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This page lists Aelotoi player characters.

The Aelotoi are humanoid, standing an average of 5 to 6 feet tall. They are thin with slight bone structure. They greatly resemble humans, except their heads are slightly larger, their eyes are slightly larger. Their eyes are their most distinctive facial feature, the iris being always of dark hues (dark green, brown or black) and having no whites at all; the pupil of the eye is round.

Most interestingly, the Aelotoi are winged creatures. While their wings made them valuable for slave work on their home world, they are not strong enough to fight the gravitational pull of Elanthia. Thus, they are flightless. The wings fold against the back, and are diaphanous, insect-like, and can have varying shades of golds to silvers, greens, blues and browns. It is often easy to tell how an Aelotoi is feeling based on the position of his or her wings.


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