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Timeline of Events: First Half

The timeline includes events that occurred that could be considered "public knowledge" to those not present, as rumors and gossip can spread as townspeople talk, etc. However, there have been some more secretive events involving the Kestrels over the course of this time, and I have omitted those from the timeline. I leave it up to the PC's involved in those situations to decide what and when they wish to reveal.

January 2017

  • 1/10 - The Kestrel family arrives in Wehnimer's Landing. Grand Magister Dennet introduces himself, and spoke with many adventurers for over an hour. Glimpses provided of his family, wife Reannah, who appears ill, his children Naimorai and Cyph, and his mother-in-law Lady Drandea. Many appear curious at the items and locked crates escorted from the Kestrel wagons into the Outpost, including some rhimar-edged chests with silvery wards.
  • 1/11 - Dennet met with more people outside of town, and Raelee led them all to two locations where the adventurers had used plinite-fueled pylons to battle the Ithzir invasion. Dennet collected some dirt from the areas into some vials and tucked them away. Raelee and Hapenlok gave Dennet a piece of charged plinite to research, and later another piece of plinite was stolen from Hapenlok by an unknown thief.
  • 1/13 - Cyph, the son, was found in town at Helga's where he chatted with many present. He had Sareyna buy him some wine. He kept referring to his grandmother, Drandea, as Nonna. He was slightly insulting to both Magisters Bekke and Raelee, and grew nervous at the sight of some guards in the corner of the tavern. He was escorted back to the Outpost later by Sir Bristenn and Sir Cryheart. Rowmi used his mental abilities to touch Cyph's mind and was met with cerulean flames and the sound of a whip cracking along with screaming.
  • 1/14 - Naimorai, the daughter, was seen in town with some Hendoran knight escorts. Adventurers watched as she eventually ditched her guards, and they found her searching for the music shop. Iowen suggested the lady buy a harp, which she did. Goblyn later arrived in the small park peddling poisons, and Iowen and Naimorai and Goblyn seemed to be whispering an awful lot with each other. Naimorai announced that she'd call upun Iowen in the future to help teach her harp lessons, and then she was escorted back to the Outpost when the guards caught back up with her. Kayse blended into the shadows when she noticed Iowen and Naimorai whispering. She moved closer to the two and overheard a few things, but is still piecing together what was said. Kayse asked Rowmi to "swim" the mind of Naimorai. Later that evening, Kayse inquired to Goblyn if there were antidotes for her poisons.
  • 1/16 -Telare and Severine are met by a dark hooded figure in an Icemule bar. He called himself Scar, his skin was pale, and covered with pink and white scars. He inquired about the Kestrels in the Landing, they confirmed Dennet was there, but were withholding further details on others. Scar then cut Severine's throat and fled. Later that night in Helga's Tavern in Wehnimer's, Scar arrived to see Ephya, Stormyrain, Altheorn and Melvin. Scar addressed Altheorn and the imperial outlaw brand on his neck, inquired about the Kestrels in town. Altheorn and Ephya confirmed the Kestrels were in town and whom. Scar left, no one injured.
  • 1/17 - Dennet, through Raelee, contacted Rowmi asking him to meet. Rowmi insisted Kayse be present during the conversation. Dennet wanted to restore Rowmi's "collar" which stifled his mentalism. Because Rodnay had removed it to help invade Chaston's mind, Rowmi refused, claiming he had followed his word with his agreement with Brieson. Dennet then compromised with Rowmi, who agreed to cease using his mental magics on the Kestrel family's minds or anyone who worked in the Outpost. In exchange, Dennet promised to grant him access to some Hall resources, a trainer from the hall to work on his abilities, and freedom to remain without a collar. Kayse tried to warn Dennet about his children but was dismissed.
  • 1/20 - Cyph showed up with his grandmother, Lady Drandea. She told stories of her life, growing up in Brisker's Cove, how she used to steal things, met the original Lord Eldurn Winter, hated her son-in-law, and was trying to find women to date her grandson. She soon retired for the night, and Cyph did shortly after. Once Cyph and Drandea left, Scar was seen by adventurers leaving after they did, but moving off in a different direction.
  • 1/21 - Lady Drandea met with some adventurers in the Stone Baths, where she offered up a vial of blood to some present to have it researched. She provided no details. It was later learned through rumors and gossip that the blood was suspected to be Lady Reannah's, and contained traces of plinite within it. Those involved in the initial experiment were Cruxophim, Leafiara, Raelee, Rhayveign, Lisbethany, Areigh and Maylan.
  • 1/22 - Drandea returned and others informed her about the plinite in the blood. She seemed angry, then hid it her angry, then asked others to research if the plinite was infused on purpose or could have been exposed by accident. Later, Scar was seen running around, and many adventurers followed him into the woods, where his traps were set off and cut of lots of peoples' legs. When he was almost surrounded, he rushed through and pushed Maylan out of his way so he could escape. A locket around his neck got caught on Maylan's sleeve and it was torn free and fell to the ground. Luxelle provided a loresong for the locket, which showed two girls being burned alive in cerulean flames, while a man rushed into the fires to try to save them.
  • 1/27 - Dennet comes into town, claims he is disappointed in the adventurers and reveals to them all that the blood Drandea provided was his wife's, and if they have questions, to come to him and not deal with that crazy old woman who is his mother in law. He says the plinite is on purpose, and it helps to ease her illness that is afflicted her, to which there exists no known cure, or even cause he claims. He tells people to respect him and his family.
  • 1/28 - Blue flames are seen in the woods and a fiery blue figure is chased down by adventurers, but then vanishes, and shortly after tons of blue fires spark up in the Lower Dragonsclaw forest where many have to rush to put them out with water buckets. Many suspect it could be Reannah, or Cyph as the mysterious fiery figure. Later, Scar, whose real name is Carenos, abducts Maylan into the trees where he demands his locket back, and she returns it. When others show up, Carenos/Scar flees. Dennet is later told of the blue flames and says he will investigate.
  • 1/31 - Naimorai has the adventurers take her to the Elven Village, where she looks around. She admits she admires elven culture and items. One of the elven village folks says he sees through her and recognizes her guilt. She then requests to leave immediately and return home. Sir Michol, of the Outpost, informs the Militia Captains, Stormyrain, Shirkon, Khristal and now Shinann that they will have access to the Outpost, including the current mayor, Puptilian. Later, Dennet shows up, and with Bekke's help, activates some magical wards he had setup to trace the blue fiery figure in the woods. They follow the blue motes of light and it leads them to the Alabaster Spire, the home of the Faendryl Enclave. Dennet claims they must be involved, and then says he will assist further if needed.

Feb 2017

  • 2/4 - Another night while Goblyn was around, Naimorai arrived again and was having a whispered conversation with the merchant. She left rather early that night, as if she had business elsewhere.
  • 2/7 - Hendoran knights came into town and announced that Sir Michol had gone missing, and was last seen on the night of the 4th, just days before. They had found no clues or evidence, as if he vanished altogether. Dennet came around, met with some of the adventurers and revealed he had tried to help the soldiers find him, but he had no luck either. He did however send word to Earl Jovery.
  • 2/8 - A Hendoran knight showed up in town and informed adventurers that at the suggestion of Archmagister Nayor, an Imperial Magister of the Hall of Mages, that Earl Jovery had appointed Dennet as the interim commander of the Outpost until Sir Michol was found, or in the event Sir Thadston returned. The knight said he'd bring an item of Michol's clothing after some requested he provided it so the bloodhound Winston could perhaps track his scent. Later, Rysus, leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks showed up and informed many that his "urchins" had witnessed Sir Michol arguing with a woman early in the morning on the 5th, before he had supposedly vanished.
  • 2/11 - The same Hendoran knight returned nights later, with a pair of Sir Michol's old boots. The adventurers used the bloodhound to track Michol's scent back to the Outpost, and to the cellar below the kitchen before the trail ended cold. The adventurers found a grate leading rom the cellar to outside Lake Eonak, where they saw Naimorai bathing nude in the cold waters. She swam to the shore, got dressed, and was asked dozens of questions about Michol. She did admit to having seen him, and arguing with him about the time she ditched his guards in town. Naimorai claimed Sir Michol was extremely rude to her, and even grabbed her arm. She claims she left the argument angry, and stormed off to bed.
  • 2/17 - Cyph was around in Helga's Tavern, getting drunk. He claimed his father kept saying he was too dangerous. He also was informed his Grandmother was trying to get him to marry Ysharra, and he did not object. He did accidently, or perhaps on purpose, let it slip his father had been secretly planning to utilize some of the Hendoran soldiers in raids against the Rooks beneath the town, and some suspected due to the stolen plinite they had. When Cyph left, the ghosts of two dead girls briefly appeared in the corner of the bar, then disappeared.
  • 2/18 - At the opening of her Pie Shop, Goblyn tells Kayse she has constructed a list of ingredients needed for an antidote and she would give it to her at another time.
  • 2/19 - A fiery blue figure was yet again seen in the forest outside of town, as blue fires sparked up, but were also accompanied by huge blue fire elementals that devastated many people. Carenos (Scar) was seen pursuing the figure through the woods, taking a few crossbow shots at the flaming humanoid, once striking it in the side. A streak of fire hit Carenos, burning him and wounding him, so he ran to town to get healed. He was questioned by many adventurers present, and he informed them that the fiery figure was Cyph, and he was hunting him for the torture and murder of his daughters. Carenos informed the adventurers that he'd get his revenge, and so long as they stayed out of his way, he would not have an issue with them, then he stormed off into the night.
  • 2/28 - Drandea came about and met with some adventurers in the Stone Baths. She accused Dennet of poisoning Reannah, and informed those present that despite the rumors, Cyph was not a murderer, and the man with the scars is a liar. She then went on to inform others that Cyph, while in Immuron with her and his mother, was abducted and tortured one night by unruly guards. Drandea was again promised a good story from Kayse, and she said she would come for it soon.

March 2017

  • Dennet was about on the amulet, and asked the three mayoral candidates (Cruxophim, Leafiara, Hapenlok) some questions about their past.
  • Lady Reannah hosted many adventurers in her room in the Outpost and told the story of her and Dennet meeting and falling in love. But before the heard her story, the adventurers saw six wagons full of rune-etched shadow black golems arrive to the Outpost and march into the tower. Many recognized them as re-purposed golems from the War of Shadows once used by Elithain Cross.
  • A ship from Brisker's Cove arrives, carrying spices, silks, etc. A Tehiri man disembarks from the ship as a traveler. His name is Quinshon. He is rather creepy, and dark, and he says he has come on the request of Dennet, and his services have been required, and he is also supposed to help a student.
  • Rysus comes around, hangs out in the Mayor's office, and explains some intel on Quinshon. Tells he's been called the Dissembler, but unraveling and reshaping peoples minds. He's a bit of a mentalist and sorcerer, and once a Magister in the Hall of Mages in Phannus, but since removed, but is still sometimes in their employ. Later, a wanted poster is put up on town, for the missing Lana Orpharion, the niece of Lute, the music shop owner in town. She was last seen days ago.
  • Carenos comes into town, asks if anyone has seen Cyph recently. Carenos explains that his bolt had poison on it, and Cyph will likely die soon, or take his own life due to the pain. Carenos will stay in town long enough to ensure he's dead. Before Carenos leaves, Kayse sneaks into the shadows and pickpockets a small black vial out of his cloak. She then scraps some residue from the inside and gives it to Raelee and Cruxophim. That same night, Lana is found out by Lake Eonak, and she talks about someone in a bone white mask having experimented on and hurt her, but she cannot remember much else, and then Myasarie helps sooth her with some plinite shards, but it only works for awhile, then she melts away.
  • Dennet comes into town, people ask him questions, and he admits Cyph is the blue fire creature, has struggled with his powers, and he has been wounded and missing for weeks. Dennet asks the adventurers to help find him, alive, and Dennet will use a bane coffin to capture him and subdue him. The adventurers break into groups, and he's found near some dead trees in Trollfang, and Cyph unleashes tons of blue fires and elementals, telling people to stay away. He flies towards town, burns a tower, and he eventually flies off disappearing into the night. Dennet says he'll need those with mastery of air elements to help adjust a bane coffin to perhaps lure Cyph with magic and trap him inside.
  • Kayse writes Goblyn a message on her chalkboard in the Pie Shop asking to hire her to study the vial she got off Carenos. She finds an envelope on the floor of the shop (which mysteriously appears), puts the vial in it, and hides it behind the blackboard. Later that evening, Goblyn meets with Kayse and sets interesting payments for the original batch of antidotes she wanted--there were a few adventurers in the Pie Shop basement when Kayse showed up and when she inquired why, she was met with awkwardness and avoidance --which made her suspicious of a few people.
  • Quinshon finds Rowmi, tells him he will be his tutor. Tells him to come prepared with his objective. Quinshon is asked a bunch of questions by the adventurers, about Lana's death, he tells them he knows nothing.
  • Dennet comes to the Hearthstone porch to gather adventurers to help make air wards on the bane coffin. Before they begin, Dennet wonders aloud where Magister Raelee is and Leafiara locates her, spotting her at Melgorehn's Rest along with several adventurers and Goblyn. Leafiara's curiosity perks up, especially when Raelee arrives at Hearthstone moments later while the others remain at the Rest throughout the night, but for the time being she doesn't mention this to anyone at Hearthstone. Drakehealius, Yakushi, Aleid, Leafiara, Dergoatean, Arshwikk, and Kayse help make the air wards, and Dennet adds a blood sigil of Cyph's blood to the bane coffin to target Cyph and try to capture him inside of it. Some say they'll use air magic to help try to suffocate Cyph's fire, and help trap him. Many others do not like the plan or the coffin.

April 2017

  • Goblyn meets with Kayse, Pukk, Kirael (And eventually Malisai and Rowmi) regarding the vial she was given to study. Goblyn reveals that the poison used on Cyph, applied by Carenos crossbow bolt, is called the Long Suffering, and has ties to Mularosian cults. It does not cause death, but endless torture and suffering, and often its victims take their own lives.
  • Dennet recruits Raelee to help lead an expedition into the Bleaklands, which he'll keep a portal open for, once the Hendoran outpost expansion is finished.
  • Illoke minions invade Wehnimer's Landing. Some suspect Dennet and his earth magic is to blame, but no specific reason is announced or discovered...yet. (This may have been a side effect of Quinshon and Rowmi's practice but it is not known publicly yet).
  • Cyph returns, and soars around Landing and its environs, lightning blue fires and spawning blue elementals. Dennet rolls out a pylon outside of the Outpost, and some adventurers use the pylon to keep knocking Cyph out of the sky and weakening him. Alasatia, in the solarium of the Alabaster Spire, lights blue fires to lure Cyph to try to talk to him and protect him. It works, he eventually crashes through the dome ceiling of the Spire and tries to talk with Ysharra, Alasatia, and others gathered, but he struggles. A black whorl of shadows is seen in his cerulean flame form, presumed to be the poison Carenos used. Cyph calms a bit, but then Dennet arrives with the bane coffin, and Cyph freaks out, so Dergoatean and some other sorcerers use a controlled void to help weaken Cyph's fire as the coffin pulls him in. After a big struggle and a lot of damage, Cyph is locked up inside the coffin and taken back to the Outpost.
  • Some adventurers see some black mein golems escort three black wagons to the Outpost, each one carrying half a dozen bane coffins. When questioned, Dennet claims the coffins are a backup incase he encounters any powerful magical entities when exploring the Bleaklands of Talador.
  • Drandea makes her presence known on the amulet and is not happy adventurers imprisoned Cyph in the coffin. People meet at the Stone Baths to console her about why they resorted to capturing him. Drandea informs the group that Carenos was in Immuron while Cyph was there and that he is Mularosian. She informs those present that she has a contact in Brisker's Cove and will need to go there to get information on the "Long Suffering." She also noted she would be telling her family that she was in River's Rest visiting during this time. Drandea asked Shinnan to take care of her daughter while she's away. Drandea left to pack and Dennet's thoughts were heard over the amulet. Adventures met him outside the outpost where he gave Cruxophim a vial of Cyph's blood after he was wounded by Carenos. Elementz also inquired to Dennet about Carenos and Dennet made it known to Cruxophim that he wanted Carenos dead or alive.
  • Elementz arranged to have a peaceful manhunt for Carenos with the assistance of fellow adventurers and Lux who had sang the loresong of Carenos' locket. They started in Rook territory where the adventurers were given some information about how to find the man they were seeking. The voice in the shadows said Carenos hunted on Leyan or Feastday and was often seen in the trees or caves in the wilds. Deciding to hold off until the next day, the town then heard a whisper within their minds asking for "help" and shortly after "..itona..." Dergoatean and some others speculated that this was the Ithzir word for help and a group had gone to the Reach to look around. During this time, Goblyn met with Kayse and gave her an antidote for blood-poisoning (the poisons on her cart) as well as a list of how to make the antidote. Naimorai appeared on the porch, along with Goblyn after her meeting. Naimorai was seen whispering with Goblyn, Rhayveign, and Iowen frequently while those were gathered around. Naimorai said she would send for Iowen for harp lessons and dinner. At one point, after Rhayveign had done the same, Naimorai extended her wrist to Goblyn to try some perfume, and a few small faint scars were seen on her wrist. When Naimorai noted she did not care for the scent, she asked instead for some sandalwood-based perfume to be wrapped up to take home with her. Goblyn then handed Naimorai a red velvet bag, ostensibly to comply with the request.
  • Elementz, with the assistance of Ariond led the party into the wilds to try and find Carenos with other adventurers. Many adventurers saw the fate of traps or orbs, that Carenos had set off to try and escape (or perhaps he was just hunting for food). Eventually a group stumbled on Elementz speaking alone with Carenos, who wanted Cyph delivered to him in the coffin. Golems were heard approaching and Shinnan fogged Carenos to safety. A group stumbled upon Shinann and Carenos, who was seeming to talk to someone in his head. A figure wearing a dark green veil was seen inside of Carenos' eyes and the image of Carenos was missing from the crowd. Tyrrah and Lornieh attempt to fend off a mob calling for Carenos' head as he was brought into town for his own safety. He was speaking to demons inside his head and when Rowmi attempted to calm Carenos, he was murdered within the Wehnimer's Landing Temple. Carenos was later arrested, however, and charged with the murder of Rowmi--in view of many witnesses--within the lawful confines of the city.
  • Beldrin comes to speak in the Mayor's office to announce that Madame Surofee is resigning from her position on the town council and that there will be a vacancy now. A list of candidates will be generated by the end of the month for the town to vote. Beldrin informs those gathered that Carenos is being kept and protected from magical wards, but he is not answering any questions. Mayor Cruxophim asks if it could be arranged to have Carenos casually answer some questions to get information out of him. It is decided the town will wait before sending Carenos to trial. Dennet arrives shortly after to congratulate adventurers on the capture of Carenos and inquires about the town's plans for him. Magister Raelee suggests a formal extradition to put Carenos in Dennet's possession, Cruxophim tells Dennet he would like to speak to his advisers and those gathered before this happens. Lornieh brings up the question if Cyph will be charged for his crime and Dennet claims those are wild accusations from the Mularosian.
  • A large group went to go to see Carenos in the Brass Tower--the questioning lead by Ariond and Elementz per the request of the Mayor. Carenos isn't on his best behavior and during the interrogation ends up biting off Elementz's ear and killing Winrie with Ysharra's dagger. Carenos answers a few questions about his daughters' murder as well as fills adventurers in on why Cyph killed them. A group of Mularosians ended up beating Cyph back in Immuron after he had stumbled into the den of darkness when he was seeking female company. Cyph was beaten and tortured for two days before his "fire awoke" and he escaped. Within one to two weeks, Cyph found the home where Carenos and his daughters resided. Cyph tried to bring Carenos the same pain he was given, but it only empowered the Mularosian. Cyph ended up turning to Carenos' daughters by torturing them and burning them alive. Carenos also states there is no cure for the "long suffering" and that he wants the coffin that Cyph is in to make sure he stays in there to have a lifetime of suffering and pain.
  • A Wehnimer's Landing militiaman delivers a parchment to Mayor Cruxophim. The parchment bears the seal of Honneland, as verified by Sir Cryheart. This message from the Commander of the Silver Shields claims that the Lord Carenos Sorrells perished in a fire that also claimed his estate and the lives of his two daughters two years prior. Immuron states that the man who claims to be Carenos (also known as Scar), is subject to the laws of the Protectorate of Wehnimer's Landing. Later that same evening, Reannah Kestrel visits the office of the mayor and makes a request: Release this man into the custody of her husband, Grand Magister Dennet. Meanwhile, Naimorai and Iowen slip off together, ostensibly for dinner and a music lesson.
  • Cruxophim does blood tests in his office with Lisbethany, Sareyna, Aleid, Martyle, and Ferghal volunteering to assist by drinking blood. Captain Shinann and Kayse observe. The blood tests confirm that his samples are in fact from the specimens he received them from (Cyph, Reannah, Naimorai), but additional testing shows that Dennet might not be Cyph's father.
  • Hapenlok begins to have visions regarding the night that Naimorai and Sir Michol argued at the outpost over a series of a few days. His visions (or regain of memory) concludes that he killed Sir Michol in a grove of trees. A doll head was seen poking out of Hapenlok's pouch and he removed a white-bearded burlap doll. Speculation began occurring, since the doll was stuffed with flowers (that might cause madness) and scarabs and others who had a doll made by Raznel were not stuffed with anything. Dennet announces his arrival and asks Cruxophim how the town is proceeding with Carenos.

May 2017

  • Grand Magister Dennet gives a small tour of the renovated outpost. Among other things, a rune-carved door was installed. The Grand Magister states that this, and future doors, will be a gateway - "a nexus of portals". He further states that perhaps in the coming month the "Talador operation" will be discussed. As the crown thins, several visitors to the outpost hear a faint voice whisper in their mind - "...he...". More extensive thoughts or visions are reported by others.
  • Drandea, mother-in-law of Grand Magister Dennet, returns from a trip to County Torre. After a bit of back and forth with the crowd gathered in the rain, she states she had little to no luck in learning anything about an antidote to help her cure her grandson of his so-called living sorrow. It is her believe that if it exists it may well be known only to the Sorrow King or his highest disciples. Quinshon arrives, more back and forth ensues, and Drandea retires to the outpost for the evening.
  • Bekke shares with a group of adventurers, quite publically, that Dennet threatened her because she used Acorn, a Rook urchin, to try to deliver a message to Thadston about Dennet's takeover of the Outpost. According to Bekke, Dennet warned Bekke not to try to undermine him again, and Quinshon revealed that Acorn had been abducted by him, and was actually trapped inside of his shadowy burnoose, like a pocket dimension.
  • Kayse gets Augierose and Jandria to help her create the antidote for the potions on Goblyn's cart and they successfully create it.
  • Adventurer's follow a pair of rune-carved black mein golems to the Black Sands and watch as they march into the bay. When the golems return to the shore, each is carrying a small obsidian triangle. Upon return to the outpost, they are met by Grand Magister Dennet who informs the gathered that the artifacts recovered from the bay are parts of the outside of the Ithizir pyramids that were lost there a year prior. The Grand Magister claims that these parts will be studied in the hopes they can be used for defense of the outpost.
  • Some members of the Hall of Mages and fellow colleagues of Dennet arrived to the Hendoran Outpost and brought a number of mana pylons. Many were speculating why, but Dennet explained they were to help defend the Outpost and Landing, and also a defensive or offensive measure in their operations into the Bleaklands, which are the remnants of Talador.
  • One night, people all over and around Wehnimer's Landing began hearing voices. Men's voices, women's voices, children, even voices speaking Ithzir, Tehir and krolvin. Many adventurers traveled to the Outpost, and a Hendoran soldier's head exploded, so did that of three of the mages who had come to work with Dennet. Many other adventurers' began feeling the same pressure, and a number of wizard adventurers' heads exploded.
  • The following night, Dennet appeared and finally revealed that he had discovered Rodnay, the blue-skinned Ithzir boy, when he and some of the Hall of Mages members were surveying the initial environs of the Bleaklands. He explained that Rodnay was secure and in his custody, and said he is not sure if he is alive or dead, and the strange things happening could be echoes of his mental powers as his body is shutting down. Many present doubted that. Dennet invited Subarashi to help observe Rodnay, to help keep transparency open between the Outpost and Wehnimer's Landing. He also invited Shinann to continue her care and company of his wife Lady Reannah, and invited Leafiara and Sareyna to do the same. In addition, he asked the three of them to help watch after Lady Larsya, the young daughter of the Baron of Bourth who had aged rapidly and was not stuck reliving a loop of memories. Larsya's father had not yet returned, or any representative from Bourth, so Dennet felt she needed looked after.
  • The trial of Carenos is announced to be coming soon. Lady Reannah brings chests of donated coins to the Wellington Home Orphanage, and she expresses her desire to be at the trial if she is of okay health.
  • The trial of Carenos is held in Wehnimer's Landing, with Judge Renpaw overseeing it. Dozens and dozens of adventurers are witness to the event. Lady Reannah and Lady Drandea send word that they cannot attend due to Reannah's health. The trial begins, as people are asked to speak for or against Carenos. The accused does little to help his case by being disruptive and rude. After hearing all arguments, Judge Renpaw announces he will weigh in on the matter of the next night and decide a verdict. Before the audience is dismissed, a brown hooded figure moves within the crowd on the balcony and fires a brass-handled crossbow, hitting Carenos with a poisoned bolt. The figure shatters a bottle, causing magical darkness, and escapes. The bolt is later discovered to have been laced with the Long Suffering, the same poison Carenos used on Cyph. Carenos was then taken to the brass tower to be watched constantly by guards as he was seen endlessly writhing in agony and pain, and pleasure (Mularosian after all) from the poison.
  • A memorial service in town was held for Lana, the niece of the music shop owner who was found after she had gone missing and died from some unknown disease or poison or plague.

June 2017

  • The Hendoran knight, Gregory, informs that the outpost soldiers have heard rumors of a suspect in Sir Michol's disappearance, later acknowledging that the suspect is Hapenlok. As a precaution, the outpost's joint operations with the militia will cease until an investigation into that matter is concluded. Gregory asks Magister Raelee to leave the room. After she does, he reveals to Shinann a torn page from a book owned by someone at the Hall of Mages, showing that someone is spying on her and tracking her activities. Additionally, on this same page, "Rowmi has successfully created an anchor. Captain Stormyrain removes Hapenlok from active duty until the investigation is concluded.
  • On a rooftop, a Rook unfurls the flag of Chastonia, from where the Kestrels hail, and sets it ablaze. Shinann notes that it's because of the abduction of Acorn and the removal of his eyes; Goldstr reminds us that Dennet likewise is after the Rooks; Raelee reminds everyone that it's because of the past when Rysus stole plinite from a ship and murdered mages from the Hall.
  • Shinann and Kayse end up communicating with Rodnay one night via drops of water. Rodnay ends up showing them a vision of where he is kept, but it is a room neither of them have seen before. Naimorai shows up and Kayse attempts to steal the locket around her neck. Naimorai catches her by the wrist and blisters appear on Kayse's skin and immediately vanish.
  • Kayse receives another antidote from Goblyn--who is vague about what it is for and strict about no one knowing Kayse got it from her. Kayse enlists Augierose to help create the extensive potion and they are successful, Shinann assists with the collecting of items.
  • A wounded giantman is found outside of town near the hollow tree in the Dragonsclaw Forest. His leg seemed to be bent awkwardly, but his wound could not be healed. The giantman acted and spoke oddly, as if in a trance, or not even real. Many began to speculate he might be a golem or some automated construct. Later, when others tried to help the giantman stand up, he fell over, his face sliding against a tree trunk and flesh scraping from his face to reveal half flesh, half red mein golem. The golem eventually stopped moving and died, and Mayor Cruxophim consumed the body with his shadowy magic before it exploded. But then moments later the golem exploded INSIDE of Cruxophim, ripping open his stomach and sending red mein shards flying everywhere.
  • A group formed to perform a divination ritual to try to scry and find out more information about the disappearance of Sir Michol and any connection with Hapenlok and the voodoo doll they found. The ritual was performed at Lake Eonak, and was partially successful in the fact it showed some mysterious figures talking and plotting in the creation of the voodoo doll, but no identities were discovered. Despite that revelation, there was still no concrete evidence to clear Hapenlok.
  • Grand Magister Dennet finally opens a portal to the wasted remnants of Talador, now known as the Bleaklands. Some golems and mages accompany Dennet, along with a black strongbox that some of the golems carry, and a deep amethyst light is seen glowing from. Dennet tells those gathered that he will be conducting some far off research in the Bleaklands for likely a few weeks. The heroes then continue to explore the Bleaklands, where they discover pockets of unstable mana restrictions, both hot and cold weather, slicks of ice, glowing blue vultures, undead phantoms, ashen wastewalkers and bleakworms, and even some zombie Blameless crusaders. Additionally, some of the old sounds of Talador echoed through the Bleaklands, as if the strange magical destruction preserved some audible loops. The portal remains open for now.
  • Stephos DeArchon arranges a meeting with some of the adventurers out on Widow's Walk where he warns them that there is a pending conflict between the Rooks and the Hendoran Outpost coming. He informs them that the Rooks are likely to attack the knights and mages in the Outpost, especially with Dennet gone. The Landing adventurers begin to prepare to be caught in between a war.
  • Conflict breaks out between the Rooks and the Outpost, as the Rooks begin to converge on the stronghold, chanting the names of the five citizens that have gone missing and the Rooks blame on Dennet and his mages. All out war ensues, as Rooks launch fiery arrows and exploding orbs at the Outpost, and the forest comes alive with mercenaries that attack the outpost. In defense, the Outpost dispatches Hendoran soldiers and golems to fight the Rooks and mercenaries. The adventurers are caught in the middle, suffering causalities from both sides of the conflict. The Rooks continue to launch exploding orbs from the rooftops of town, so the golems begin to man pylons on the Outpost and fire into the town, exploding some shops and buildings. Eventually, some of the Hendoran soldiers on the walls reveal themselves to be Rooks in disguise, and turn and slaughter some of the Hendoran soldiers, and help raise the portcullis. More Rooks and mercenaries invade the Outpost, all the while the Landing heroes are working to fight both Rooks and golems and end the conflict. Soon, Hendoran soldiers begin to fall back inside, as large crystalline spheres rise up from the Outpost and float into the sky. Within each sphere churns a fiery blue humanoid, almost looking like Cyph. The orbs melt and a host of blue fire elementals are unleashed on the Rooks, and many of the adventurers get caught up in the onslaught. Finally, the Rooks appear to be on the run, so the golems head down into the Burrow Way tunnels to pursue them. The adventurers move their efforts underground, still trying to fight both sides and stop the conflict. More exploding orbs from the Rooks, and exploding golems rock the underground. There are so many explosions and tremors that a wall of dirt breaks open, collapsing to where adventurers can dig away at it. After some time of moving away rubble, the twisted corpse of Sir Michol is found, apparently buried in the earth and knocked loose by the battle. When Stormyrain performed some lore singing on the corpse, it was revealed that a woman, her features unseen by her cloak, save for a flash of silver at her wrists, was seen uncurling her finger and magically breaking, bending and bloodying Sir Michol in his chambers, as he was penning a letter to Earl Jovery warning him of dark magic. The vision ended with Sir Michol's final breaths being trapped in the earth, surrounded by darkness as he perished. Many speculated on who the murderer was, but it was finally evident that Hapenlok was cleared in the murder. The night ended as both the Rooks and the Hendorans suffered causalities, with no real winners.