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Kayse Thaellian
Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Stormyrain.
"You have no control. Who lives, who dies, who tells your story."
Race Aelotoi
Culture Vaer'sah
Profession Negotiator, Light Keeper, Firefly
Religion Aeia
Affiliation(s) Beacon Hall Archive,
Black Hand Trading Co,
Darkstone Bay Consortium,
Elanthian Elegance,
Rumplesnoots Adventuring Company
Hobbies Writing, storytelling,
Best Friend Shinann Autura,
Tikba Liwan,
Loved One Drazaa

Kayse Thaellian is an aelotoi rogue that hails from River's Rest and dabbles in a number of different hobbies. She has competed in Bardfest three times becoming a two time Champion (5115, 5117) and placed 4th one year as well (5116). She has also won 1st place awards during Ebon Gate for her scary tales (5115, 5116) and placed other years as well (5121). Besides performing and writing tales, Kayse manages the events and history for Beacon Hall Archive, where she is the Storyteller.

Due to her time in River's Rest, Kayse started learning the ins and outs of smuggling and leads as the Negotiator in the Black Hand Trading Co, a mercantile company that buys and sells rare and black market goods. Recently she cemented the partnership between her organization and the Darkstone Bay Consortium, and is currently working to raise education and awareness of trade and mercantile services on behalf of the consortium. She is also reported to be one of Amos' fireflies.

The aelotoi loves fashion and is a member of Elanthian Elegance, where she has given many lectures on fashion and culture. Kayse resides in Wehnimer's Landing and but frequently visits Solhaven in the evenings to help with bandit patrols.

Kayse's term as Town Councilor of Wehnimer's Landing began Jastanos 1, 5122. She is currently running for re-election this year. You can see Kayse's 5123 Wehnimer's Town Council Platform here.


Drazaa and Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Stormyrain

You see Kayse Thaellian.

She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.

She is moderately tall and has a curvaceous figure. She appears to be young. She has voluminously lashed, viridian-specked pear green eyes and freckle-dusted, smooth olive skin. She has waist-length, lustrous ultramarine hair gathered loosely into a chunky fishtail braid that is decorated with a quartet of silk-winged butterfly hairpins beaded with multi-hued cobalt blue beryls. She has strong and toned features, yet still possesses alluring feminine qualities enhanced by her soft full blush-hued lips. She has a pair of oval niveous-veined sparkling champagne wings.

She has an onyx-hued palm print inked on her wrist, a primitively inked white jagged heart on her finger, a multi-colored ink splotched lily on her arm, a kohl-outlined feather quill on her wrist, and an inked vine laden with blossoms on her waist.

Early Years


From the beginning, Kayse was trouble. She discovered her natural talents at the age of six, but didn’t fully grasp what she was capable of until she was in her twenties. Once Aelotoi children outgrew the nursery and began working, most children started off with their legs shackled so they couldn't roam too far--until they learned better. Kayse's love for exploring was always present and she was determined to get out of those chains. With a piece of bone she had saved from a meal, she would often practice picking the locks. This technique only worked twice though in her favor--since she was often caught with the makeshift lockpick, but it began the early foundation of Kayse's talent of locksmithing.

As dusk fell upon Bre’Naere, the Aelotoi huddled around fires sharing dinner and stories. Tales of fiction and fact were passed on to the generations, in hopes of keeping their history and culture alive even in these bleak times. Rather mature for her age, Kayse would listen for hours to her elders absorbing all she could about her kin. When she wasn’t pursuing knowledge, Kayse had a knack for hide and seek and was often never found right away by her playmates.

Right before the portal was opened, her race was dying off due to lack of resources and finding supplies was harder than ever. She was a leader though and she felt responsible for her group and tried to carry the burden. If someone was going to be punished she took it for them. Otherwise, she mostly kept to herself. When the portal opened five years later, Kayse felt mixed emotions when she came upon it with her party. Of course there was relief and excitement, but then the sinking feeling of regret, agony, and loss due to things that had happened. Knowing she couldn’t dwell on the past, Kayse took a step forward through the shimmering essence before her.

After the Portal


Getting settled into Ta'Illistim was a blur for Kayse. Being malnourished and getting over the shock of escaping her captives was overwhelming. She was in a new land and needed a purpose now that what she did for most of her life was in the past. Kayse had always had an interest in magic and an elven mage, Mirosa Thaellian, who had no children of her own, took a few of the young aelotoi in to learn her craft. She was easily one of Mirosa’s favorites and Kayse was a quick study and poured herself into her new talent, but the temptations of the new outside world and being young, pulled at Kayse. She had an extreme case of wanderlust due to her scouting past and found it hard to focus after a while. Her intuition was to explore the new life she was given, so with only a few spells up her sleeve, she parted ways with Mirosa.

Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Kayse's player on MidJourney.


Heading over the Dragonspine, she eventually found herself in the hustle and bustle of the frontier town of Wehnimer’s Landing. Needing to make a living for herself, she recalled her days of fumbling with the shackles and bone fragments. Spending most of her money on tools she would need for the job, she spent long hours in the East Tower learning from other rogues there as well. Kayse was a natural when it came to this task, her attention to detail and precision paved the way for making her an excellent locksmith.

Like all young people of any race, Kayse was bound to make more mistakes especially since she was in a new World. After some mistakes and heart break, Kayse ran away from the Landing. She had heard of an island across the sea that was perfect for getting away from your problems. Buying a one way ticket for the cutter, Kayse set off to River's Rest.

River's Rest

As Kayse learned to adapt to her new life, she found a passion in storytelling through tales and history. She joined Beacon Hall Archive and was quickly inducted in as an officer in the Storyteller position. Her work at the Archive contributed greatly to the person she started to become. For a Winterfest event in 5114, she was asked to write the history of winterberry ale which launched her career in storytelling when others encouraged her to participated in Bardfest. In 5115, she competed in her first bardfest and won first place.

As Kayse grew in numerous ways, she realized she was a big fish in a small town and that it was time to stop hiding in River's Rest. In 5116, she moved back to Wehnimer's Landing.

Storyline History & Vignettes

Return to Sunder 5116

During the Return to Sunder storyline, ithzir invaded the landing, they probed Kayse's mind and resurfaced a painful memory from her past. Based on this, the events in this storyline contributed to her greatly feeling responsible for Rodnay and began their friendship when she gave him a sprig of lavender that reminds him of his mother.

Eyes of the Dawn 5116

Kayse experienced visions sent by her patron Aeia during the Eyes of the Dawn story line. Her and a small group of adventurers were able to defend the Aeia shrine in the citadel in River's Rest--the first shrine to save any innocents from Chaston's slaughtering. She was also present for the fall of Talador.

Keeping up with the Kestrels 5117

From the moment the Kestrels showed up in Wehnimer's Kayse was suspicious of them--especially of Naimorai Kestrel. Digging into her spy roots, Kayse did a bit of espionage and kept a careful log of the events as well as her thoughts. More information about the Kestrels' stay can be found at Keeping up with the Kestrels.

Her main roles in this story line were convincing Mayor Cruxophim to pardon Stephos DeArchon and his wife Alendrial DeArchon so they could return to Wehnimer's Landing. This arrangement was so Rodnay could be exchanged for stolen Plinite with Dennet Kestrel. Kayse also worked closely with Goblyn trying to find a cure for a poison she discovered and was ended up used on Drandea--that unfortunately Kayse could not save in time.

During this time, Kayse also served as Mayor Cruxophim's counselor in matters of Trade and Negotiation. Officially replacing Rowmi after his departure from the Landing.

Ashes to Ashes 5122

Newly returned to Wehnimer's Landing after traveling for three and a half years, Kayse attempts to pick up where she left off. Having approached the merchant, Amos, to establish a business relationship between the Darkstone Bay Consortium and Black Hand Trading Co, she finds herself successful after jumping through a few hoops as he announces their partnership publicly.

Kayse works with Kiyna to facilitate a public meeting between Amos and Kharusa per his request. Kayse is awarded the ancillary title of "Firefly of the Darkstone Bay Consortium."

What Dreams May Come 5122

When nightmares plagued Mist Harbor, Kayse attempted to reach out to the proprietor of Misty's Teas to discuss brewing a concoction of valerian root and tkaro root. The thought process was to allow a sleep aid for citizens but also attempt to block any nightmares being planted in their minds.

Born of Bourth 5122

Born of Bourth was created by GM Kenstrom that ran from July 23rd to August 7th. The story surrounded the death of Baron Spensor Caulfield and his daughter, Larsya coming to terms with his death.

North by Northwest 5122/5123

North by Northwest started in November 2022 and is an ongoing storyline running in the area around Wehnimer's Landing. It focuses heavily on the new Barony of Darkstone being established in the region just outside of the Landing, as well as the many conflicts around the Barony's creation. Chapter 1: Settlers of Darkstone, ran from November 2022 to February 2023. Chapter 2: Of Rooks and Reivers began in March 2023.

Currently Kayse is serving her first term as a town councilor trying to manage relationships between Wehnimer's Landing and the future barony--among some other things...

Personal Roleplay Vignettes

Written Work

Below are a few links to Kayse's written work and performances.

5123 Research thesis on Aelotoi Art

5117 Bardfest SEMIS Piece: With Love and Flowers

5116 Bardfest SEMIS Piece: The Star Collector

5115 Bardfest FINALS Piece (1st place): Fleet Captain's story

5115 Bardfest SEMIS Piece: Winterberry Tale

5115 Ebon Gate Scary Story Contest (1st place): The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost

5115 Ebon Gate Costume Contest (3rd place): Cotuil's Song


Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Stormyrain.
Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Trisket.
Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Mamas.
Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Kayse's player on MidJourney.
Kayse Thaellian portrayed by Kayse's player on MidJourney.