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Kamiel Lyeista
Race Aelotoi
Culture Mrae'ni
Class Empath
Profession Healer, counselor, fletcher, weaponsmith
Religion L'Naereen'dar


You see Kamiel Lyeista the Healer.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Mrae'ni Clan.
She is diminutive.  She appears to have come of age.  She has glaes black eyes and pale skin.  She has shoulder length, wavy auburn hair framing her face in a disheveled, carefree style.  There is a lean, gaunt set to her features.  She has a pair of cyan-veined pale silver wings.
She has an acantha leaf tattoo on her arm, and a small dark shard-shaped mark on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a spotless white wing-slit linen longcoat with oversized pockets, a small daisy, a navy-banded white cotton saephua, a carved linden blossom wristlet, a smooth willow band, a sturdy dark leather gem pouch, a simple leather healer's kit, some jade green trousers, an ankle sheath, and a pair of leather wedge-heeled sandals laced with suede.


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