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Gender Male
Race Aelotoi
Status Alive
Alias/Title a bumbling aelotoi tourist


The tourist is an usually large aelotoi with an even larger bald head.  He is wearing nothing save a stained pair of knee-length trousers.  His vibrant violet eyes match his purple and blue-streaked wings, both of which stand out from his tan skin.  He is clearly in good shape as his muscular torso and arms demonstrate, but his clumsy actions do not suggest intelligence.  He is standing near a bin of shovels and has one of his own on the platform, which he thumbs occasionally.


The tourist plucks a blade of seagrass from near the platform and chews slowly on the stem as he gazes out over the water.  Then you hear him choking before expectorating obtrusively.

The tourist bends down, running his hand along the edge of the platform as if inspecting it.  Suddenly, he jumps up and screams, "Splinter!" and pops his finger in his mouth as he blushes, embarrassed.