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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) The Damsel of the Deep


Before you stands a robust middle-aged dwarf with deep-set, brown eyes and a long, wiry, red beard.  He is wearing a faded but decorated leather jacket and a pair of form-fitting trousers.  Inexplicably, a faint trail of silvery mist follows his every movement.


Heavy bands of mist pass through the area and oddly, Captain Junderthal's eyes suddenly film over with an indigo light.  A soft smile spreads across his lips as he gazes blindly about the area.  "Yes," he quietly says.  "Yes, I see it.  Such good fortune.  Such proverbial milk and honey.  Eternal, smooth seas and steady winds."  Slowly, he shakes his head, and his eyes clear, but the smile remains.

Captain Junderthal mutters to himself, "Shame about that cockatoo.  I loved that bird, but it started talking crazy, so I had to shoo it away!"

You catch Captain Junderthal staring at you right in the eye.

Captain Junderthal casually traces a circle upon his forehead with his index finger.  A writhing, silvery mist creeps upward from the ground, enshrouding him before slowly vanishing in the wind.