning to explain what she seeks, Alendrial finishes for her: she convinced Casiphia to allow Magister Enisius' research team to cure her and turn herself in to accept full blame for all charges levied against the other Rooks. As long as Thadston agrees to the plea bargain, Alendrial in turn will pardon Thadston of the charges raised against him. Regardless of his decision on that, Alendrial's first act as Mayor will be re-appointing Beldrin the Steward of the Guilds after he had been unfairly targeted by Casiphia and forced to resign in 5119; she refers to Beldrin as the eyes and ears for the "Parliament of Rooks" and hopes he might establish what many have tried: a channel out of the shadows for the Rooks to operate with true representation in the Landing without secrets.
Ivastaen 31, 5123 (05/31/2023) Unknown Thad's All, Folks During his final night in office, Mayor Thadston says he's sent his final recommendations to Judge Manard and expects that he'll accept Casiphia's plea bargain, then apologizes for throwing everyone out to hang and concedes that Casi was right he's not Walkar. Later in the night, while Magister Enisius is learning to fish for the sake of pleasing his father Ferwin, he mentions offhand that assessing a poisoned crime lord is now on his research team's table.
Lumnea 2, 5123 (06/02/2023) Unknown Parley For Off Course Judge Manard finds all defendants not guilty of Hooliganism, not guilty of Endangering Public Safety, not guilty of Treason, and guilty of Disturbing the Peace. He finds all defendants except Councilor Kayse guilty of Impropriety and Conspiracy; in Kayse's scenario, it's due to the Darkstone Bay Consortium assigning her to infiltrate the Rooks, so a charity fee has been submitted to the Consortium, which Amos has agreed to pay, to settle the debt and punishment. Manard agrees to the plea bargain from Mayor Alendrial and Casiphia, giving Casi a sentence of ten years and six weeks in jail, to begin after she's restored to good health. Later in the evening, Emissary Samfelt and Leafiara reconcile differences; Councilor Kiyna says he's a traitor but can still respect that he did what he had to; Samfelt ultimately says he has nothing against the Rooks, but doesn't trust Casiphia.
Lumnea 12, 5123 (06/12/2023) Unknown Will Elidal Wisely or Sablo It During a discussion among other things, future Baron Elidal fields a question from Chandrellia and cautions against presuming with his words since he sees her defending the innocent despite being a convicted Rook.
Lumnea 13, 5123 (06/13/2023) Unknown Learn His Name, Burn His Game The Rooks' deal in Idolone comes through as a contact sent by Stephos DeArchon comes to Mayor Alendrial and town defenders to reveal the name of the Wraith: Theodulph Underhill. Alendrial, as former Steward of the Coffers, realizes that he purchased one of Amos' pylon ships, though people note that Amos must not have known. Alendrial vows that the town will end Underhill and his minions.
Lumnea 14, 5123 (06/14/2023) Unknown Underhill, Under Investigation, Under Fireflies Amos tasks his Fireflies and Ivorel with tracking down Theodulph, but declines a suggestion from Chandrellia for he and the Rooks to work together on the matter. Amos wishes to end the Wraith and reluctantly says he appreciates that the Rooks were able to learn his identity even if he bets that a deal with Stephos DeArchon will burn them.
Lumnea 15, 5123 (06/15/2023) Unknown Duplication and the Sincerest Form of Collateral Forewarned of an attack from the Ember Vale reivers, town defenders and Rooks brace for battle. However, before that attack begins, ethereal clones from Melgorehn's Reach also attack town and the environs, splitting forces as Imperial archers at the outpost and settlement, Rooks, Landing militia, Emissary Samfelt, Commander Sablo, and more fight back across multiple fronts.
Koaratos 20, 5123 (07/20/2023) Unknown Curious Casignment Casiphia is escorted to Magister Enisius' observation tent to begin the process of understanding and curing the poison afflicting her.
Koaratos 26, 5123 (07/26/2023) Unknown Poisonous Ponderings As assessments of Casiphia continue, observations of glyphs reacting to her and Thadston alike lead adventurers to speculate that the poison has a kroderine component. She's estimated not to last beyond mid-Phoenatos, so experiments will need to commence soon.
Koaratos 30, 5123 (07/30/2023) Unknown Brace to the Finish Magisters Enisius and Raelee bring Casiphia to Melgorehn's Valley in a warded area, then progressively remove wards to test whether the Reach's pull can siphon the poison out of her. It can, but the poison binds to her again at that distance. Enisius advises against moving closer, but Casi calls for Thadston's help and gets it. He and adventurers take over and move to Lake Eonak, where the Reach tears the kroderine shards out of Thadston and the silver poison out of Casi over several minutes, shredding their skin in a bloody display, before the militia escorts the badly wounded pair to safety.
Eoantos 16, 5123 (11/16/2023) Unknown A Lesson in Icy Conflict Ice elementals and arctic soldiers sent by Grand Magister Octaven attack the Landing and surrounding environs, but adventurers, militia members, and Rooks stave them off.
Eorgaen 1, 5123 (12/01/2023) Unknown Rodnay Issues a Recall on Melgorehn's Products The energy of Melgorehn's Reach takes the form of trolls, griffins, siege towers, ballistae, and Drangell, all mounting an attack in the vicinity. Rooks, soldiers at the outpost, and soldiers at the barony camp defend their respective territories before the sick, weakened Rodnay eventually musters enough power to eradicate the echoes of the past.