Keenly-edged rolaren stiletto

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a keenly-edged rolaren stiletto


Though the stiletto is obviously an antique, the thin, pointed blade, faceted into a diamond shape, is polished and dangerously sharp, indicating this weapon has been meticulously cared for. The handle has been crafted of a smoothly sanded dark wood around which a single, thin length of fading leather has been repeatedly and tightly wound, providing a sure grip even for a sweaty hand. The blade's small crossbar bears a stamp of the sigil of Ta'Nalfein.


It is said to have belonged to a group of assassins.


The room begins to blur as you sing, everything in your periphery washing away as you regard the stiletto in your hand with new eyes. As you look back up, you notice your surroundings have changed and it dawns on you that you are witnessing a scene long-since past, through the eyes of another.

The room is dark, lighted by torches on the walls that sputter in an unseen draft. A dark-clad elf keeps watchful eye by the only door leading into the room, his hand resting on the hilt of the sword at his side. Several fresh-faced elven youths sit in a semicircle before you, their eyes raptly attentive, as if seeking to absorb your words and actions. You feel yourself standing, then watch yourself stealthily approach a straw-stuffed mannequin set on the edge of the room. Glancing over your shoulder to confirm your students are watching, you slip into the shadows, then, when in position, your hand extends from the shadows with a well-placed stab to the mannequin's back.

The scene shifts with the next blink of your eyes and you see yourself running a whetstone almost lovingly over the stiletto in your hand, drawing the hard, fine-grained stone slowly over the diamond-shaped facets of the blade until it gleams. You see your students again before you, each with a stiletto and whetstone in hand, adeptly imitating your movements as they sharpen their blades. You sense yourself smiling at each one, complimenting them on their hard work and diligence as you pace slowly around the semicircle. Taking your time, you observe and mentally critique each individual's hand movements and angle. With the inner knowledge that every youth is prepared, you lay a hand on each shoulder and nod.

Again, you blink, and as you open your eyes once more, the scene has changed. This time, your students stand before you, stiff and formal with obvious anticipation. You see yourself take hold of a dark velvet cloth laid upon a table, throwing it back to reveal several gleaming rolaren stilettos. Each blade has been honed to a startlingly sharp edge, and polished until the metal glints in the torch light. One by one, you caress and grasp each stiletto, facing one of your students and hearing their vow. As the words are spoken, you hand each youth their stiletto, handle-first.

Slowly the vision begins to fade, and you regain the sense of the here and now.