Kayse (prime)/Vignette: Fragmented Pieces

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A winged figure closed the door behind them, causing a gush of air to whoosh throughout the office extinguishing all the light in the room.  The silhouette made their way to the glass-topped birch desk, before relighting a candle illuminating a female aelotoi in a warm glow. 

She lazily dragged her finger through the flame, her calculated mien watched as it danced after she disrupted it.  Her mind drifted as it raced with thoughts back to last Lumnea.

Their eyes met for the last time that evening and the giantman flashed a grin as he turned to take his leave. Her gaze continued to stare into the shadows he disappeared into, until she could hear his footsteps echo up the stone steps.

The summer brought an unreasonable heat and the cool temperature of the museum basement allowed relief and a moment to think about his proposal more.  Her footsteps were measured as she walked the abandoned hall, her eyes roaming over the artwork before landing on the broken mirror.  Alone, she allowed her trademark impassion expression to fully meld into a look of deep concern as she stared at the shattered glass.

Blinking out of her daydream, a pair of ink-smudged fingers retrieved a slate-hued piece of vellum from a drawer and she centered it in front of her as a pensive look painted her features. Dipping a peacock quill into a pot of ink, Kayse went to press the tip to the paper, her handwriting neat and slanted as she wrote, “Amos.”

Her brow furrowed as she paused her writing.  With her free hand, she reached up and adjusted a pin in a device behind her ear.  Her ultramarine hair tumbled down her right shoulder as she canted her head as the mechanism let out a loud pop!  Squinting at the slight discomfort, her pear green eyes flashed wide open as if she just remembered some vital detail. 

Bringing the quill back to the vellum, she began writing in giantman across the page.  Words flowed over the vellum, covering the dark paper in beams of moonlit-hued ink.  With a flourish she completed the letter with “Your firefly, K. T.”