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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Alone

Author: The players of: Drektor Black and Kayse Thaellian


He sat at the edge of the bed, staring into the mirror. He tilted it here and there taking in all of his features. He was proud of his humanity. No unnaturally long life like an elf, not sturdy like a dwarf, certainly no wings like the olive skinned aelotoi sleeping peacefully in the bed next to him. He was just a human, but his skin perfect like freshly fallen snow, "This is not Human", he glowered darkly at his reflection. He had tried in the past to reverse the curse laid upon him. The one that had made his friends not unlike porcelain dolls and claimed their lives. He had to try again. He looked over his shoulder. "She had told me she would help me. That we could try to fix it together. She had so many responsibilities in town. I couldn't pull her away from them now." He stood and turned to face her, reaching out to gently caress her face, barely illuminated by the dim firelight. He paused as to not wake her. Dressing quietly, he packed a few of his belongings. "South" he thought to himself, where this all began. Gazing again at the sleeping aelotoi, his heart was already in pieces. He knew it was wrong to leave her this way. He had revealed so much of himself to her. Professed so much. "Please understand..." He placed a dark grey parchment on the table with the simple words, "Kayse: Remember, I love you." Taking one last look over his shoulder he quietly exited the cabin. "South..."


Her toned frame sat motionless in the dark cabin, the argent moonbeams from the window illuminating a small corner of the home. Her hand clutched a dark gray parchment and a few droplets fell sporadically upon the paper. Being alone never bothered her in the past, truth be told, she preferred it. But recently she had a taste of what it meant to be with someone who fully understood her at her core. Now, the weight of being alone felt like a minotaur sitting on her chest and with each breath the Aelotoi tried to take, she gasped for air. Would this turn out to be an example of another time? Another place? Or would this time be different? Would he return to her after he finished what he needed to do? Her pear green eyes skimmed over the brief missive again. "Kayse: Remember, I love you." She would always love him, no matter how much time passed. She would wait.....Would he still love her? The last question lingered in her mind, causing a few stray tears to fall upon the parchment again. The quiet noise hitting the paper was enough to snap her out of the trance. “Enough.” She demanded of herself. She folded the parchment, kissed it once and banished it to her vanity case. You have work to do. Pulling a parchment and quill from a drawer in the table, she set it down to write upon: Amos, This evening the four town councilors held a public council meeting to discuss ousting you as Steward of the Guild…… She wrote quickly in a language that was foreign to her. The corners of her lips smirked upward as she signed her name upon the bottom with a flourish.