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Jaysehn Ranshai
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Jaysehn Ranshai, second son of His Grace, Dydric, Sixth Duke of Rygil
Race Human
Culture Non-Jontaran
Class Exarch of the Ebon Blade
Profession Hunter of the Undead
Religion The Great Spirit, Voln
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln

Jaysehn Ranshai is a human Aristocrat. He claims to be from a distant land called the Kingdom of Quevek, within which his family holds the seat of the Dukes of Rygil. He is a Master of the Order of Voln, and has served the Sentinels of the Order since his first vows. He is active any place the minions of Luukos hold sway.


Born in his family's ancestral estate, Jaysehn was the second of three siblings. Born without the blessings of mana, Jaysehn was unable to take up the traditional mantle of sorcery for which his family was famed. With that duty taken up by Jaysehn's older brother, Jaysehn spent much of his formative years in the Academy of Jenar, the Kingdom's premier military academy. Circumstances that he is reluctant to speak of caused him to have a split from his family upon his graduation from the Academy.

Some months later, Jaysehn arrived on the shores of Elanthia and quickly sought out the Order of Voln to learn how to destroy the undead. It has been his mantle, duty and mission ever since.

Commodore Jaysehn atop his yierka, Zome
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You see Commodore Jaysehn Ranshai the Exarch of the Ebon Blade.
He appears to be a Human.
He is taller than average. He appears to be young. He has calculating steel grey eyes and flawless olive skin. He has shoulder-shorn, dense tawny hair swept back from cheek-grazing strands into a small, neat ponytail. He has subtly aquiline features accenting a well-defined jawline.

Signature Possessions

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an ornate ebony eahnor cresset sword with a glowing firewheel-shard pommel - 'Dusk'

Pallid silver at its core, this eahnor weapon's hilt bears six panels of engraved ivory running from guard to pommel, three to a side. Though each differs, the ivory panels bear the detailed image of a raven and a crescent moon. The matte finish of the ebony blade tapers to a perfectly formed tip, an ideal contrast to the hilt. A small jade crest is set into the blade itself, just above the crossguard, and features a raven perched inside a crescent moon, its head tilted as it gazes into the distance. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the sword. A strong aura of holy light radiates from the sword. There appears to be something written on it.

In the Elven language, it reads: Patience tempers the sword of fury.

Firewheel Flare Messaging: **A torrent of shimmering dust roils around Jaysehn before forming an ordered phalanx of crystalline swords and tridents that plunge into a chthonian sybil in a violent storm of Liabo-hued light!**

Valravn Flare Messaging: ** Surrounded by a shroud of clinging shadows, a hollow-eyed ethereal valravn swoops down with an eerily echoing shriek as a murder of distorted Liabo-hued valravns lurch around it on a wave of disruption! **

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a nacreous-bladed eonake longsword with a cloud-etched zorchar spine - 'Cloudburst' Lightning Flare Messaging: **Tendrils of sea green mist swirl around Jaysehn materializing into a lithe spectral nereid. She draws back her arm, forming a crackling spear of azure light and hurls it at a monstrous dragon-eel with a vengeful cry!**

ChatGPT AI generated image. Prompt provided by the uploader.

an avian-etched suit of black alloy armor inlaid with starveil tracery - Voln Armor

a crisp black gold-inked pedigree

This richly appointed vellum appears to be a genealogy of the family Ranshai, tracing its ancestry back nearly seven generations. The names of the male members of the line are scribed in a particularly bold fashion, the obvious intent to draw the eye to them. It begins with what appears to be the progenitor of the line, Dejar. It then continues down through six male heirs until finally arriving at the last wedded male's progeny: Vesago, Jaysehn, and Alicia.

a pale ora band cradled in eahnor - Wedding Ring

Fashioned of eahnor and ora, the band is comprised of two bands wedded to become one. The larger band has slightly higher walls designed to loosely cradle the smaller band, which is free to spin around the other piece without coming loose. Etched into the pallid ora is an elaborate feather motif, while the pale eahnor displays a tableau of wyrwood leaves. Glossy black onyx has been inset into the scene and creates the dark body of the feathers, just as brilliant green amber forms the leaves.

Commodore Jaysehn of the Sentinel Fleet
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===The ships of the Sentinel Fleet=== [1]

a storm grey mistwood sloop - The Grey Hobgoblin

a bone white brigantine flying a black flag - The Golden Dawn

a bone white mistwood carrack flying a sable silk flag - The Silver Sun

a bone white mistwood frigate flying a vert cendal flag - The Onyx Eclipse

The ships of the Sentinel Fleet have been a leading force in the cause to keep sea travel and trade safe. While the Sentinel Fleet serves the Order of Voln and its mission to release the Suffering of their curse, its ships do not hesitate to dispatch with all seaborne threats.

Written Works

Ranshai's Guide to the Lesser Undead

Preface and Chapter 1 - "The Least [2]

Chapter 2 - "Prevention" [3]

Chapter 3 - "Case Study- the Ghoul" [4]

Chapter 4 - "On Driftpyres" [5]

Reflections - Personal Vignettes on Gemstone Storylines and events