Barnom Slim

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Barnom Slim
Storyline Beyond the Arkati
All the Lich King's Men
All That Remains
Gender male
Race human
Alias/Title Councilman
Lich King

Barnom Slim was a Wehnimer's Landing town council member who later turned villain.


You see Barnom Slim the Lich King.
He appears to be a Human.
He is lanky and appears to be ancient.  He has glowing dark red eyes and insipid, rotting skin.  He has sparse, carnelian-hued hair that is loosely hanging to his scalp from discolored patches of skin.  He has an emaciated face, a sunken nose and a series of bloody ligaments for a jaw.  Slick, white maggots crawl along his neck and arms.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a sinew-wrapped yellowed bone scepter in his left hand.
He is wearing a large twisted crown formed from decaying finger bones, some dark gloves, a tattered black leather cloak, a stained orchid-hued doublet, a broad crimson silk belt, a small claw-clasped pouch, and some crisp black silk pants with tapered legs.


For over two decades, Barnom Slim was a member of the Wehnimer's Landing Town Council. He was no stranger to corruption and bribery, anything to gain more wealth and power, while being a vocal proponent of the law and justice. In 5110, he found opportunity by working for Grishom Stone, even helping to frame Mayor Walkar for murder, and in turn taking over his job to further serve Grishom's diabolical plans. In the end, when Grishom abandoned him and the heroes of the town confronted him, he escaped Wehnimer's Landing by skipping town, but not before making off with a sizable amount of money from the town's coffers.

Barnom then found a new home in the small town of River's Rest, where he was able to acquire sanctuary and protection from any officials from Wehnimer's coming to hunt him down. There, Barnom began hiring a number of bandits and outlaws, in an attempt to build his own influence once again, and perhaps one day return to Wehnimer's Landing for revenge. It was then, in River's Rest, where Barnom met the Luukosian cult member, Grevisth the gnome. Grevisth was in desperate need of an artifact known as the Heart of Jaston to control the Felstorm, which was currently being guarded by some local heroes and their allies. Using the outlaws at his command, Slim launched an ambush on the heroes and was able to steal the relic, handing it off to Grevisth in exchange for power granted from Luukos himself.

Using the beginnings of his newfound powers, Barnom led his bandits in an attack on Wehnimer's Landing, but the outlaws were soon defeated. Losing a large number of his ranks, Barnom went into hiding yet again, seemingly defeated.

Unknown to the town, while Barnom might have escaped, he in fact did not go very far. For the last few months he had established himself in some old abandoned smuggling tunnels beneath Wehnimer's Landing, slowly mastering his new found powers. His evolution did not stop there, as he finally reached the pinnacle of his transformation, ultimately shedding his mortality as he was reborn a lich. Quietly, he rebuilds his minions, now of the undead variety, and plots his retribution on Wehnimer's Landing.

In 5113, Barnom Slim was revealed to be the mysterious Lich King, who created a macabre duplicate of Wehnimer's, below ground, called Lich's Landing. Undead minions carried on mundane tasks and lives in the new underground city which had been designed to resemble a dark, gruesome version of Wehnimer's above. Barnom announced he sought only peace, and would not attack unless provoked. He offered to turn people into Disciples of the Lich, to help them ascend into the immortality of undead, so they could be spared from a powerful enemy he claimed was coming. That enemy was Althedeus. Unknowingly, Barnom was doing much of Althedeus' bidding anyway.

Many swore service to the Lich King. They were Cruxophim, Yinh, Yangh, Semiera, Xoryl, Bellaja, Raincail and Dayko. The curse of the Lich King caused many of them to transform over time into ghastly versions of themselves. Some have healed and been restored, while others have only embraced the darkness that first took root in them.

In the end, the Lich King was defeated and his phylactery was destroyed. Before his demise, he uttered a warning to beware Althedeus and the coming darkness.

Barnom was later able to return from a pocket dimension, but had to give up the majority of Lich Landings secrets and control to Goblyn to save his existence.

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