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Storyline Icemule Renaissance
The Uncertain Times
Gender Female
Race Halfling
Status Alive
Hometown Icemule Trace

Kadya, a mysterious and seemingly powerful Seer from Icemule Trace who has had original dealings with Ellerel Barrowfoot.


You see Kadya.
She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
She is diminutive.  She appears to be very old.  She has dark crimson eyes and pallid skin.  She has bobbed, grey-shot raven black hair.  She has a narrow face, a sharp nose and a sagging skin.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a luxuriant red velvet robe with stygian black shoulder pads, a twisted black ora ring, and a pair of soft black slippers.

Additional Information

Kadya has recently been contracted by Icemule Trace council members to reinforce the walls of the town with magic. The cost being a great shrine built in honor of the Arkarti Eorgina, who she claims bestowed her her gift of sight.